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“Man Ka Meet” (1950) was directed by Ratibhai Punatkar for Anit Pictures. The movie had Nirupa Roy, Manhar Desai, Shanta Devi, Dulari etc in it.
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This article is written by Sudhir, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

This song is a wonderful fun song from the film Khel (1950). And a fitting finale, too. Of the nine songs in this film, eight are already posted here on this blog. This is the ninth song that is rare and obscure, so much so that it has not been posted on the internet yet. In the write up for the eighth song of this film published on this blog “Kahe Mujhse Jawaani Mere Dil Ki Kahaani” , Atul ji has mentioned that the one last song is yet to be discovered. That was almost two weeks ago. On searching through my collection, I am now able to locate this song; and it is now posted on YouTube.
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“Dilruba”(1950) is a movie which was produced by Lotus Orient Films. It was directed by Dwarka Khosla. The star cast of the movie included names like Dev Anand, Rehana, Cuckoo, Yakub, Balam, Achla Sachdev, Gogia Pasha etc.
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By now I am coming round to the view that obscure B grade movies could well outnumber the well known A grade movies as far as old Hindi movies are concerned. Music of such movies could well turn out to be a treasure trove that has not yet been fully discovered. I continue to find one gem after another when I look for songs from such forgotten movies.
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“Dil Ki Basti” (1949) is an obscure movie which was produced by Aaina Pictures and directed by Wahid Qureshi. The movie had Masood, Nigar Sultana, Amar, Urmila, Lalita Pawar, Tiwari etc in it.
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I have posted several songs from “Do Bhai” (1947). It is this movie where Geeta Ray (as Geeta Dutt was then known) first came to limelight with her “mera sundar sapna beet gayaa”. I have since come across other Geeta Dutt songs from this movie which I liked even more.
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“Sheikh Chilli” (1956) was what was then regarded as a B grade movie. But the movie appears quite A grade in its overall quality. Mahipal and Shyama were the lead actors and I absolutely refuse to call Shyama a B grade actress. And Mahipal too has earned quite a repulation as a hero in these movies.
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We are used to listening to songs sung by the usual voices. But sometimes, when we get to listen to some different voices, then it comes as a whiff of fresh air.
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