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Aa ab laut chalen

Posted on: July 18, 2009

I have seen the movie “Jis Desh me Ganga bahti hai”(1960) but I was not paying attention and as such I do not remember much about this movie. So I had no information about the background of this song from this movie. Now I am told that this movie was about the dacoits of Chambal valley laying their arms and joining the mainstream of society. This song in fact exhorts them to come back to the society.

The song is “aa ab laut chalen”, which is sung by Mukesh and Lata. It is written by Shailendra and the music is by Shankar Jaikishan.

Song-Aa ab laut chalen (Jis Desh me Ganga bahti hai) (1960) Singers-Mukesh, Lata, Lyrics-Shailendra , MD-Shankar Jaikishan


aa ab laut chalen
aa ab laut chalen
nain bichhaaye baahen pasaare
tujhko pukaare desh teraa
aa ab laut chalen
aa ab laut chalen
nain bichhaaye baahen pasaare
tujhko pukaare desh teraa
aa jaa re
aa jaa re
aa aa aa
aa aa aa

sahaj hai seedhi raah pe chalnaa
dekh ke uljhan bach ke nikalnaa
koyi ye chaahe maane na maane
bahut hai mushkil gir ke sambhalanaa
aa ab laut chalen
aa ab laut chalen
nain bichhaaye baahen pasaare
tujhko pukaare desh teraa
aa jaa re
aa jaa re
aa jaa

aankh hamaari manzil par hai
dil mein khushi kii mast lahar hai
laakh lubhaayen mahal paraa_e
apnaa ghar phir apanaa ghar hai
aa ab laut chalen
aa ab laut chalen
nain bichhaaye baahen pasaare
tujhko pukaare desh teraa
aa ab laut chalen
aaa aaa
aa ab laut chalen
aa ab laut chalen


13 Responses to "Aa ab laut chalen"

The situation is Central India probably Chambal where Raju (Raj Kapoor) leads the (former) dacoits to a new life of lawfulness leaving behind their earlier dacoity ways. Hence the “aa ab laut ke chale….”

Yes, now I recall that this song was indeed about the dacoits of Chambal. Thanks for the information.

if i am not wrong this song was shot at Marble Rocks ( Bhedaghat ) in Jabalpur and i saw the shooting & also saw Sri Rajkapoor & Padmini j & also Pran ji.
Gr8 moments.

Indeed it was shot there. It is nice to know that you were there during the shooting. I am sure things were much different in Jabalpur than what it is now, some half a century later.

One of the best movies of Raj Kapoor’s. As you can see the hardened dacoits following him to back to civil society. I don’t if the movie was inspired by JP to work with the Chambal Valley dacoits to surrender or the other way around. Surely, you must have heard of one such who came back to society–Phoolen Devi. Tragedy, her nemesis followed her to New Delhi and she was shot dead in the 1990s. Shekhar Kapoor made a movie out of her life when she was alive and an MP.

You have left out an important song, a very melodoius song. It is the central theme of the film.. Here is the song and its link:
Pyar Karle Nahin To Yun Hi Mar

बेमिसाल … अद्भुत … आश्चर्यजनक रूप से एक बेहद कंपेक्ट कंपोजिश्न – हिंदी फिल्म संगीत में ये एक मील का पत्थर नहीं तो और क्या है ?
क्या कोरस का इस्तेमाल हुआ है और उसमें भी गूंज का प्रयोग इसे और रहस्यमयी बना देता है …. क्या खाकर और क्या सोच कर ये गीत बनाया होगा, बनाने वालों ने 🙂

और लता ने भी ”आ जा रे …” के बाद आसमान को भी छेद कर जो आलाप लिया है उससे तो लगता है उस वक्त वो भी होश में नही रही होंगी और स्वयं बाद में सोचा होगा कि ये उन्होनें क्या कर दिया 🙂 … मैं तो इस आलाप को किसी चमत्कार से कम नहीं आंकता ।
मैनें पढ़ा है कि ये गीत लगभग दो दिन की लगातार रिहर्सल और मेहनत के बाद रिकार्ड हुआ ।
”जिस देश में गंगा बहती है” में तो शंकर जयकिशन ने सुरों की जो गंगा बहाई वो तो एकदम चमतकृत कर देने वाली है ।

मैं आपके विचारों से पूर्णतया सहमत हूँ । बसंत बहार का बाद शंकर-जयकिशन का नायाब तोहफा जिसमे इस जोड़ी ने अपनी प्रचलित धारा से परे हो अद्भुत धुनों का सृजन किया…

And above all, I was told by one of my senior music lover friends & an ardent admirer of old hindi melodies – Sh. Vishawanath Oka about the the RECORDING of this gem. ”Remember, this was done in an era when track recording technique was not available. The whole recording, with minimum 30-piece orchestra, chorus, Lata’s separate voice plus Mukesh’s rendering was done in an uninterrupted single-take recording”.

The lyrics of this song seems incomplete as per my lyrics book. During morning broadcast of Radio Ceylon (SLBC) on 27th August 1995 a special program was presented by Madam Padmini dedicated to the death anniversary Mukesh Sb (27 August 1976) and Birth anniversary of Shailendra Sb (30 Aug 1923). Here I have heard this unavailable stanza first and the last time but fortunately I have note down it in my lyrics book. This stanza appears first in the song while the two mentioned above are second and third. To confirm this I have checked all audio links of YT as well as go through three CD/DVDs of this movie of different lengths but unable to locate this stanza. Hope some of us have the audio of this and would like to share. Meanwhile enjoy the lyrics of this precious stanza and be sure that this is the only portal that has full lyrics of this song along with several other rare songs…

Jis mitti ne janam diya hai,
God khilaya pyar diya hai,
Tu jis Maa ko bhool gaya tha
Aaj usi ne yaad kiya hai…..
Aa ab laut chalen…..

A very shabby and a half hearted write op for a milestone and iconic song as this one. I am highly disappinted!

I meant disappointed

I had gone to a place where even electricity was erratic and internet was considered a luxury. I was lucky to be able to post a few articles during my stay there. Not just this article, other articles on these dates are equally half hearted for the same reasons.

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