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O mere hamraahi kyun tera man ghabraaye

Posted on: January 2, 2009

Most of the songs posted in this blog are well known for me as well for my readers. But sometimes, I come across songs which either I or my readers may be totally unfamiliar with. I have, for instance, come across some forgotten gems from some forgotten Bollywood movies which I had never heard before.

When it comes to stumbling upon unknown songs, this song must take the cake.

This Mukesh song was hugely popular with its target audience when this movie was released in 1970. But no one in India or the Indian subcontinent was ever aware of this song. Now, not only I, but even my readers will get to listen to this classy Mukesh song only now, some 38 years after it was recorded.

Am I making sense ? Well, this movie was called “The write and the wrong” and this was not at all a Bollywood movie. This movie was made in the Caribbeans ( Trinidad & Tobago) for their audience, which has a sizeable population of Indian origin people. While making this movie, the producer of this movie included Bollywood style songs, and in fact got Mukesh to sing this particular song.

Very little is known about this song and this movie in India, and I think that this movie has been forgotten even in the Caribbeans these days. No video clippings of this song are available on internet. I doubt that VCD/DVD of this movie is available in India. Perhaps it may be available in the Caribbeans in case the producers of this movie have preserved the prints of this movie.

Mukesh has sung this song, but I have no idea who are the lyricist and music director of this song. But the song is beautiful and I loved it the very first time I listened to it today.

(Now, thanks to the information provided by Dr S S Singh, I know that lyricist and music director is Vedpal Verma and the movie is called “The Write and he Wrong”)

The farmaish for this song was given by Usha, a new reader of this blog, who was familiar with this song since she grew up in the Caribbean region. She wanted me to locate the video, and I drew a blank. But I have done the next best thing. I have made a clip ( showing Mukesh’s picture) of this song, and I am presenting this song here.

I believe that most of my readers except Usha may not have listened to this song earlier. If others have tastes similar to mine, I am sure they will love this song. What a wonderful song ! Too bad that this song remained unknown in India in 1970s when it was making waves in the Caribbeans.

I thank Usha for introducing me to this song.This is a Mukesh classic that no one in India knows about. Hopefully this post of mine will help change that.



Song-O mere hamraahi kyun tera man ghabraaye (The write and the wrong) (1970) Singer-Mukesh, Lyrics-Vedpal Verma, MD- Vedpal Verma


shaam dhali aur nikle hai taare
aaja re chand aaja nadiya kinaare
tujh bin akele jee na sakenge
ro ro marenge nain hamare

o mere hamraahi kyoon tera man ghabhraaye
ab yeh saath na chhootega chhahe jag bairi ho jaaye
o mere hamraahi kyoon tera man ghabhraaye
ab yeh saath na chhootega chhahe jag bairi ho jaaye
o mere hamraahi

jeevan ke andhiyaaron mein main deepak aur tu jyoti
jeevan ke andhiyaaron mein main deepak aur tu jyoti
yug yug se hai sang hamara,
yug yug se hai sang hamara, ho seep mein jaise moti
o mere hamraahi kyoon tera man ghabhraaye
ab yeh saath na chhootega chhahe jag bairi ho jaaye
o mere hamraahi

jab tak sansaar rahega mera tujh se pyaar rahega
jab tak sansaar rahega mera tujh se pyaar rahega
har janam mein mujhko tera
har janam mein mujhko tera yoon hi intezaar rahega
o mere hamraahi kyoon tera man ghabhraaye
ab yeh saath na chhootega chhahe jag bairi ho jaaye
o mere hamraahi

ulfat ka saath na toote, ye saaz bajaate rahna
ulfat ka saath na toote, ye saaz bajaate rahna
awaaz mein meri hardam
awaaz mein meri hardam awaaz milate rahena
o mere hamraahi kyoon tera man ghabhraaye
ab yeh saath na chhootega chhahe jag bairi ho jaaye
o mere hamraahi

9 Responses to "O mere hamraahi kyun tera man ghabraaye"

I am so glad you found this beautiful song. I can almost imagine it being sung by Raj Kapoor or Manoj Kumar, to a Waheeda or Nutan. It reminds me of the songs in Teesri Kasam and makes me wonder what the movie was about. It is a pity this movie was never screened in India, or even if it was, we never heard about it.

Thanks for finding this song and introducing us to it.


I am pleased to know that you too loved this song.


Very pleasant song, like most Mukesh songs were.
And yet another new song for me – as it probably is for most Indians listening to this.
Since it was not a Bollywood movie but a Caribbean-produced movie, most Indians would not have heard of this. Also, those were pre-internet days and times of far less marketing, so even when the movie was released I guess it would not have had as much publicity as a similar movie today would.

Thanks to Usha for coming up with this farmaish – and thanks to you for locating it and posting it here.

Wonderful song.


Dear Friends,
I have this song for last 15 years & is listed in the Album The Legend “Mukesh” in Universal Music Co. The song as you know is from The Write & the Wrong & the Music & Lyrics both are by Vedpal Verma so I request you to update your information about the mentioned. Still I am very thankful to you for providing the information about the Movie The Write & the Wrong (Not the Right & the Wrong)


Thanks for the information, Dr S S Singh.


Beautiful song you should listen to this great song of mukesh to appreciate it. only mukesh could sing this song with such feelings.


Atul ji,
On the “List of songs-moviewise” page, the title is wrongly mentioned as “The right and the wrong”.
It should be “The write and the wrong”.
Please correct.


Atul ji,

The entire film is now available on youtube and the name of the film is indeed “The Right and the Wrong”.

The title needs correction again I suppose.



Dear Atul ji, Thanks for your review of this song composed by my Dad – Vedpal Verma for the movie The Right & The Wrong produced and directed by his close friend Mr. Harbance Kumar. This song sung by the legendary MUKESH has been, and will be particularly close to everyone in the family. It was recorded more than 50 years back at one of the recording studios in Tardeo with Kersi Lord, a legend in himself, having arranged the music for the song. The movie was first released in Mumbai at Eros Theatre, Churchgate, and if my memory serves me right, it ran for 4 continuous weeks.
Though Dad had lot of expectations after the release of The Right & The Wrong, luck essentially remained elusive for him. He did get a lot of recognition (and work) in a different field of music, where the work got appreciated by millions but no one came to know who the creator was. I am talking about the Ad-films, Radio TV jingles etc. His composition for the historic “Washing Powder Nirma” has not only been remarkable but it is also considered as the benchmark of jingle making.
Dad passed away in December 1996. Today, 24-10-2021 happens to be his birthday. He would have turned 93 today. Listening to this song is always a tribute to him.
God bless you Atul ji, for uncovering so many hidden gems, such as this song ‘O mere humrahi’ for the music lovers of the world.
Lalit Verma
Rohit Verma.


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