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Here is a song that firmly belongs to the category of “how come this song was not discussed before”. :) This song is from “Guide” (1965), which was a musical extravaganza, among other things.
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“Guide” (1965) was a Navketan International films production. It was directed by Vijay Anand. The movie had Dev Anand, waheeda Rehman, Jagirdar, Anwar, Ulhas, Parveen Paul, Purnima, Krishan Dhawan, Kishore Sahu, Leela Chitnis, Rashid Khan etc in it.
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“Guide” (1965) was a Navketan Productions movie. It was directed by Vijay Anand. The movie had Dev Anand, Waheeda Rehman, Kishore Sahu, Jagirdar, Anwar, Ulhas, Parveen Paul, Purnima, Krishan Dhawan, Leela Chitnis, Rashid Khan etc in it.
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This article is written by Raja, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

Even as I type out this write-up, my fingers are trembling. And I am not exaggerating! I have written over 50 write-ups for this blog so far and yet I find myself struggling to put down my thoughts coherently for this particular piece. It is not as if I have writer’s block (which I may also well have) ; it is just that the occasion seems to have got the better of me. I find myself totally inadequate to the occasion, and although I’ve just started, I have this nasty foreboding that I am going to make a mess of this, I am going to end up “choking”. I am suddenly beginning to empathise and sympathise with the South African cricket team. :D
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“Guide” (1965) is a landmark movie in more ways than one.Its music was ethereal, and the industry insiders (singers, lyricists, music directors etc) voted this movie as musically the best Hindi movie of all times. Listening to the songs of this movie, one can see why. The songs of this movie has cast a magical spell over its listeners right from the time they became available some 45 years ago, and that magic spell continues even today, even across generations.
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“Guide” (1965) was voted by Bollywood insiders ( music directors, lyricists, singers) as the movie with the best music among all Bollywood movies in history. It is no mean achievement, and it shows just how highly the music of this movie is regarded by the Bollywood music industry themselves.
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“Guide” is a movie whose music was voted as containing the best music among all Bollywood movies, when an Indian magazine polled the industry insiders ( viz singers, lyricists and music directors). Coming from those who themselves create music for Bollywood movies, this was high praise indeed.
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Guide had some awesome songs. Not only did they become very popular among public, even creators of bollywood music ( singers, lyricists, music directors) voted Guide as the biggest musical blockbuster bollywood movie, with as many as 3 songs of this movie being adjusted among the top 20 songs of all time. ( Source – Outlook magazine january 2006 issue)

This particular song from Guide is a very difficult song to sing, but Lata had sung it outstandingly. As I have mentioned quite a few times in this blog, Lata was at the peak of her singing prowess in 1960s, and this song is yet another example of that assertion.
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Impressing masses and classes both, that too without playing to the gallery must be a great quality for any music director. And S D Burman was quite an accomplished music director that way.

And what about his singing ? Different and unconventional no doubt, but what a voice ! He carved a unique niche for himself as a singer of note.
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