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Readers farmaishes

Seeing that I receive farmaishes (requests) from my readers , It would be a good idea to have a separate page for that. So here is this page. Please use it to give your farmaishes for songs that you may like me to include in the blog. Just make sure to check that the song asked by you is not yet posted. You may refer to the pages that shows the complete lists of posted songs (by movie/ by music director/by year- as the case may be) for reference.

Thanks !

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1,251 Responses to "Readers farmaishes"

‘Man Soona Tere Bin Hoye Re’ by Lata and Usha Mangeshkar from Jai Singh, 1959. Thanks.

You have posted three songs from Awaaz (1956)- MD: Salil Chowdhury.

There are two other excellent songs in the movie:
Jun Jhun Jhunaa, … Jhuume Gagan, Jhuume Pawan – Viswamitra Adil (lyrics) – Lata –
Dil Diwana Dil Mastana Maane Na – Zia Sarhadi (lyrics) – Talat, Lata

Both songs are in YT.

Lata’s Lori was played by Radio Ceylon in Purani Film Sangeet on the Salil da’s recent death anniversary.


I am not a huge fan of devotional movies but some of their songs are beautiful. Radio Ceylon devoted its Purani Filmon Ke Sangeet of Sep 10, 2012 to devotional songs. I had not heard any of the songs before, except Saigal’s Tansen song. The audio of the program is on YT posted by eraskoldies who uploads programs daily.

The following 5 songs (of the 8 played) are not on your blog yet. With over 8,500 songs on your blog, it amazes me that I can still discover 5 such gems not yet on your blog, in less than half an hour. Your work will never be over. Thanks for your superhuman effort.

1. Ekadashi (1955) – Aayi re aayi re neel gagan se main – Lata – Avinash Vyas – Pandit Madhur

2, Bhimsen (1950) – Koi aaye koi jaaye jiya mora dhak dhak karta jaaye – Asha – Avinash Vyas – B.P. Bhargava (Asha sounds uncannily like Suraiya, I guess she was still trying to find her groove).

3. Har Har Mahadev (1950) – Gunn Gunn Gunjan Karta Bhanwra – Geeta Dutt – Avinash Vyas – Ramesh Shastri.

4. Gawaiya (1954) – Aaj Mera Mann Been Bajaaye – Talat Mahmood – Ram Ganguly – Chandra Shekar Pandey (Extremely rare Talat bhajan, as he hardly sang any.)

5. Chor (1950) – Ban Gayi Prem Diwani – Lata – Gobindram – Ram Murty Chaturvedi

Atul ji,
MADAN MOHAN-the Shapit Gandharva of Hindi film industry has completed 300 songs composed by him,on this Blog.
Very few know that madan mohan was also a Play back singer.He has given playback for 4 songs.
In addition this blog has posted 2 songs sung by Madan ji,when Lata was not available at that time and the song has to be shot.Thus when Naina Barse song of Woh kaun thi was being shot,the onlookers at the shooting spot were watching,incredulously,Sadhana lip synching a song sung by a male singer(Maadan ji).Later the song was recorded in lata’s voice and added to the film.So actually this was not a playback song in the film.
The second song was also sung by Madan ji,for the same reason.But it was recorded in lata’s voice before the shooting of the song.So even this was not a play back song.
He has sung 4 songs as a playback singer and none of them,I think,is posted on this blog.
My FIRST choice for Fermaish would be-
1.Film Fifty Fifty-56. song-” Mere jaisa nahin milega,ulfat ka deewana,koi parwana,dhoond le sara zamana”.-Kishore kumar,Mohd.Rafi and Madan Mohan.
2.Aankhen-50 Madan ji’s first film as a MD.
Song’”-Hum se na dilko lagana’-Shamshad begum and madan mohan.
3.Shabistan(in which the actor Shyam died while doing a scene on a Horse).-51. Song-” Chinchpokli chinchpokli,tu chhokra main chhokri”-
Shamshad Begum and Madan Mohan.
4. Dhun-53. Song ” Koi ek aana koi do aana..”-Mohd.Rafi,Babul and Madan Mohan.
I request you to post these songs and give a feast to the Music lovers.


