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The Wonderful Sounds of 1930s – 1
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The decade of 1930s will continue to remain a shaded mystery for the lovers of Hindi film music.  In the decade when the Hindi film song was born and took its first fledgling steps, the creators and the keepers of this art probably did not envision the significance of this new medium and expansive influence it would go on to exercise on an entire culture, generation after generation.  When the films, and more so, the talking films came into being, their predecessor was the various forms of folk theatre and formal stage drama.  From time immemorial, since these art forms have existed, these have simply been live performances, with no thought or effort applied to somehow catalog and preserve them.  The play was written, and its script was the primary record of its existence.
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In Hindi movies, we have songs where the hero teases the lady and then there are songs where the lady
tells him (half seriously) not to tease her. Here is a song that I believe must rank among the best teased songs of all time.
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In case ordinary folks romance and then marry, then can relive their romancing days by looking at their old albums.
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“Mujhko thand lag rahi hai mujhse door tu na jaa” was just the kind of “naughty” song that kids like me loved to listen to when this song first appeared on the airwaves in 1971. I incidentally did not know any details about this song. With time, this song was forgotten. I rediscovered this song again just a few months back. This time I learnt more details about this song.
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