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This article is written by Peevesie’s mom, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

Today being 8th march every where we are bombarded with Happy Woman’s day messages. All the radio channels are playing woman power songs. Just heard some news channel tell that Mumbai police has launched some special service to help women in distress. But I don’t know why we don’t hear these things on other non special days. But kya Karen we are like that only. We wish our mothers on mother’s day and take her for granted on the other days. We might even forget to wish her good morning and start bombarding her with all the Why questions….. Why you didn’t wake me up? Why you didn’t keep my dress ironed? (Some examples, I am sure there will be more serious queries as well as there will be exceptions to the rule wherein the kids will be super- independent). Similarly on other days the father will be an ATM machine but on Father’s day he will get a nice gift (probably bought from the pocket money he gives). But chalta hai. Life is like that and we accept and expect it to be like that.
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Today (8 march 2013) is the International women’s day. When I looked up, I find that this day is being celebrated as International women’s day since 1977 when the United Nations General Assembly invited member states to proclaim March 8 as the UN Day for women’s rights and world peace.
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This article is written by Peevesie’s mom, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

Heard this song 3- 4 days back on TV Rajasthani!!!!! Would you believe it I have become addicted to this channel at the 8.30 -9.00 A.M. slot. The programme is perfect to go with breakfast. It is their Bhoole Bisre Geet programme. and they have been presenting only Anil Biswas songs from the look of the last two programmes that I saw.
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“Swayamwar” (1980) was a nice movie with a “Chandamama” style story. And that was not surprising, because this movie was produced by the same people who were the owners of this popular childrens’ magazine.
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