I know your blog is mainly about film songs, but you have featured some NFS as well.

Radio Ceylon Rang Tarang program plays NFS. Today’s program featured an exception set of NFS even by their high standards. DEfinitely worth a listen.

Good quality audio as well as accurate info about NFS is even harder to find than Film Songs. These exquisite songs have so far not made it to your blog. Each one is as good as the best film songs sung by these singers.

Nazaaron mein ho tum khayaalon mein ho tum – Manna Dey

Yeh hawa yeh fiza yeh bahaarein, hum yahan tum wahan dil pukare – Geeta Dutt (not the Coffe House film song) – Geeta’s achingly wistful voice was made for this song.

Dheere baho purvayya – Asha Bhosle – as good as the couple of Nikhil Ghosh composed songs you have posted, which were also played on the program.

Patthar ki tarah ho dil jiska usse dil me basa kar kya karen – Hemant Kumar

Is dil se teri yaad bhulaaye nahin jaati – Mohd. Rafi

Aap geet kosh dekh kar bataa sakte hain kyaa ke ye gaanaa kaunse movie kaa hai ???
“Sweety seventeen kali khili hai gulab ki………angadaayee shabaab ki……kyaa raay hai aapke”
a female seductive solo may be in the voice of dilraj kaur or similar voice.
Music for the song was composed by Raam Laxman.Song may belong to late 70`s or Early 80s
audio available at you tube:

Or anyone know from which movie the above song is ??

Hullo Atulji/ Prakashchandraji/Arunkumarji
the song which PCji has queried abt is from the movie “Tumhare Bina”. this song if i remember right is picturised on Simple Kapadia. IMDB says that the music is by Vijay Patil (as Raam Laxman) actually i was thinking of another song from this movie which goes “mummy itni choti kyon hain ” etc.this was a Rajshri Prod. movie.. this movie also had the Bhupinder song “Hanste Hi Hanste kati hain”
hope i was helpful

Thank you Peevesie`s Mom ji

At last, I am relieved !
Kal subah se,jab radio pe ye gaanaa sunaa, dhoodha dhoondhaa, par aapne Jaise hi movie ka naam bataa diyaa, “Tube light” chamkne lagaa :) :)

youtube waale bhi jo iss gaane ka sirf audio upload kiyaa hai, is not aware of the movie name and he credited the song as Bappi lahiri`s creation and asked for help. I will write to him about the name of the movie with your name.

Thank you very much
Thank you again , Next time when I am in this type of helpless situation, Now I know where I can run for HELP.
I hope I can count on you.

In previous case also when I am searching for Ram Nagri(Jaidev song) You have helped me. I owe these two songs to you Peevesie`s Momji


I think singer is Behroze Chatterjee (Simple Kapadia/Tumhare Bina/Raam Laxman/1981):

Thank you very much,
bluefire ji
for the additional information and the pain you have taken for searching the song.

I think this is the same Behroze Chatterjee who sang for Raam laxman in Bezubaan(1982-Reena Roy, Shashi Kapoor, Raj kiran, Naseeruddin starrer very good movie)
“Chhodo chhodo meraa haath, achchi nahin aisi baat”(a sensous,seductive song)(Played as a background song-playing as a gramaphone song- when reena roy and Raj kiran elope together)

I think she has got very good voice.

She has sang for rajshri`s Sun meri laila(1983-raam laxman)and Tohfa Mohabbat ka(1988-kimi katkar,govinda starrer-Music director Anup Jalhota)



I heard a beautiful song on Radio Ceylon Purani Filmon Ke Geet from the film Naina (1953) Main Dekhoon Tohe Din Raati sung by Lata. The music director for this film is Manna Dey. It appears from the lyrics that the actress singing the song has lost her eyesight, but is still expressing her devotion to God.

I noticed that you have no songs from Naina (1953). Please add this and other songs from Naina, as film songs composed by Manna Dey are very rare.

