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Ye dosti ham nahin chhodenge

Posted on: January 10, 2009

“Sholay” was a movie known for its dialogues and for its thrill a minute storyline, but it had some songs too, in case anyone noticed. And these songs too gelled well with the storyline. And come to think of it, Sholay had a dosti song, a holi song, a Helen song, a teasing song- in short, songs of different genres that were considered a must in any masala bollywood movies were very much there in Sholay.

Here is the “friendship” song from “Sholay”. It is sung by Kishore Kumar and Manna Dey. It may be coincidence, or whatever, but both Kishore Kumar and Manna Dey had sung friendship songs in Dharmendra and Amitabh Bachchan movies in the recent past too. Dharmendra had sung that “gaadi bula rahi hai” song from “Dosti” whereas Manna Dey song for “Zanjeer”- “yaari hai imaan mera yaar meri zindagi” was the number 1 song in Binaca geetmala in the year 1973.

The picturisation of this song is a big attraction of the song as well as that of the movie. In the beginning, Dharmendra drives the motorbike with Amitabh seated in the sidecar, and the two are upto their antics at the cost of the pedestrians. Afterwords, they swap places and Amitabh starts riding on the bike.And the bike goes out of control, and the motor bike and the sidecar get separated and go their own separate ways.

As the song is coming to an end, the two vehicles began to come closer and closer to each other, and then dock with each other perfectly, and then live happily ever after in true Bollywood style.

This song, like every other song in the movie, is good fun, and that is what this song was supposed to be. No one expected that this song would remain popular for so long. In fact, no one had anticipated that the movie would go on to become such a monster hit. When the movie was released, it had received very lukewarm reviews, and the movie was not doing all that well for the first few days. It was only when the word of mouth began to spread that the movie caught on like wildfire.

The populartity of the songs of ‘Sholay” was a result of the popularity of the movie. In that way, “Sholay ” song were different from many other movies, where it is the songs that often carried the movies on their shoulders. It was just the reverse for “Sholay”.

Song-Ye dosti ham nahin chhodenge (Sholay) (1975) Singers-Kishore Kumar, Manna Dey, Lyrics-Anand Bakshi, MD-R D Burman


ye dosti hum nahin todenge,
todenge dam magar teraa saath naa chhodenge
ye dosti hum nahin todenge,
todenge dam magar teraa saath naa chhodenge

arre meri jeet teri jeet teri haar meri haar, sun ae mere yaar
teraa gham meraa gham meri jaan teri jaan aisaa apnaa pyaar
jaan se bhi khelenge, tere liye le lenge
jaan se bhi khelenge, tere liye le lenge, sab se dushmani
ye dosti hum nahin todenge,
todenge dam magar teraa saath naa chhodenge

logon ko aate hai, do nazar hum magar, dekho do nahin
ho judaa, yaa khafaa, ae khudaa, hai duwaa, aisaa ho nahi
khaanaa peenaa saath hai, marnaa jeenaa saath hai
khaanaa peenaa saath hai, marnaa jeenaa saath hai, saari zindagi
ye dosti hum nahin todenge,
todenge dam magar teraa saath naa chhodenge
ye dosti hum nahin todenge,
todenge dam magar teraa saath naa chhodenge



We will never dissolve this friendship
we may breath our last but we will not leave the other one alone

my win is your win, your loss is my loss, let me tell you that
your sorrow is my sorrow, my life is your life, that is the kind of love we have for each other
we will put our lives at stake for each other and will risk being in the bad books of others for the sake of our friendship

People may see us as two individuals, but we are inseparable
Let us never get separated with each other
Our lives are tied with each other for the entire life

11 Responses to "Ye dosti ham nahin chhodenge"

I would love the English translation for this if you have time some day :-)

I have done a quick translation now.

You rule over everything, Atul :-D

Thanks for this great post and translation!

such mein atul hum…. yeh dosti hum nahi chodege.

What a hit movie this was. By the way there is a short SAD version of this song too..

an all time ode on frenship :P

I am too happy that there is some one in the world who have same hobby like me. I always try to categorize bollywood song in different category and i have ten thousand songs of different categories.

Why cant I copy and paste the lyrics. I would like that Atul

It is possible to copy and paste the lyrics of this song.

Happy ‘Freindship-day’ to all !!! :) :) :)

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