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This movie “Shole” (1953), not to be confused with “Sholay” (1975), was directed by B R Chopra for Hira Films. The movie had had Ashok Kumar, Bina Rai, Purnima, Jeevan, Mohana, Manmohan Krishna, Mirza Musharaf, Romi, Naaz, Uma Dutt etc in it.
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“Police” (1958) was a Deep and Sandeep productions movie. It was directed by Kalidas. The movie had Pradeep Kumar, Madhubala, Raj Mehra, Dhumal, Om Prakash, Anwar, Nadira etc in it.
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“Raami Dhoban” (1953) was a Navkala Production movie. It was direcyted by Indu Kumar. The movie had Jairaj, Nirupa Roy, Ulhas, Trilok Kapoor, Sapru, Ranjana, Kamini Kaushal etc in it.
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This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

Unknown composers Composer 7-Hiren Bose

Hindi films and Hindi Music always played a bigger role than just entertaining people.It helped to keep a common thread between Indian people and lovers of Hindi films and music all over the world. Those music lovers who left India and settled in different countries all over the Globe and those music lovers of undivided India, separated now in various countries accross the borders have always cherished the melody of sweet songs of Yore !
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Today (26 september) is the 23rd death anniversary of Hemant Kumar (16 june 1920- 26 september 1989). On this occasion , here is a song from an unreleased movie called “Insaaf Kahaan Hai” (1958).
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“Anand Math” (1952) is a novel written by Bankimchandra Chattopadhyay which was first published in 1882. This novel served as a major source of inspiration for Indian freedom fighters against the British rulers. The British rulers banned this novel and this ban was lifted only after India gained independence. “Vandematram”, a song contained in the novel became Indian’s national song.
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“Duniya Jhukti Hai” (1960) is a movie starring Shyama and Sunil Dutt. I do not have much information about this movie. But it appears that this movie has some nice songs in it.
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There are songs in Hindi movies that I call philosophical songs. I just realised that calling them spiritual songs is a better description of those songs. So now I have opened a new tag, viz. “Spiritual song” tag for such songs.
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One normally associates Hemant Kumar’s voice and music with soft romantic/sentimental songs. But that does not mean that he could not sing /compose other kind of songs.
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“Ek Jhalak” (1957) is a movie starring Pradeep Kumar,Vyjyanti Mala,Anita Guha,Rajendra Kumar,Om Prakash, Mubarak, Pran etc. This movie may have been forgotten today, but this movie to my mind should be remembered for the songs and music of Hemant Kumar.
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