The audio is available on YT.

Film: Naina – 1953
Singer: Lata Mangeshkar
Composer: Manna Dey
Lyricist: Pyare Lal Santoshi

Jag Kehta Hai Main Hoon Andhi
Main Kehti Andha Jag Saara
Mainay Jaga Li Jyot Man Ki
Khokar Aankh Ka Ujiyaara
Din Andekhoon
Main Dekhoon Tohe Din Raati

Dear Atul Saheb,
Talat Mahmood has rendered one solo song ‘Ro Ro Bita Jeevan Sara’,although its an extra song(non-film one),is it possible to get this
particular song on this popular ‘Blog’? or you only add Hindi film songs?
I think many non-film songs were also popular in 1940-1953,of Pankaj Mullick,K L Saigal,C H Atma,Hemant Kumar,Jag Mohan,Habib Walimohmed,Talat Mahmood,Mukesh,Mohd.Rafi,mostly male singers
were in limelight for such extra songs.
It would be greatly appreciated if you decide to add or plan to add in this ‘Encylopedia of Hindi Songs’
PH Bharadia


I came across a gorgeous duet sung by G.M. Durrani and his wife Jyoti in the film Dhadkan (1946). Durrani, besides being a singer and actor, was also assistant M.D. and then M.D. of a handful of films in the 1940s. including Dhadkan. He also composed for a few B films in the late 50s and 60s under the name of Gunjan. (There is some useful info in hamara forums)

The duet Hum Mast Hawa Ke Jhonkon Se is available on YT in good audio quality.

Hope you find the chance to add this to your blog and allow a wider audience to discover this fabulous duet.

hello atulji

i came across your blog today, when i was hunting for the lyrics of the song : tere bina jiya naa laage from film : parde ke peechhey – 1971 (music – shankar jaikishan) .. i have signed up today..

the song is available on you tube, but i need the lyrics , which i have not been able to get ..

thanks – renuka

Nice Blog. Being the 2nd son of Rajinder Krishan (Duggal), I was pleasantly surprised to see that you have a lot of info about my Father. Since today is his 25th Death Anniversary, I was on the net seeking a link to the Ad we had put in TOI (Mumbai) & found your blog. I`m sure there is much that we can learn from you, so maybe we can be in touch. Bunty Duggal

We are honoured to have your comment in this blog. Thanks a lot for your visit.

May I request for this song by Rajkumari Dubey ?
Song : Guard Babu Guard Babu
Movie : Station master
Year : 1942
MD : Naushad Ali
Lyrics : P L Santoshi [unsure]

Thank you,
Pradeep Srinivas

Atul ji

It will be great if you start a Q&A section exclusively, where we can get answers of simple questions like which was first Kishore kumar song for Rajesh khanna or which was the first Lata Rafi duet.
Surfers will be sharing their answers and views.
I thinkit will be a fantastic addition to this already beautiful blog.

That is an interesting and good suggestion. Let me see how this can be implemented in the blog.

In case you are seriously thinking about this,I have few suggestions-
1. There should not be more than 5 questions/Answers per day or else the Blog will lose its original purpose.
2.The answers must be with some proof like,Books,interviews,articles etc.

Indeed the core activity of this blog is to discuss songs. Replying to simple questions whose answers are readily available and can be easily searched on internet will be a waste of our time and effort.

Arunji, while going through the list of songs from the film title starts with ‘s’ there is one film ‘sohni mahiwal’ 1958, in your list the song sung by lataji ” tumhare sang main bhi chalungi’ is not there,Atul ji has posted only three songs but this song which i have mentioned is not included, any reason.? this song is there on u tube.will it be possible to include? no doubt, i have noted down lyrics after hearing the song. should i post it ?

Dr.Vora ji,
The selection and posting of any song is the choice and authority of Atul ji,not mine.

thanx for the kind reply.

atulji\arunji can u tell me the song ‘o mere dil ki dhadkanmen ye kaun sama gayaa’ is from which film? probably it has music by anil biswas. and who is the singer and in which year?

