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Phool aahistaa phenko

Posted on: June 18, 2009

I had listened to this song quite a few times in 1970s and later forgot all about it. I was so pleased to stumble upon this song again yesterday, like one meets long lost acquaintances in Bollywood movies.

It is a song sung by Mukesh, with a few lines sung by Lata. The lyrics by Anand Bakshi are interesting- “Phool aahistaa phenko”. Who could think of writing a song with a sentence like this ? But this turned out to be a nice popular song of its time.

Laxmikant Pyarelal composed the music. This song is picturised on Rajesh Khanna and Mumtaz, with Shashi Kapoor. And Mumtaz looks rather ill at ease. I guess why . 😉



song-Phool aahistaa phenko (Prem Kahaani) (1975) Singer-Mukesh, Lata, Lyrics- Anand Bakshi, MD- Laxmikant Pyarelal


aapka ye kaza hi sahi
ke ham bekhabar bewafa hi sahi
bade shauk se jaayiye chodkar
magar pahle gulshan se yoon todkar

phool aahistaa phenko,
phool aahistaa phenko
phool bade naazuk hote hain
phool aahistaa phenko
phool bade naazuk hote hain
vaise bhi to ye badqismat
nok pe kaanton ki sote hain
phool aahistaa
haan aahistaa phenko
phool bade naazuk hote hain
phool aahistaa phenko

badi khoobsoorat shikaayat hai ye
badi khoobsoorat shikaayat hai ye
magar sochiye kyaa sharaafat hai ye
jo auron kaa dil todte rahte hain
lage chot unko to ye kahte hain
to ye kahte hain
ke phool aahistaa
aahistaa phenko
phool bade naazuk hote hain
jo rulaate hain logon ko ek din khud bhi rote hain
phool aahistaa phenko, phool bade naazuk hote hain
ye karenge kaise ghaayal
ye to khud ghaayal hote hain
phool aahistaa phenko

gulon ke bade aap hamdard hain
gulon ke bade aap hamdard hain
bhalaa kyun na ho aap bhi mard hain
hazaaron sawaalon kaa hai ek jawaab
fareb-e-nazar ye na ho ai janaab
ye na ho ai janaab
phool aahistaa

12 Responses to "Phool aahistaa phenko"

This is one of the highlights of the film, and it’s a really good film IMHO. Love this song, and the way it’s picturized (I think I loved it so much I even wrote out the English subs on my blog post 😉


hey atul , can you plz post the song ‘Dil Jalta Hai To Jalne De’. I’ve heard that, in this song, voice of Mukesh is much similar to K L Saigal’s voice.

please try to publish the post here


Lovely song but it is loaded with taunts and barbs. 🙂
I don’t like seeing Rajesh and Mumu fighting like this.
Anyday give me “gore rang pe” from Roti. Now, that is Rajesh-Mumu I like. 🙂


This was the last movie of Rajesh Khanna and Mumtaz together.


‘Aaina’ was the last with both of them I think. But Rajesh’s was an extended special appearance, there was no other hero. Terribly regressive, supposed to be the inspiration for the recent ‘Lagaa Chunari Mein Daag’. Was either a South Indian remake or was subsequently remade in Tamil (I think) and apparently did very well though Aaina flopped.


Agree with both Memsaab and Raja–how very indecisive! Like Memsaab, I liked the film, very under rated unfortunately, great music, of course, and good performances, etc. But am with Raja on not wanting to see Kaka and Mumu unhappy with each other. That was Rajesh and Sharmila’s forte, almost never to live happily together in their cinema 🙂


A very touching musical narration of a ssssssssshatttttered dil……



The ad libitum lines — the first four lines are wrong!
They should be changed to:

kahaa aapka ye vazaa hi sahi
ke ham beqadar bewafa hi sahi
bade shauk se jaayiye chhodkar
magar sahn-e-gulshan se yoon todkar

कहा आपका यह वज़ा ही सही, कि हम बेक़दर बेवफ़ा ही सही
बड़े शौक़ से जाइए छोड़ कर, मगर सहन-ए-गुलशन से यूँ तोड़ कर

Here वज़ा is a simplification of वज़ाहत (meaning explanation or clarification), not वजह (reason) which is a feminine noun.
बेक़दर means disrespectful.
सहन-ए-गुलशन is the courtyard of the garden.


I differ on the first line :

kahaa aapka yeh ‘bajaa’ hi sahi
ke ham beqadar bewafa hi sahi
bade shauq se jaayiye chhodkar
magar sahn-e-gulshan se yoon todkar

Kaha aap ka yeh bajaa hi sahi – what you say is absolutely correct.

sahi’ee kaha aap ne / aap bajaa farma rahe hain

sahi – ok, alright
sahi’ee – correct, right




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