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Bekhudi mein sanam uth gaye jo qadam

Posted on: June 2, 2009

To this date I have not been able to understand how Shashi Kapoor has such a long and successful career. I find that most of his successful movies were multi statter movies where others contributed more to the success of the movies. Shashi Kapoor just cashed in on the success of these movies.

Most of Shashi Kapoor’s movies where he was the solo hero failed at the box office and that lends credibility to my theory about Shashi Kapoor not being all that saleable an actor to have such a long career.

There were a few movies which were hits even though Shashi Kapoor was the solo hero. But these movies were so few that one could count them on the fingers of one hand.

One such rare successful movie where Shashi Kapoor was the solo hero was “Haseena Maan Jaayegi” (1968). But I would be wary of crediting Shashi Kapoor for the success of this movie. I feel that the music of this movie contributed the most to the success of this movie.

Just listen to this song- “Bekhudi me sanam uth gaye jo qadam”. How can people not be mesmerised by this song in 1968, when this song has that same effect on me 40 years later ? This song is sung brilliantly by Rafi and Lata. Akhtar Romani wrote the song and Kalyanji Anandji composed the music.

This song was picturised on Shashi Kapoor and Babita ( later to be married to Shashi kapoor’s nephew Randhir Kapoor). These two acted in romantic leads in so many movies that there are a few people who think Babita should have married Shashi Kapoor instead of Randhir Kapoor.

Coming to the song itself, it is such a humdinger of a song, and I dare say that this song, and other songs of this movie were the main reason behind the success of this movie rather than the histrionics of Shashi Kapoor and Babita.

Song-Bekhudi me sanam uth gaye ja qadam(Haseena Maan Jaayegi) (1968) Singers-Rafi, Lata, Lyrics-Akhtar Romani, MD-Kalyanji Anandji


bekhudi mein sanam uth gaye jo qadam
aa gaye aa gaye
aa gaye paas ham
aa gaye paas ham

bekhudi mein sanam uth gaye jo qadam
bekhudi mein sanam uth gaye jo qadam
aa gaye aa gaye
aa gaye paas ham
aa gaye paas ham
ho bekhudi mein sanam uth gaye jo qadam
aa gaye aa gaye
aa gaye paas ham
aa gaye paas ham
bekhudi mein sanam uth gaye jo qadam

aag ye kaisi man mein lagi hai
man se badi to tan mein lagi hai
aag nahin ye dil ki lagi hai
jitni bujhaayi utni jali hai
dil ki lagi naa ho to kyaa zindagi hai
saath ham jo chale mit gaye faasle
aa gaye aa gaye
aa gaye paas ham
aa gaye paas ham
bekhudi mein sanam uth gaye jo qadam

khoyi nazar thi soye nazaare
dekhaa tumhen to jaage ye saare
dil ne kiye jo dil ko ishaare
mil ke chale ham saath tumhaare
aaj khushi se meraa dil ye pukaare
teraa daaman milaa pyaar meraa khilaa
aa gaye aa gaye
aa gaye paas ham
aa gaye paas ham
bekhudi mein sanam uth gaye jo qadam

dil ki kahaani pahunchi zubaan tak
kisko khabar ab pahunche kahaan tak
pyaar ke raahi aaye yahaan tak
jaayenge dil ki hadd hai jahaan tak
tum saath do to chalen ham aasmaan tak
dil mein armaan liye laakhon toofaan liye
aa gaye aa gaye
aa gaye paas ham
aa gaye paas ham
bekhudi mein sanam uth gaye jo qadam
bekhudi mein sanam uth gaye jo qadam
bekhudi mein sanam uth gaye jo qadam


5 Responses to "Bekhudi mein sanam uth gaye jo qadam"

I think you are demeaning the success of Shashi Kapoor. Though the films of his which were hits were multi-starrers, still it has to be said that people liked his performances in those movies.

Anyways Shashi Kapoor did not act in a lot of films as a Solo Hero. So his films as Solo Hero that became a hit were few and far in between. One other factor contributing to this is that in those days these multi-starrers were a big draw for the audience since they got to see so many stars in a single movie. So if Shashi Kapoor acted in lots of them, it can only be said that he was clever.

You can check out the movies of Shashi Kapoor at and for yourself see how many of his movies are multi-starrers and how many are Solo hero films.

I am providing the link again here:

My comments are always tongue in cheek. while discussing songs, I often pull the legs of the actors on whom these songs are picturised.

Very nice song.
This movie has other good songs also, most notably “chale they saath mil kar”.

I guess I agree with Atul about Shashi Kapoor’s acting ability. In the beginning of his career, he gave one flop after the other. This, I am afraid, was because he had nothing outstanding to offer that would hold the audience’s attention. Then suddenly, in 1965, with the help of Kalyan ji Anand ji’s great music, Nanda’s sexy ‘avtaar’ and the Kashmir scenery in Eastman Colour, Shashi Kapoor was seen imitating his elder brother Shammi Kapoor in the hit film ‘Jab Jab Phool Khile’. He did have some success in movies like the one in question, ‘Sharmilee’, two ‘chor’ films, and so on. Soon, it was slump time again and then he probably remembered the ‘Waqt’ formula and signed up as one of the many stars rather than going solo. It worked!

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