Hullo Dr. Suryakant Voraji
the song you asked for is from 1951 film “Do Sitaare”

thanx,Peevesie’s mom ,and Arunji, main itana aabhari hun aap donokaa ki kya kahun.aap dono to speed post se bhi jaldi uttar de diya. subah ko poochha aur shaam tak to . kamaal ho gayaa. aur maza aa gayaa. to meri ek binati hai maine aage kafi prashna puchhe the. shayad aap ne padha nahin hoga . inka bhi uttar denge?

Dr.Vora ji,
Yes,Peevesie’s Mom ji is right.
Film-Do Sitare-1951
Song-Ho,mere dilki dhadkan mein ye kaun sama gaya,poochho mere dil se
Lyricist-Rajendra krishna
MD-Anil Biswas


I was astounded to note that no songs of the film Sipahiya (1949) have been included in your blog, since you have been such a prolific compiler and admirer of C. Ramchandra’s songs. Sipahiya has several beautiful songs of Lata and Chitalkar, all readily available on YT and other sites:

Aye Aankh Ab Na Rona – Arzoo Lucknowi – Lata, Chitalkar
Laga Hai Kuch Aisa Nishana – Banwasi – Lata, Chitalkar
Aaram Ke Thay Saathi Kya – Ram Murthy Chaturvedi – Lata
Dard Jaga Ke Thes Laga Ke – Ram Murthy Chaturvedi – Lata
Hansi Hansi Na Rahi – Ram Murthy Chaturvedi – Lata

Looking forward to your adding them as time permits

Hi Atul C
ould you please include this song from the movie Singapore – Rassa Sayang Re ….it’s beautiful song and I discovered when I thought I HAD HEArd almost all of Shammiji’s lovely lovely songs. I tried looking it up on the net but surprise surprise its not that much profiled (not at all actually if u discount youtube) The added bonus here is- HELEN I do think she could have got the female lead in this movie she’s looking so adorable , and lively And the chemistry between Shammi and Helen is way better in this one song than Shammi-Padmini in the rest of the movie ……..
Do post this great song soon :)

I have sent the Lyrics of 1 song to you from the
Movie Imaan Dharam(1977)(Anand Bakshi-Laxmikant Pyarelal)
That song is picturised on Aparna sen sung by Lata ji

But I am unable to find any video link for that melodious and rare song, but it is available in between the video of that movie:
video link for the movie(Song video starts at 3:26 and ends at 7:58 )

This song is very rare,but very much melodious and very good, in my opinion.

Nice website. Could not find songs of Jal Bin Machh li Nritya Bin Biljli.

Dear Atul Ji,
I had posted a request on September 18, 2011 about a duet
song where I remembered only the middle lines which were — ” Mere Rang Bhare Sapno Me Kaun Aya Re ”

Fortunately, I have been able to locate the same . The song is —-
” Chham Chham Chham Nache Mere Naino Me Pyar , Mere Rang Bhare Sapno Me Kaun Aya Re , O Jhham Jhham Jhham
Baje Mere Man Ki Sitar, Mere Rang Bhare Sapno Me Kaun Aya Re ” —— sung by Geeta Dutt and Mohammad Rafi in the film
” Nav Durga ” produced in 1953.

Not having heard the song again for more than fifty ( 50 ) years , I was totally confused about the starting lines and the singers and
the hints submitted by me were no where near the actual ones for
which I regret my mistake.

I checked now that You have covered three ( 3 ) songs from this film but this one has not been covered. I will be thankful if you could please post the ” Video” for this song , along with the lyrics.
I have been able to locate only ” Audio ” for this song till now.

With thanks and regards,

Amarjit Singh

It is nice to know that you have been able to find out the details of the song. I wonder if this movie is still available. In case the movie is no longer available then we will have to make do with its audio.

