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Dekh chaand ki or musaafir dekh chaand ki or

Posted on: July 24, 2009

I have just read about the songs of “Aag” (1948) and I am only just discovering them.

In this process, I today listened to the song “dekh chaand ki or” and I was spellbound. In fact, I have been highly impressed with the music of Ram Ganguly in this movie. What a remarkable music director he was! Imagine someone listening to this song for the first time 60 years after the song was recorded and the listener straightaway loving the tune. I cannot think of a better example of timeless music.

This song is sung by Sailesh Mukherji ( who is a new name for me) and Meena Kapoor. Saraswati Kumar Deepak wrote this song.

This song, and in fact, the songs of this movie, are now in my shortlist. Everytime I wil feel in the need of listening to romantic songs, I need not look elsewhere.I found the music of this song absolutely fantastic.



Song-Dekh chaand ki or musaafir dekh chaand ki or (Aag) (1948) Singers-Sailesh Mukherji, Meena Kapoor, Lyrics- Saraswati Kumar Deepak, MD- Ram Ganguly


kahin kaa deepak, kahin ki baati
kahin kaa deepak, kahin ki baati
aaj bane hain jeewan saathi
dekh hansaa hai chaand, musaafir
dekh chaand ki or
dekh chaand ki or
dekh chaand ki or
dekh chaand ki or
dekh chaand ki or

dekh ghataa ghanghor
dekh ghataa ghanghor
musaafir, dekh ghataa ghanghor
dekh ghataa ghanghor
chaand ke mukh par ghoonghat daale,khel rahi jo khel
khel rahi jo khel
chhipaa liyaa aanchal mein mukhdaa, dekh ghataa kaa khel
dekh ghataa kaa khel
khel khel mein dekh musaafir, bandhi preet ki dor
dekh chaand ki or
dekh chaand ki or
dekh chaand ki or
dekh chaand ki or

dekh lahar ki or
dekh lahar ki or
dekh lahar ki or
dekh lahar ki or
tadap uthi jo dekh chaand ko chhipaa na paayi preet
chhipaa na paayi preet
milan huaa chandaa lahron kaa,goonj uthaa sangeet
goonj uthaa sangeet

yoon milte hain dekh musaafir, chandaa aur chakor
dekh chaand ki or
dekh chaand ki or
dekh chaand ki or
dekh chaand ki or


24 Responses to "Dekh chaand ki or musaafir dekh chaand ki or"

First time i am at atulsongaday. What a wonderful blog ! From now on, my day would begin with atulsongaday instead of bed tea. Great job. May i know more about atul-or the adminstrator?
Keep up the good work.

Welcome to this blog.

My introduction is there in the “about page”, viz I am an India based male in my 40s with passions for things that most Indians have, viz cricket, music etc. It is just that my passion is for music of yesteryears, rather than today. And I do not watch present day TV serials or channels, as I find most of them as waste of time.

Atul. I work for a Toronto based News Paper (presently based at chandigarh) and carry the same passion for music and i am planning to cover an interview of yours for our paper-(u can read our epaper at then click on epaper (one at the top, not one on the right centre). Let me know how can we handle this. If u are anywhere near Chandigarh-we can meet or else we have this done over email or phone too.)
Take care.
God Bless You.

I am not near Chandigarh. I think it would be best to email the questions to me at my email Id

This song is the first ever song that the audience saw from RK Films. It is picturized on none other than Shankar of Shankar Jaikishan fame. And he was not the music director of the film. Though several inside sources say that S & J composed several tunes of Aag. Hence RK decided to give them a break in his next film, Barsaat.


Thanks for this information, Abhay.

Just discovered this site today, quite serendipitously. Just a wonderful treasure.

I have seen only a small portion of the site thus far. Expect to have many a surprise waiting for me.

Do you have an asha Bhonsle song, – Mr. John, ye …..khan, ya lallaa roshan daan, jo bhee dekhe mere jalwaa ho jaaye qurbaan …

Thank you

Welcome to this blog, and thanks for your appreciation. The song mentioned by you is already posted.
Mr John ya Baba Khan ya Lala Roshandaan (Baarish)

Atul, the link seems to be broken. Perhaps you may want to use this link:


Even this video link is now not available.

Thank you for your stupendeous effort to make us go back to the memory lane. I HAVE SEEN MOVIES FROM 1947 MOST OF THEM.

my dear Atul,
it was quite accidental, while on net , i found out ur blog,i think d amont of energy u must have spent in preparing & compiling indian
music of yeser years, in such a layer dat any &every song is covered & dat to yr wise / movie wise/ music directorwise, oh my my , my salute to u young man.i am fortunate to hav such a beautiful directory on my screen. keep it up……….. its b’cos of u, mere jaise kayee” ATRUPT AATMAO” ko trupt karne ka punya aap kamaye ye dua kabul kijiye….. i remain.


Thanks a lot for your kind words. it is encouragements like this that keeps me going.


Atul Sir, with due respect to you I’m taking the liberty of pointing out a small correction the female singer in this song is not Shamshad Begam as stated by you but its Meena Kapoor. Please listen to the song carefully do not go on YouTube.

Thanks for the information. I have checked it up and it is actually Meena Kapoor’s voice. Information about various singers etc can often be wrong and one should not rely upon such information without checking up, as I have often found.

New video link of the song :

I have a 78RPM record of this song where the names of Shailesh and Shamshad Begum are mentioned. Yet I would say that the female voice in original sound track does not seem to match that of Shamshad Begum if the comparison of her voice in ‘Kaahe koyal shor machaaye re’ from the same film is of any indication. Perhaps, we may have to check whether the voice of the female singer in record version was different from the playback version in the film.

How come I never heard of a singer called Meena Kapoor? Any connection with Mahendra Kapoor?


The voice in the link is indeed Meena Kapoor’s, and it says so in the audio that I have. Yes, the movie version voice and audio version voice could well have been different for this song.

Dekh Chand Ki Oar is my most favourite song from Aag. The flute music accompanying the lyrics makes it more touching. The voice of Shailesh is much like that of Mukesh. I’ve neither heard of any other songs from this singer nor any info about him. If you know any other songs from him, please do list them.

Zafi ji,
SAILESH MUKHERJEE was a multifaceted personality,Actor(as a Hero in 2 films as Shrikant Gaurav),Composer and singer.
He has sung some songs in Suhag Sindoor,Naya qadam and one more song in Aag-Rab mere suno araj meri-with mukesh and Chorus.He has given music also in few films.

@AD, thanks for this info. I’ve heard Rab Mere long time back, but that song went out of my memory because it’s not included in the Aag songs album I’m having. I’ve not heard of the other songs you’ve mentioned, but I’ll try to look for them soon.
He was a talented singer but sad that there are not many of his songs.

I though the lady singer was Shamshad Begum. BTW who are the actors on the screen, Raj Kapoor and…..

Good quality video sound track:

The flute in this song as well as in ‘zinda hoon is tarah’ was played by Ramlal who later composed songs in films like ‘Sehra’ (1963), ‘Geet Gaaya Pathhron Ne’ (1964).

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