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Main dhoondhta hoon jinko

Posted on: September 6, 2008

Younger music lovers of Bollywood music may not have heard of music director Shamji Ghanshamji. And very little information is available on him in internet.

Readers may have noticed that I have used the word him, and not they for Shamji Ghanshamji. Yes, it was one single individual, who had named himself that way, perhaps to give his name an appearance similar to that of Kalyanji Ananadji.

Shamji Ghanshamji got his opportunity as a music director in 1970s, and he made his mark with his music in Thokar (1974). Three songs of this movie ( one each sung by Mukesh, Rafi and Suman Kalyanpur) were quite popular and remain his most well known compositions.

Perhaps the most well known composition of Shamji Ghanshamji remains this Mukesh composition- “main dhoondhta hoon jinko.” The lyricist for this song was another by now forgotten person called Saajan Dehalvi.

Shamji Ghanshamji gave music in some more movies after “Thokar”. But most of these movies were C grade movies and these songs failed to create the same impression. Most of his songs were sung by lesser known names like Krishna Kalle, Usha Mangeshkar, Ajit Singh etc, in addition to betters known names like Rafi, Mukesh and Asha Bhosle. It was Shamji Ghanshamji who gave Nitin Mukesh ( son of Mukesh) his first break as a playback singer.

To the best of my knowledge, he did not have any of his compositions sung by the leading singers of that time viz Kishore Kumar and Lata Mangeshkar.



Song- Main dhoondhta hoon jinko (Thokar) (1974) Singer-Mukesh, Lyrics-Saajan Dehalvi, MD-Shamji Ghanshamji


main dhoondhtaa hoon jin ko raaton ko khayaalon mein
wo mujh ko mil sake naa
wo mujh ko mil sake naa
subah ke ujaalon mein
main dhoondhataa hoon jin ko raaton ko khayaalon mein

suhaani pyaar ki baaten, mere dildaar ki baaten
kabhi ikraar ki baaten, kabhi inkaar ki baaten
ek dard saa chhupaa hain, dil ke haseen chhaalon mein
main dhoondhtaa hoon jin ko raaton ko khayaalon mein

jo yoon barbaad hote hain, wo kab aabaad hote hain
dil-e-naashaad hote hain, wo ek fariyaad hote hain
uljhaa huaa hoon kab se,
uljhaa huaa hoon kab se
gham ke ajeeb jaalon mein
main dhoondhataa hoon jin ko raaton ko khayaalon mein

12 Responses to "Main dhoondhta hoon jinko"

Dear Atul,

There is apparently a mismatch here. The song and lyrics don’t seem to be for the same song. Actual song is ‘Jeevan bhar dhoonda jisko’

Otherwise great collection here. Keep up the great work.

Best Wishes.


Oops, well pointed out. I am sorry.

Now I have corrected it.

And thanks for visiting this blog and posting your comment here.


I heard long time back, may be when Shamji Ghanshamji presented “Jaimala” on Vividh Bharti, that he tried three names in film industry 1. Ghansham 2. Sham 3. Shamji Ghanshamji. The third one fetch him a break in industry. His real name was first one.
As you mentioned the other beautiful song from the above film, sung by Rafi Saheb was “Apni Aankhon Mein Basakar”.

Rafi also sung another song “Meri Hasraton Ki Duniya” (Duet) from “Gaal Gulabi Nain Sharabi”.

Moreover the one sung by Narender Chanchal for the film “Daku” – “Kabhi Gham Se Dil Lagaya” & composed by Shamji Ghanshamji was also popular.

I have recalled all these thoughts and forgive me for any mistake please.


These facts that you have mentioned are not available anywhere else, believe me. Thanks a lot for these nuggets of information.


I think you missed one notable film by Shyamjy Ganshamji & that is “Intezaar-1973/74). Incidentally one of the heros of the movie was Baldev Khosla & lead ladies were Rinku Jaiwawal & Padmini Kapila. There was lovely number sung by Mukesh in the movie, which is “Idhar Intezzar udhar Intezaar, tubhi bekaraar mai bhi bekaraar”. Another notable comic song “man ko pinjre me mat dalo” was picturise on I.S.Johar.
However you are doing a great job. Keep up the good work.


