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BHAJAN MALA – GOLDEN 50s….(Pushp – 11th)

Today’s bhajan is from film Chakradhari-54. This film had become quite popular in the mid 50s due to its melodious bhajans. There were 13 songs in the film and 9 are already posted here. Today’s bhajan is the 10th.
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This article is written by Sudhir, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

In the days before the 1930s, the theatre was the more powerful media for entertainment and creativity, more so than the silent movies. The Parsi theatre found its roots in India, during the 1850s, and grew in popularity and influence over the subsequent decades, The early decades of 1900s saw the growth of the Parsi theatre (or Parsi Thiyetar, as it was known in those times) in Bombay. Many stalwarts that we see in the vintage classic movies of 30s and 40s, got their feet wet on the stage productions of Parsi theatre.
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“Aandhiyaan” (1952) is a movie produced by Navketan, Dev Anand’s home production. This movie had Dev Anand Kalpana Kartik and Nimmi in lead roles.The movie was directed by Chetan Anand.
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“Arab Ka Saudaagar” (1955) , by now a forgotten movie had Pradeep Kumar,Smriti Biswas,Shashikala,Sundar ,S D Narang etc in it, with S D Narang being the director of this movie as well.
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“Chakradhaari” (1954) was a B grade low budget movie as most movies with mythological/religious stories tended to be those days. Of course there was nothing B grade about the music of such movies considering that there was far too much of musical talent available those days to cater to movies of all budgets.
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“Naagin” (1954) had countless songs, and all of them extremely popular. I have discussed as many as seven songs from this movie already, but what are seven songs in a movie teeming with great songs in it ! So here is !
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I keep confusing among movies with titles like “Ek Jhalak”, “Ek Nazar” ,”Ek Saal” etc. To add to my confusion, there are more than one movie with the same title. There have been at least two movies called “Ek Nazar”.
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In Indian history/mythology/ folk tales, we have been handed down a few love stories, viz “Shirin Farhad”, “Sohni-Mahiwaal”,”Laila-Majnu” etc. All these love stories have one thing in common. And it is the tragic nature of these stories. And that is to be expected seeing that the ground reality in Indian culture does not allow people of opposite genders to openly interacts and fall in love with each other.
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