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Devta maanaa aur poojaa teri tasweer ko

Posted on: June 28, 2010

When I was a kid and I used to listen to songs on Radio, I thought that all the songs being broadcast on radio were being sung live by the singers. So I thought that singers whose songs were broadcast so frequently were so overworked, having to sing live so often !

Those days,singing live on radio (there was only one radio broadcaster and that was All India Radio- a government organisation) was a big deal, and artists who got the opportunity to perform live on radio were considered celebrities. In 1960s and early 1970s, we actually had some Bollywood songs where actors were shown singing live in radio stations. I call these songs as radio songs or recording songs.

For instance, the title song of “Barsaat ki raat” (1960), Zindagi bhar nahin bhoolegi wo barsaat ki raat was a radio song, where Bharat Bhushan sings on All India Radio Hyderabad and Madhubala listens to the song at her radio.

And those days, radio held a pride of place in every household, and being able to tune to desired radio stations was a black magic that took lot of expertise. I , for instance, was a black magic exponent in this field in the sense that I was able to tune to radio stations and listen to my favourite programmes. That is how I managed to listen to radio stations like Vividh Bharati (easiest since it was broadcast on medium wave), Radio Ceylon (very tricky proposition at night when Binaca geetmala was on), Urdu Overseas service of All India Radio etc.

“Albela” (1952) is a well known movie produced by Bhagwan, but this newer movie “Albela” (1971) is an obscure movie. It was produced by Mehmood and it had lesser known actors in it, who continued to remain lesser known even after working in this movie.

Here is a lovely radio song this less known movie viz. “Albela” (1971). It is sung by Lata and it is picturised on Namrata ( I told you that the actors of this movie remained lesser known). The song is written by Hasrat Jaipuri and music is composed by Shankar Jaikishan.

The picturisation shows Namraka holding her song diary in her hand and singing in front of an All India Radio microphone. Her diary has a photograph of her beloved hidden in it. That brings back fond memories. When we were at school, we used to hide comics inside our text books and would pretend to read the text book while actually reading comics. The trick was to keep a straight face and keep the neighbouring class mate at bay, because if they too started peering at your book then that was a giveway and you ran the risk of your comics seized by the teacher. Here the photograph belongs to Anwar Ali, and he too is dutifully listening to this song in his home on radio. His younger sister, listening to the song, teases him indicating that the song is meant for Anwar Ali. Anwar Ali resembles Mehmood and it is no coincidence, because he is a brother of Mehmood, and he was the hero of this movie. (Yes, yes, I told you that the actors of this movie continue to be lesser known till date :) ).

It is a lovely song to listen to. I may have listened to this song once or twice and then forgot all about it. Recently Raja dug this song out once again and remarked to me that this song, obscure and all, belonged to this blog. And indeed it does !

So here is this wonderful song from “Albela” (1971). Enjoy !

Song-Devta maanaa aur poojaa teri tasweer ko (Albelaa) (1971) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Hasrat Jaipuri, MD-Shankar Jaikishan


Devta maanaa aur poojaa teri tasweer ko
Devta maanaa aur poojaa teri tasweer ko
tum naa mil paaye haaye
kyaa karoon taqdeer ko
Devta maanaa aur poojaa teri tasweer ko
Devta maanaa aur poojaa teri tasweer ko

tere charnon tak na pahunchi aur pyaasi rah gayi
tere charnon tak na pahunchi aur pyaasi rah gayi
chup huyi shehnaayiyaan
man mein udaasi rah gayi
mit gayi saari khushi
mit gayi saari khushi
rona padaa tadbeer ko
Devta maanaa aur poojaa teri tasweer ko
Devta maanaa aur poojaa teri tasweer ko

gar meri doli gayi to tere ghar par jaayegi
gar meri doli gayi to tere ghar par jaayegi
kah uthi zindagaani
wo ghadi bhi aayegi
kaun lootegaa bhalaa
kaun lootegaa bhalaa
is pyaar ki jaageer ko
Devta maanaa aur poojaa teri tasweer ko
Devta maanaa aur poojaa teri tasweer ko
tu na mil paaye haaye
kyaa karoon taqdeer ko
Devta maanaa aur poojaa teri tasweer ko

11 Responses to "Devta maanaa aur poojaa teri tasweer ko"

Atul, you thought the singers sang the songs live. My uncle went a step further and told me that the singers used to make themselves tiny and would come into the radio and sing, and I actually believed him, but of course, I was only four or five years old at that time, and I would look for the openings in the radio at the back to see if I could spot them inside! He denied all this later, of course.

Love your intro. :-) Indeed AIR was always easy because it was on MW. Ceylon was more difficult – you always felt you had achieved something when you heard the reassuring voice of Ameen Sayani. :-)

LOL at Lalitha’s story. :-)

This song is a lovely song. The fact that this song triggers such fond memories of our younger days makes it an even more special song.

There is even a movie song showing Kishore recording “live”.

Wasn’t that the first bit of “naach meri jaan” from Main Sundar Hoon? Kishore in the recording studio…

Yes,”naach meri jaan”. I think Kishore actually sang the same way in real life–full of verve and enthusiasm. Quite a character.

That song is already posted in this blog.

Naach meri jaan fatafaat(Main Sundar Hoon)

First time on yr blog. Brought back a lot of memories. I thought that the singers were actually inside the radio. Really nice to know someone who has heard of Urdu service from AIR which was late in the night after 11.30 p.m. Radio Ceylon was de rigeur at our house!
Have seen this movie and it is a laugh riot (or at least did laugh when i saw it the first time).

Welcome to this blog.

Urdu overseas service of AIR was in the afternoon as well as at night (Indian time). I have written lots of nostalgic stuff about All India Radio, Vividh Bharati, Radio Ceylon etc in my other blog.
My original blog

Thanks for uploading this famous song which was my favorite duirng 70s. Suddenly your upload kindled my college days memories.
As you said radio tuning was indeed like a black magic and I too had tough time tuning to Radio ceylon especially during Binaca geetmala timings.

[…] box office, but this movie had some very nice songs in it. I have already posted one lovely song-Devta maanaa aur pooja teri tasweer ko (Albelaa) – from this […]

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