Atulji, one doubt is there, this actor in this song is not Baldeva khosa/khosla(as mentioned under the lyrics section)(I know his face, he is there in the film INTEZAR. I remembered his face, when you have posted yesterday INTEZAAR SONG-“chanda ki kiranon se…aake mil jaa,The guy in the film INTEZAAR who lip syncs the song to padmini kapila is Baldev khosa,it is right)and the name of the actress in this song is also not Poonam vaidya, she is ALKA.

Then what is the name of main lead actor in this film who plays the role of love interest of actress ALKA in this film and also who lip syncs this beautiful song. I searched from many days, this actor`s name,But I failed to get correct name of the actor.

Perhaps our Arunkumar Deshmukhji` may help us, to identify the actor`s name.

The other song of this film(rafiji`s song “apni aankhon mein basaakar, ko turised on Baldev khosa and Alka.
Poonam vaidya is the name of the actress who plays the role of a dehathi lady, who is after Baldev khosa, in this film


Prakashchandra ji,

The above song is picturised on actor JOGINDER.
Joginder was a different kind of person.He was Actor,Director,Producer,Singer,Lyricist,Distributor and he did work even in lighting,sound and art departments.
He was a trained Pilot and worked for Indira Gandhi for 3 years.
He had produced’Bindiya aur Bandook’ and Ranga Khush.Both films ran for more that 50 weeks.He had the guts to drag Sippys to court for copying his character of Ranga Khush in Sholey(gabbar singh).A compromise was done.
he acted in 66 films.He died on 15-6-2009.


O.K. I think I have got the actor who lip syncs for this song, It is SHIV KUMAR , who is the hero of Mahua(He lip syncs for Rafi famous song “Donon ne kiyaa thaa pyaar magar”)He was also there in Kishore sahu`s Hare Kaanch ki choodiyaan


thanks for identifying the actor, but the “rangakhush” Joginder looks much different from this guy,
May be you are right, I have seen Joginder always with long beard and shoddy wigs, I have seen him 1974 Do chattane(in which he lip syncs the famous rafi,mannadey song” tera pyar khuda,na hona mujhse juda..o meri jaan hai tu, mera imaan hai tu”with vikram,rakesh pandey,asha sachdeva,aruna irani, om prakash,alka,v.gopal)
He is also there in Dharmendra and Shatrughna sinha`s LOHA(relesed in late 80`s)with a host many villains.

But, I do have 5% doubt,about the name of this THOKAR actor, His face looks more fleshy, just observe this guy`s mouth and joginder of Do chattane. This guy looks very much young. Both these films released in 1974, Joginder looks already older, But this guy looks younger, eyes of this guy also looks very much different from the Do chattane Joginder.

Sometimes wig pahane ke baad, guys looks different on screen, may be this is the similiar case. But there is 5% of nagging doubt about the identity of this guy.

Anyways, thank you so much for writing to me.

with regards


I saw the movie recently. It was definitely a C grade movie which dragged endlessly and the plot was s…o predictable.

Joginder plays the villain Gangu in this movie. The actor who is featured in the video clip is Shiv Kumar who later did a number of Bhojpuri films and also produced and directed the sleazy super-hit – Be-abroo. It had the number by Dilraj Kaur – Tum Hame Itna to Keh Do Tum Hamare Ho…

Did not know that shamji was the MD of Intezar – The song Chanda Ki Kiranon se is my favorite and is sung by Kishore Kumar which means KK has sung for Shamji Ghanshamji contrary to what was written here.

Poonam Vaidya was a resident of Malad who strayed into movies. Her second film – Birbal my brother released first though Thokar was the first movie she signed. Thokar released on 10th January 1974 ran for exactly 2 days – that was because of the pathetic production values. It was a low cost movie.

Interestingly, Poonam got more screen space than Alka who comes in the movie only in the last 40 minutes. While Poonam appears as a seedha-sadha girl, Alka who was the most exploited side actress in the 70’s appears in a swim suit and later in a sleazy bathing scene and she has no songs in the movie despite the fact that the hero falls for her beauty. Alka I heard is happily married and settled in Pune.

Poonam quit movies in 1974 and shifted base to Ahmedabad as per a few magazine reports while Baldev stays in Andheri and is a local MLA



The music of the film Intezaar is given by Chitragupt and not by Shyamji Ghanshyamji.


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