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“Shakuntala” (1943), as the name suggests, was about the mythological tale of Shakuntala and Dushyanta as contained in Mahabharat. Shakuntala’s son was Bharat (according to legends-the county was named after him) and his descendents were Kaurav and Pandav. The tale of Shakuntala was described by Kalidas in his Sanskrit drama called “Abhigyaan Shankuntalam”.
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“Vishwaasghaat” (1977) was produced by Johny Bakshi and directed by Mahesh Bhatt. The movie had Sanjeev Kumar(in double role)Dina Pathak, Shabana Azmi, Kabir Bedi, Satyen Kappoo, Padma khanna, Jagdeep,MadanPuri, Sharat Saxena, Haroon Khan, Gurcharan, Joshi, Ashwani Kumar, Jagdeep, Master Bhagwan aka Bhagwan Dada, Mac Mohan, Ravi etc in it.
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“Aage Badho” (1947) has been forgotten with time, but this movie deserves to be much better known because it was a movie ahead of its time and dealt with an important social issue.
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“Rakhwaala” (1971) was produced by S Krishnamoorty and directed by A Subba Rao. The movie had Dharmendra, Leena Chandavarkar, Vinod Khanna, Madan Puri, Rakesh Pandey, Randhir, Rajen Haksar, Shyam Kumar, Pandhari Bhai, Sanjana, Raj Kishore, Jagdeep etc in it.
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I had first become aware of “Miss Mary” (1957) five years ago when this movie was reviewed by Memsaab in her blog. I went ahead to my friendly VCD/DVD shop and managed to find its VCD. I watched the movie and liked it, including its songs.
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This article is written by Peevesie’s Mom, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

I don’t know what was the promise Atul had made to himself when he started this blog. I don’t know what were his criteria for selecting songs for posting. But I know a whole lot of us liked his blog, got into the habit of logging in to see what he had posted. The next stage in the journey was to send him requests and I am sure he must have felt like vividh bharati and there was a backlog of requests (farmaishes). So what happened next was regulars turned contributors—either sending lyrics or write ups. Ab alam yeh hain ki there are a few days when there was one post from Atul and the rest from contributions. Of course Atul still has to write a suitable post when we send him only the lyrics or link for a particular song.
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Today (22 september) is the birth anniversary of P B Srinivas (22 september 1930). Dr P B Srinivas, as he is known now is a legendary playback singer in South Indian movies.
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“Suhaag Sindoor”(1961) is the kind of movie which is unremarkable, does some modest business and is then forgotten with time. if such movies get remembered in future, then it is mainly because of some crazy :) people who dig up movies like this in search of some nice songs in them.
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While discussing songs, I often like to discuss songs that are rare/ unusual/unexpected in some ways. For example, songs sung by people normally not known for their singing, songs composed by people who are normally known for some other activity, lyricist/music director/singer figuring in the picturisation of the song etc.
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It is one occasion that comes at least once evey month for this blog. And that occasion is here again. Yes, this is the occasion when this blog completes a century of songs.
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