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“Angaarey” (1954) was an Akashdeep Productions movie. It was directed by K B Lal. The movie had Nasir Khan, Nargis, Vanmala, Pran, Paro, Ratan Kumar, K. N. Singh, Jagirdar, Nanda, Jeevan, Sunalini Devi, Jawahar Kaul etc in it.
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This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

“Sagaai” (1966) was produced and directed by S D Narang. The movie had Biswajeet, Rajshree, Rehman, Jayant, Rajendra Nath, Helen, Prem Chopra, Johnny Walker, Iftikhar, Durga Khote, Raj Mehra, Asit Sen, Tun Tun etc in it.
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“Ye Raaste Hain Pyaar Ke” (1963) was based on a real life public scandal of 1950s, where a naval officer’s European born wife had an affair with her husband’s close friend.
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“Dastak” (1970) was a movie on a theme that called for mature audience, But Indian audience, media as well as the censors were not mature at that time. Such movies were regarded as obscene and were given A certificates. Instead of attracting mature audience to the movie halls, such movies attracted immature audiences hoping to find some titillating scenes in the movies.
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This article is written by Sudhir, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

“Caarvaan” (1971) is one of the first films that I remember having seen on the big screen. And I was then too young to understand the sentiments of sensuality. In later years, when I would revisit this film, on TV and in reruns, I would be more mature to appreciate the emotions and passions ensconced in this song. This film was the probably the first film in which Aruna Irani attracted attention as an accomplished character actor with a wholesome meaty role as a gypsy girl, so much in love with a truck driver.
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While looking for Jaidev compositions to be posted today (6th january) on his death anniversary, I came across gems after gems that I heard in my formative days without having any inkling that they were composed by Jaidev. These are songs that tempted me to hold on to them for some other special occasions. But if I hold on to all his compositions for some future occasion then I will have to stop discussing Jaidev compositions, such is the quality of all the songs that I am coming across.
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On the occasion of Rafi’s birthday, I have discussed a variety of songs of many genre whose lyrics were contributed by different contributors. So, going by that trend, here is another Rafi gem from yet another forgotten movie.
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“Jahaan Pyaar Miley” (1969) is a movie that I knew from my younger days only because of its title song(Chale jaa chale jaa chale jaa jahan pyaa miley ) which was sung by Suman Kalyanpur. Apart from that song, I had little idea about the movie.
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Shammi Kapoor discovered his calling as the actor we all know and admire in 1957 with “Tumsa Nahin Dekha”. It was followed by “Dil Deke Dekho” (1959) and the phenomenon of Shammi Kapoor was well on its way.
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I was under the impression that I had already discussed this song. But as is often the case, I realised that my impression was wrong when the lyrics of this song were sent to me by Prakashchandra.
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