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“Ghar Ghar Ki Baat”(1959) was produced by Ramaniklal Shah and directed by Ravindra Dave. The movie had Durga Khote, Minoo Mumtaz, Azra, Suresh, Mahendra Kumar, Jamal, Asit Sen, Indira, Gulab Bai, Krishnakant, Krishna Kumari, Baby Shobha, Nadir, Burhaan, Pal Sharma, Deepak etc in it.
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This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

“Khazaanchi” (1941) was produced by Pancholi Art Picture owned by Dilsukh Pancholi and directed by Moti Gidwani. The star cast included Ramola, S D Narang, M Ismail, Durga Mota, Manorama, Ajmal etc.
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“Grihasthhi” (1948) is by now an obscure movie. It had actors like Faizi , Kuldip , Sulochana Chatterji, Masood , Sharda , Yakub , Shyama , Mirza Musharaf, Pran , Lalita Pawar etc in it.
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In my teen and pre teen days, I was a cricket enthusiast. In addition to doing the usual thing line playing it and listening to its radio commentary, I was also into maintaining cricket records. Personal computers were obviously not invented them, and I kept my records manually on registers. I had several thick registers with me, and the scores of all test matches played til them was available with me, and I had collected all these records by painstakingly culling records from many publications. When a new test match began (that was the only form of international cricket back then), I already knew what record was likely to get made in that match. Those were the days when centuries, especially centuries by Indian cricketers were rare. Also, hitting sixes was a rare phenomenon. One Indian player called Salim Durrani had hit a six sometime in 1972 and based on that one six, he was touted in Indian magazines as Mr Sixer.

These days, I no longer maintain cricket records. We already have such records being maintained by professional cricket sites. But I find that these days I am maintaining similar records for Hindi movie songs that I am discussing. And the suggestion for maintaining these song statistics came from Raja, who also grew up with similar passion for cricket and Hindi movies in a neighbouring state in the eastern parts of the country those days.
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Mukesh was a specialist in singing “dard bhare gaane” ( songs full of pain and pathos). I have not posted such a Mukesh song for quite some time. So here I post one such song.
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