Atul-ji, Could you please upload the songs of a 1975 film called ”Sandhya”. The lyrics were written by Jaan Nisaar Akhtar and the music composer was Khayyam. It had a lovely song called ”Kab tere husn se inkaar kiya hai maine / zindagi tujhse bohot pyaar kiya hai maine”.
Thanks a lot.

atulji, i have gone through the list of songs from film ‘ambar ’52 where the song ‘ dil deke sanam tumhe pachhataye hum” is sung by lataji is not there. it is so beautiful , heard on ‘u’ tube. can u upload this song and include in the list .let music lovers of lataji enjoy.

only one song of film jashan 55 is given .can u add one more sung by lataji ‘dard e dil tu hi bata kaisi gam ki sham hai’ i require lyrics. pl upload it. it is so beautiful and what age she sung the song.? it is realy heart piercing song .

Hi Atul, visited your site for the first time today, seems I have found a treasure. Thanks !
Can you also arrange songs ‘singer-wise’ because I love ghazals. Could u post ‘Mere shauk da nain itbaar tainu’ by ghulam ali?

Thanks for your appreciation. Singer wise list is a long pending request of many and it appears that I need to actively devote time for this.

Atul ji

There is one superb Lata Mangeshkar solo song from
(Music By Kalyanji anandji and lyrics by Indeewar)
I am not able to get any link for that song:
“Dil jhoom jhoom lehraaye”(Lively Lata Solo)


Dear Prakash,
here is the song, which you wished:


BTW kalyanji had not gone into partnership with his nephew Anandji at that time. So the music is to be credited only to Kalyanji Viraji Shah

Harvey ji

Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you……again thank you very very very…..very….much


Movie Neel Kamal (1968) has a song- Aao ni sakhiyon……

I am looking for the lyrics and hope you post the song.
It is a gorgeous stage dance by Waheeda Rehman and Shashikala and you have all the songs from this movie except this one!
Shashikala is dressed as a boy, trying to woo Waheeda Rehman.

Movie:”Ishq Ishq Ishq”(1974)
Singer:Asha Bhosle
“Kisi na kisi se hogi mohabbat”
Anand Bakshi
Rahul Dev Burman

That `s a lovely song. Heard on radio somedays back and searched and searched in vain.
(Whether this particular song was picturised on not , I don`t know)

Song is not available on youtube, I request anyone to upload atleast the audio track of the song.

dear atul,
there are lots of songs with extra stanzas.those not available even in the HMV long play record.can we have a list of such songs.

Any one who know a hindi movie song containing lyrics “main toh ban jaaoon joode ki phool ri sakhi” in its mukhdaa sung by a female singer ??? Help

I am looking for the song ‘Babul Mora Naihar Chooto Hi Jaye’ sung by Manna Dey for the film ‘Sant Kabir’

This song is sung by Saigalji and by Jagjit Singhji too.

Could you post songs of film Ujala, could not find them.
Mala Sinha, Shammi Kapoor, Rajkumar, Kumkum. There are many wonderful songs in the film.
Also you could have a category of songs where the same song is sung by several artists. Like the above, Babul mora naihar chhuto jai, Mostly ghazals will fall in this category
Below: Ranjish hi sahi dil his dukhane ke liye aaa

All eight songs of this movie have been posted. Look for this entry as “Ujaala” (1959).

Atul ji

One Holi song from 1971 movie Paraya dhan sung by Manna Dey, Asha Bhonsle & Chorus(“Holi re holi rangon ki holi, aayee tere ghar pe maston ki toli, mukh na chhuppaa raani saamne aa”-
Picturised on Om prakash,Aruna,Chinoo etc) has to be covered in the blog.
Lyrics are with you , Atul ji
But one youtube video link which used to be exist during previous year, missing this year, Any one who know the audio or video youtube link for the song ???? Please Help

I checked up the page of SONGS BY MOVIES AND could not find a melodious song as follows (Year 1949)

You are requested to kindly post this song

Fatehali Damani

Ghayal karte hain khud hi aur khud hi banthe hain dawa,hai zehar kabhi,amrit hai kabhi, na jaane tore nainaa hai kyaa
“Tore nainaa raseele kateele haaye raam” lajeele haaye raam-
Manna Dey Classical-Hamdard(1953)Anil Bishwas:Prem Dhwan:Whether any youtbe link is there ???

