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Ek tera saath

Posted on: April 3, 2009

This is a movie called “Wapas” (1969). It had Ajay and Alka in lead roles.

What do you mean that the above information does not ring a bell ? Well, that it what turns out to be the case. No one knows who made them lead actors of a movie about which no one has any idea.

But hang on. Have you heard the songs from “Wapas”, especially this song -“ek teraa saath” ? Unlike the lead actors, the people creationg this song are all legends. Music is by Laxmikant Pyarelal, lyricist is Majrooh Sultanpuri. It is a duet sung by Rafi and Lata.

It still does not ring a bell ? Just listen to this song. When I listened to this song, it certainly began to ring bells, and I realised that I had indeed listened to this song (and liked it too) before this song was forgotten.

What a song ! Too bad that it was forgotten because of the ineptitute of the movie.

PS- I could not locate any video of this movie. Who knows, not being able to watch Alka and Ajay spoil the good works of Lata and Rafi could well be a blessing in disguise ! Here is just the audio, with the picture of Lata and Rafi.

PS2- I managed to locate the video of this song as well. And as suspected, this song is better heard than watched. 😀



Song-Ek tera saath (Waapas) (1969) Singers-Rafi,Lata, Lyrics-Majrooh Sultanpuri, MD-Laxmikant Pyarelal


ek teraa saath
ek teraa saath hamko do jahaan se pyaaraa hai
ek teraa saath
ek teraa saath hamko do jahaan se pyaaraa hai
tu hai to har sahaaraa hai
naa mile sansaar
naa mile sansaar teraa pyaar to hamaaraa hai
naa mile sansaar
naa mile sansaar teraa pyaar to hamaaraa hai
tu hai to har sahaaraa hai
ek teraa saath hamko do jahaan se pyaaraa hai
ek teraa saath

ham akele hain shahnaayiyaan chup hain
to kangnaa boltaa hai
tu jo chalti hai chhote se aangan mein
chaman saa doltaa hai
aaj ghar hamne
aaj ghar hamne milan ke rang se sanwaaraa hai
tu hai to har sahaaraa hai
naa mile sansaar teraa pyaar to hamaaraa hai
naa mile sansaar

dekh aanchal mein kayi chaandni rut ke
nazaare bhar gaye hain
nain se tere is maang mein jaise
sitaare bhar gaye hain
pyaar ne is raat
pyaar ne is raat ko aakaash se utaaraa hai
tu hai to har sahaaraa hai
ek teraa saath hamko do jahaan se pyaaraa hai
ek teraa saath

tere pyaar ki daulat mili hamko
to jeenaa raas aayaa
tu nahin aayi
ye aasmaan chal kar zameen ke paas aaya
hamko ulfat ne
hamko ulfat ne teri aawaz se pukaaraa hai
tu hai to har sahaaraa hai
ek tera saath
ek tera saath hamko do jahaan se pyaara hai
tu hai to har sahaaraa hai
na mile sansaar
na mile sansaar tera pyaar to hamaara hai
ek tera saath


11 Responses to "Ek tera saath"

Each song of yours today happens to be one that I absolutely love, Atul. Thanks for all the listening pleasure that you have given in this blog.


Most beautiful romentic song I like


This has long been one of my favourite songs. Absolutely love it. Very melodious.


wt a gr8 feelings between them ……..
wen we will heard this type of greatest songs….


my favourite song too


What a melodious tune and the beautiful lyrics!


dear atul, thank you…for giving such a pleasant joy of listening..


Oh! What a treat !
God bless you, Atul !!


Absolutely heaven, this song is! Thank you Athul!
What you say about some songs that are better heard than watched is also so very true! “Jab Jab Bahar aayee’ in Taqdeer was one of those! I ran around looking for the movie and took it all the way from Nagpur to New Zealand to enjoy the song on screen- I should have stuck to the audio! There was Baharat Bhushan and another lady in Taqdeer who collectively shattered the vision of that song to a million pieces!



part 2 rafi sad solo version video


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