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Mere paas aao nazar to milaao

Posted on: February 17, 2009

“Sangharsh” was a movie as “recent” as 1968 when Rajesh Khanna had already taken over Bollywood as a superstar. So I am surprised that oldtimers like Dilip Kumar and Vyjyanti Mala were still playing lead roles in 1968.

I have little idea how this movie fared at the box office. Considering that the taste of the movie going public was undergoing a sea change those days, I will not be surprised to find out that this movie did not do all that well.

This movie had a few nice songs though. This Lata song “mere paas aao nazar to milao” is a good song. Of course, it does not mean that the song may have necessarily done all that well in 1968. 1968 was the titanium year of Bollywood movie music and many great songs failed to come good during those days. This song was very much one among the many sidelined songs of 1968.

Of course, 40 years later, we are not concerned much with how a song fared during its heydays. We are concerned with discussing good songs, and this song is certainly one such song.

Song-mere paas aao nazar to milaao (Sangharsh) (1968 ) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Shakeel Badayuni, MD-Naushad


mere paas aao nazar to milaao
mere paas aao nazar to milaao
in aankhon me tumko jawaani milegi
mere paas aao nazar to milaao
suno to zara dhadkanen mere dil ki
inhin me tumhaari kahaani milegi
mere paas aao nazar to milaao

mere thartharaate huye in labon par
tumhaara hi koyi taraana milega
meri bahki nazron me
meri bahki nazron me khoyi huyi thi
tumhaari hi koyi nishaani milegi
mere paas aao nazar to milaao
suno to zara dhadkanen mere dil ki
inhin me tumhaari kahaani milegi
mere paas aao nazar to milaao

chalo aaj tumko
chalo aaj tumko
gale se lagaa loon
tumhaare liye har qasam tod daaloon
kare jo sitam haan
kare jo sitam jo haseen aur honge
yahan husn ki meharbaani milegi
mere paas aao nazar to milaao

muhabbat ki baahon me aakar to dekho
kaleje pe mujhko lagaakar to dekho
machaltaa sisakta
machaltaa sisakta hua dil milega
tadapti huyi zindgaani milegi
mere paas aao nazar to milaao
suno to zara dhadkanen mere dil ki
inhin me tumhaari kahaani milegi
mere paas aao nazar to milaao

4 Responses to "Mere paas aao nazar to milaao"

This movie had great songs, but I read somewhere that by the time this movie was being made, the leading stars were not even on talking terms, and apparently they did not once talk to each other during the shooting. The lack of chemistry was blamed for the movie’s failure to make it big. What a pity, since this pair had come out with such hits as Madhumati, Naya Daur and Gunga Jumna. I remember listening to the songs, and yet I never knew when the movie was released or else I would have made an attempt to see it, just to see Vyjayantimala, whose dances were a big attraction for me.


Vyajantimala looks absolutely stunning in the song. I had forgotten about this song, and not even recognised the lyrics, but as soon as it started, of course!

it was a popular and beautifully composed and sung song and every word so right.

They certainly don’t make them like they used..sigh






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