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Ye hawa ye raat ye chaandni

Posted on: November 18, 2008

It is a kind of song that provides your brain with a sort of mental massage to your soul when you decide to listen to it. Talat Mahmood’s voice had that soft silken quality. These kinds of song do not rely upon its picturisation to win you over. The voice is enough to do that. In the past 56 odd years that this song is in existence, it has built up a solid fan base for itself.

The lyrics serve the same purpose as a massage oil does in a massage. Few people fully understood the lyrics, but it does not matter, rather it helps one in enjoying the song. And I cannot praise the lyrics of Rajinder Krishan high enough. He was an awesome talent.The music of Sajjad works unobtrusively in the background and enhances the effect.

Song- Ye hawa ye raat ye chandni (Sangdil) (1952) Singer- Talat Mehmood, Lyrics- Rajinder Krishan, MD-Sajjad Hussain


ye hawaa ye raat ye chaandni
teri ik adaa pe nisaar hai
ye hawaa ye raat ye chaandni
teri ik adaa pe nisaar hai
mujhe kyun na ho teri aarzoo
teri justjoo mein bahaar hai
ye hawaa ye raat ye chaandni

tujhe kya khabar hai o bekhabar
tujhe kya khabar hai o bekhabar
teri ik nazar mein hai kya asar
tujhe kya khabar hai o bekhabar
teri ik nazar mein hai kya asar
jo ghazab mein aaye to kahar hai
jo ho meharabaan wo qaraar hai
mujhe kyun na ho teri aarzoo
teri justjoo mein bahaar hai
ye hawaa ye raat ye chaandni

teri baat-baat hai dilnasheen
teri baat-baat hai dilnasheen
koyi tujhse badhke nahin haseen
teri baat-baat hai dilnasheen
koyi tujhse badhke nahin haseen
hai kali-kali mein jo mastiyaan
teri aankh ka ye khumaar hai
mujhe kyun na ho teri aarzoo
teri justjoo mein bahaar hai
ye hawaa ye raat ye chaandni
teri ik adaa pe nisaar hai …

11 Responses to "Ye hawa ye raat ye chaandni"

Video not available. (:-
I will listen to it on youtube.
But thanks for posting it here – and for the intro.
I always look forward to your intro.

Did you know that Sajjad Hussain was a very tough MD ? He had very high standards and used to lose his patience with his singers quite often. He had a low opinion of Kishore Kumar, he even once lost his patience with Lata.


Sorry for the inconvenience. Now I have corrected this.


I love this song.

“tujhe kya khabar hai o bekhabar
teri ik nazar me hai kya asar
jo gazab me aaye to kahar hai
jo ho meherbaan to karaar hai”

These four lines are most special to me.


Indeed, as I said, Rajinder Krishan was a very talented lyricist.


I was fortunate to meet Sajjad Hussain some time in 1971 in a common friend’s house and spend more than 3 hours with him, playing songs composed by him on a radiogram with a changer. I did not find in him any arrogance during his talk with us nor any anguish in him about the way film industry had treated him.

I don’t remember much of the discussions now but a couple of his comments which have still lingered in my mind were (1) Kishore Kumar’s voice did not suit his style of composition and, (2) his tiff with Dilip Kumar at the time of recording of a song for Sangdil (1952) during which Dilip Kumar made some suggestions to him. He told Dilip Kumar ” Aap mere kaam mein dakhalandaji maat kijiye. Agar main kahoon ki aap mere gaane per iss tarah acting karein to aapko kaisa mahasoos hoga”.
In short, he meant that I don’t interfere in your work and you don’t interfere in my work. Apparently, they did not work together after ‘Sangdil’.

Lata Mangeshkar, at one of her interviews in a TV channel,( I think it was on the occasion of her 80th birth day) admitted that of all the music directors she worked with, she found Sajjad Hussain’s compostions were very tough.


After completing Sangdil, Sajjad Hussain had signed director Ramesh Sehgal’s Shikwa starring Dilip Kumar and also recorded a song in the voice of Tal’at Mahmood for Dalip..Kumar. The song was ‘Khushi dil ki barbadian sathe laee.I have this song im my collection. Though Sajjad Hussain was hot temered yet he was a very sharp-witted person. Once during a hot discussion with poet Sahir Ludhianvi , Sajjad Hussain rebuffed him by reciting this couplet::-
Sajjad se tujh ko kiya nisbet

tu SHAIR hai woh MAHIR hai


Omg, the wit!
But really, his compositions are beautiful and he really was an original composer like Pt. Anil Biswas said. Rajinder Krishna’s Lyrics fitted the mood like nothing else and what more can be said about Talat’s voice. Unki makhmali awaaz unki pehchan hai…
All is good about the song but even the picturisation is a work of art. I think only Dilip Kumar had the ability to express himself through his eyes. He praises the woman in the song sings highly of her beauty but one cannot miss the cold and conniving look in his eyes. That’s what makes it so different I think.


I have been listening to this song for sixty years without knowing its meaning. Is it because of Talat or for its lyrics and back ground music? Could someone kindly post its translation in English.


Who is the lady playing sitar on screen in this song ?




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