I am very much new, as have subscribed for this blog just few days ago . Here is an audio link you are looking out for

Hope I am right if not please correct me.

Thank you atil ji
for providing the link,

In fact, This audio link has been uploaded by our Sudhir ji(5 days back), who recently added the lyrics(of 2 versions of this song)(with a informative post)to our blog.
Here is the link for the post:

Anyways, Thank you very much for taking your precious time for providing link for me.


Sorry atil ji

I forgot to mention that you are right in identifying the song. It is the same song, which I am searching for.


Atul ji

Today I found the video clip of one of the rare songs of Agni Pareeksha(1981).
I had sent the lyrics of 3 female solo(1Asha and 2 Lata solo)songs of this movie to you, out of which one lata solo you have already posted.

But for the Asha solo(which is very very good, Just listen to this Asha solo, you will find out) of this movie(which was not available at that time)I had provided the you tube link of the full movie(the youtube link for the full movie was disappeared today altogether)

But today I have found the video clip of the song, but that video clip contains only first two stanzas, But that song had another 3rd stanza,If you can, please upload the audio version of full song having 3 stanzas.

audio link at song available here)
Here is the partial video link for the song having only 2 stanzas:

Got video link of full song :
Hint Hint :) Atul ji ke liye bhi aur Sudhir ji ke liye bhi.

Sudhir ji Iss gaane mein bhi pyaar ka rang bharpoor hai, Aap Iss gaane ko bhi aapke Naye series mein shaamil kar sakte hain. Just Suggesting. Hope you don`t mind my suggestion.

My Dear Prakash ji,

Thanks so much for the link. Yes, this song is suitable and I will include it in the series I am planning.
Please do not think I will ever mind your suggestions. Your request, suggestions and comments are always in very good taste.


Shamshad Begum left us with treasure of eternal melody… Friends, I strongly suggest u to include her solo songs from Nirala and Sangram

This following song is one of my childhood favourite,
Par Aissa koyee greatness nahin hai tune mein, But main iss gaane ke tune ko bahut chahthaa hoon, (only for nostalgia sake,Vividh bharthi station used to play this song during its morning transmission, when I am used to get ready,to got to school )

Any one who has the full audio link for the song, please provide me the link. I requested one kind soul Shahid Jaipuri ji, He provided partial song video link.God Bless him, But any one who has
got the full audio link, please HELP me.
Chambal Ki rani(1979/80)
starring Mahendra Sandhu, Amjad Khan,Bindu,Dara Singh
Productin house:Raj International
Lyricist:Majrooh Sultanpuri
Singer:Lata Mangeshkar
Partial video link for the song:
“ho maare/mere bichhuaa jaisaa dunk,jawani mein akelapan”

link to vinyl record of the movie “Chambal ki rani”

There is one movie Dozakh(aka The Hell)(1987/1984)
Banner:Purvi Arts
Director:Suhas Khandke
starring:Suhas Khandke,Pallavi Bhatt,Anupam Kher, RAvi Basvani.

Radio Ceylone used to broadcast the songs of this moive, during my school going days. This movie got a somewhat nice duet song sung by Anuradha Paudhwal and Suresh wadkar:”Khamoshi jab hadd se badhi, toh pyaar ke nagme gaayegi, barson kaanton pe chale hai, yoon phoolon tak aaye hain”
(Lyrics by Mahendra Dehlvi)
(Youtube link is not available, but the songs are available at
link to the vinyl records of the movie:
They have mentioned it music director`s name as “GANESH SHARMA” on vinyl records, but
My confusion is whether this “Ganesh Shama” is the same Music director “GANESH” or not ??
Any one know please help me.

One BIG request from my end. In the “List of songs music-directorwise” page is it possible to have different and contrasting colour to the names of the musc directors ?

As the name of the composers and the film name are in same black and bold font, it’s a bit difficult to trace the composers.

Kindly consider and oblige.

