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This article is written by nahm, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

Divas of Hindi film music (2) :
Here is another duet for the series. This is Rafi and Suman Kalyanpur song with two versions from the film ” Saaz aur Awaaz ” (1966). Naushad is the composer and lyricist is Khumar Barabankwi.
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This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

“Neeyat” (1980) was produced by Pradeep Sharma and directed by Anil Ganguly for Screen Idol Productions. The movie had Rekha,Jeetedra,Shashi Kapoor,Rakesh Roshan,Ranjeet,Dr.Sri Ram Lagoo, Pinchoo Kapoor, A.K.Hangal, Anoop Kumar,Bindu, Birbal, Deven Varma,Geeta Siddharth, Manmohan, Kumar Aditya, Master Sandeep, Padmini Kapila, Rajan Kapoor, Mushtaque Merchant, Rinku Jaiswal etc in it.
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“Laal Bangla” (1966) was a Jugal Productions movie. It was produced and directed by Jugal Kishore. The movie had Sujit Kumar, Prithviraj Kapoor, Sheikh Mukhtar, Jayanthi, Shyama, Rachna, Jugal Kishore, Hiralal, Mohan Choti etc in it.
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“Inteqaam” (1969) was a Shaktiman Enterprises movie. It was directed by R K Nayyar. Starcast of the movie had Sanjay Khan, Sadhana,Helen, Anju Mahendru, Bhagwan, Jeevan, Rajendranath, Asit Sen, Siddhu, Azad, Ashok Kumar, Rehman, Iftekhar, Leela Chitnis etc.
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Here is another song of the genre “how come this song was not posted earlier”. :) And like always, my excuse is the same. I thought this song was already discussed but I was wrong.
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When the movie is called “Afsaana”, one expects to see the famous movie starring Ashok Kumar. This movie is called Afsaana, and Ashok Kumar is in it, but it is not that famous movie of 1951, which was the original movie that had identical twin brothers as well as “separated in the mela” relatives. :) This “Afsaana” in contrast is a movie of recent vintage and it hardly troubled the box office much. Apart from Ashok Kumar figuring in both movies, “Afsaana” (1951) and “Afsaana” (1966) have little in common.
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I have posted two nice songs from this 1958 movie called “Post Box 999″ in the past. Here is another song from this movie.
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“Bees Saal Baad” (1962), which is regarded as a milestone in Bollywood suspense movies, had some nice songs as well. Shakeel Badayuni was the lyricist and Hemant Kumar had composed the music.
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This movie “Mahbooba” had a story of reincarnation and a haunting haveli. The music of R D Burman created just the right atmosphere for this movie in songs after songs.
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Though Lata Mangeshkar made her debut as a playback singer in 1947, it was not like she became a singing legend almost overnight. For three years she was just another struggler in Bollywood. But the song that catapulted her to nationwide name and fame was the 1949 song “Aayega aanewaala aayega” from “Mahal”.
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