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“Post Box 999″ (1958) was directed by Ravindra Dave for Nagina Films. The movie had Sunil Dutt, Shakila, Leela Chitnis, Amarnath, Tiwari, Krishnakant, Purnima, Mirza Musharaf, Ramesh Sinha, Manorama, Gulab etc in it.
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This article is written by nahm, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

Recently I have requested Sudhir Sir to find a rare Rafi song for me. It is a song which actually brought me to to this blog. It is a non-film song which nobody seems to know anything about. Three years ago I was desperately searching for the full lyrics of this prayer poem ‘Khud jiyo auron ko bhi jeene do’. I searched extensively on the net but could not find the full lyrics. I had no inkling at that time that Rafi sahab had sung this song. But some site (I do not remember which one) had this information that this prayer/poem was by Rafi sahab and it was picturized in a film by Films Division of India, where none other than Prithvi Raj Kapoor is singing it in front of a classroom. There after I searched for it high and dry,but the result was always zilch. Now I have no way of verifying if the information about the song is strictly correct or not. But it was a start and unfortunately also the end of it. All this time this thing has always been in the back of my mind, which comes to fore from time to time. Like it did the other day when I made that request to Sudhir Sir.
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This article is written by Sadanand Kamath, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

HAM LOG (1951) was a typical Zia Sarhadi film highlighting the social issues in keeping with the socialistic ideology followed by Indian People’s Theatre Association (IPTA). The film was produced under the banner of Ranjit Movietone. In this film, social issues were raised that arose out of the difficulties faced by a poor family of Lalaji Harcharandas (Kanhaiyalal) and his wife (Durga Khote), unemployed son Raj (Balraj Sahani), a sickly daughter Paro (Nutan) and a school going son (Master Ratan). The problem is further accentuated by the arrest of Lalaji for allegedly stealing money from his employer for which he is sent to prison.
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In the second half of 1950s, Hindi movies saw the influence of rock and roll music. The music of these songs was influenced by Rock and roll in the western countries. The lyrics of these songs were mainly gibberish.
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“Jaageer” (1959) is an obscure movie which had Premnath, Ulhas, Meena Kumari, Kuldeep Kaur etc in it.
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After a somewhat longer wait than usual, here is that occasion again when this blog reaches a century and we celebrate it by discussing a special song ! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the 3600th song of this blog !
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One normally associates Hemant Kumar’s voice and music with soft romantic/sentimental songs. But that does not mean that he could not sing /compose other kind of songs.
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Though most Hindi movie songs draw their inspirations from indigenous sources (classical music, folk music etc) there are songs that are inspired from western music. In late 1950s, rock and roll music had caught up in Hindi movies in a big way and there were quite a few such songs in Hindi movies those days. Music directors like C Ramchandra and Vinod, to mention a few, were composing quite a few rock and roll kind of songs those days.
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This review is written by Greta (Memsaab), a regular visitor of this blog and a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movies and its music

This song is not your regular boy meeting the girl and running around the trees song. That stage is over, at least as far as Rajendranath and Madhavi are concerned. Yes, they have got married and this song takes place on the occasion of their wedding reception.
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This post is written by Greta (Memsaab) a regular visitor of this blog and a fellow enthusiast of Bollywood movie songs

I am very honored indeed to have been asked by Atul to write about this song from the film “Gumnaam.” It is song number 2800 on this blog and I think he has chosen well in representing such a big number (although I am amazed that it’s not been put up here earlier!).
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