On going through the rare songs collection in this site, I noticed that a lovely song sung by FAIYYAZ from the movie SHAQUE is missing. The song is ” Do nainon mein pankh lagake manpakhee ud jaaye “

how could you miss such lovely songs viz. Haye re ud ud jaaye, saamne gali me mera ghar har, aaja tujhe afsana mohabbat ka sunayen, and the evergreen song HAATH SEENE PE RAKH DO TO KARAR AA JAAYE sung by G.M.Durrani and Noor Jahan from your collection.

murlidhar ji,

As many as 7 songs of this film are already posted on this blog.Enjoy them. The most famous song-haath seene pe is posted here…..

Can you get me any info on a song? I had heard it a long time ago and i kept googling for it, got the audio only recently. it’s from the movie “Prarthana” singer is Asha Bhonsle. song is “O Rasiya more Piya chheen le gayo re jiya”. I have the audio.looking for the video.
. I really love your posts, they are superb and informative.I regret i came across it only so very recently.

Our Expert Sudhir ji informs that this movie “Prarthana” was a 1969 movie. This, as well as other songs from the movie were written by Majrooh Sultanpuri. Music was composed by Hridaynath Mangeshkar. “O baawri” sung by Asha Bhonsle is another nice song from this movie. In fact there were apparently only three songs in this movie.

It was a Panchdeep Chitra production. The movie was directed by Vasant Joglekar. The movie had Kanan Kaushal, Rajnish, Nana Palsikar, Pratibha, Meena, Jankidas, Abhi Bhattacharya, Dhumal, Sumati Gupte etc in it.

As of now, we only seem to have the audio of the songs of this movie. Hopefully the video of the movie will also surface some time in future.

Dear Atul, Hi …… I am surely gone CRAZY with this lovely website that you have made and are keeping it updated. I am glad that I can now write to you. All my life of 60 Years, I have been wantng a comprehensive list of songs that DESCRIBLES THE BEAUTY OF A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN’ Will you pleseut this up ?? This will be sung by all Male singers obviously. For eg : Chaudvi kaa Chaand ho yaa aaftaab ho,
Chandan saa badan chanchal chitawan, Shyamal shymal baran komal komal charan, Kaunho tum kaun ho Etc. PLEASE ATUL thanks !

Any one who got the complete audio link of this following partial or sad version of Kishore,lata Duet from
Log Kya Kahenge(1982)B.R.Ishara directed movie
starring Shabana Azmi, Navin Nischol, Sanjeev Kumar,
Aruna Irani,Shatrughan Sinha
Music:Kalyanji Anandji
Lyricist:Naqsh Layllpuri
“tere bina main, mere bina tu, manzil kaisse paaye….mere saathiya”

Please provide the info and lyrics of “Dheere dheere zara zara jane jaana hone laga” by Asha Bhonsale from the film Agar Tum na Hote. Love your site, but couldn’t find this song. thanks for the website!

I think this song is,Yet to be included in the blog

atul ji aaj maine film been ka jadugar ke gaane sune kamaa ke gaane hain. apne blog me shamil kijiye plz . ek gana ye hai suniye

Have not been able to find two Asha Bhonsle songs
1. Film Madan Manjari song ” Ham apne gham ko…”

2. The closing words of this “lori” are ” ….yeh pyaar ki kahami, yeh pyar ki kahani”

Will much appreciate link to these songs

Kindly include these 2 songs by Ashaji from the movie tarzan aur jalpari (1964) in your blog;
1) geet huye hain ghayal; Link :
2) haan tum tumhi meri zindagi mein; Link :

I am looking for the lyrics to the song: Allah Kaho, Khuda Kaho – Kabirana Sufiana by Kavita Seth.
I would appreciate it if someone could also translate the song, because Hindi and Urdu are not my strong suit……

Feroze Patel

I am looking for a song from 1965 film ‘Amar Jyoti’,since long,but have not been successful.The song is- Mera pyar tadapta hai sung by Lata with music by Vasant Desai.Can any one help me with atleast audio link of the song?I have searched many sites for this.

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