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Ye aankhen uff yumma

Posted on: October 12, 2009

The movie “Jab pyaar kisi se hota hai” (1961) had music by Shankar Jaikishan, lyrics by Hasrat Jaipuri, songs by Rafi and Lata, the lead actress was Asha Parekh. All that this movie needed was Shammi Kapoor.

But unfortunately, this movie had Dev Anand. Now, one should not make odius comparisons, but one cannot help feel that this movie was tailormade for Shammi Kapoor and he wouldhave done more justice to the role that Dev saab did.

One can see that the on screen chemistry between Dev saab was nowhere like what it was between her and Shammi Kapoor, and subsequently with Joy Mukherji, Rajesh Khanna etc.

Come what may, the songs of this movie are so outstanding that it carried the movie. I just noticed that I had posted only one song from this movie so far, and that was way back last year, in the form of the iconic song “sau saal pahle mujhe tumse pyaar thaa”.

This song “Ye aankhen, uff Yumma” is frankly a song that I had never heard before. This songs, it appears to me, failed to take off unlike other songs of this movie. This song is sung by Rafi and Lata and it is picturised on the lead pair of Dev saab and Asha Parekh. As noted earlier, the duo seem rather reserved with each other in the picturisation.

Song-Ye aankhen uff yumma (Jab pyaar kisi se hota hai) (1961)Singers-Rafi, Lata ,Lyrics-Hasrat Jaipuri, MD-Shankar Jaikishan


ye aankhen, uff yummaa
ye soorat, uff yummaa
pyaar kyun naa hogaa, ye adaayen, uff yummaa
ye mausam, uff yummaa
ye dhadkan, uff yummaa
kaise dil ko rokoon, koi thaame, uff yummaa
ye aankhen, uf yummaa

tum dil ho dilrubaa ho,
tum par jahaan fidaa ho
tum dil ho dilrubaa ho,
tum par jahaan fidaa ho
ham to hain kyaa, kuchh bhi nahin
tum saa haseen koyi nahin,
tum to chaand kaa tukdaa ho
ye shokhi, uff yummaa
ye sharaarat, uff yummaa
pyaar kyun naa hogaa, ye adaayen, uff yummaa
ye aankhen, uff yummaa!
ye dhadkan, uff yummaa!
kaise dil ko rokoon, koyi thaamen, uff yummaa!
ye aankhen, uf yummaa

kab se rahoon chhupaaye, seene mein aag, haay
kab se rahoon chhupaaye, seene mein aag, haay
kahta hai dil o mere sanam
samajho zaraa ye dil ki agan
tum jo mile chain aa jaaye
ye umangen, uff yummaa
ye tarangen, uff yummaa!
kaise dil ko rokoon, koyi thaame, uff yummaa!
ye aankhen, uf yumma

aankhon ka ye nashaa hai
dil jis mein jhoomta hai
aankhon ka ye nashaa hai
dil jis mein jhoomta hai
jhoome zameen jhoome gagan
tera asar hai jaane chaman
tum to ka pyaar ka sapna ho
ye kaajal uff yumma
ye chitwan, uff yumma
pyaar kyun na hoga
ye adaayen uff yumma
ye mausam uff yumma
ye dhadkan uff yumma
kaise dil ko rokoon koyi thaame uff yumma
ye aankhen uff yumma
uff yumma
lalalala uff yumma


13 Responses to "Ye aankhen uff yumma"

I saw this yesterday, and actually didn’t mind Dev’s pairing with Asha all that much, i agree it would have been a different film with Shammi but its still highly enjoyable. I loved this song instantly i was amazed by the ‘uff yummah’ bit, what does it mean?
its been in my head all day. I also like the Jiya ho song a lot

This word yummah may be a substitute from “chumma”. Otherwise this word itself has no meaning, I think.

Atul, au contraire, I think this song was a huge hit !!!
I saw an interview with Hasrat Jaipuri some years ago and this song was specifically mentioned when there was talk of his hits.

As for the lyrics, he said something like this
“I wrote a few songs sometimes where I went purely by mood”. Like “ye aankhen uff yu mma” and “aiyaiya sooku sooku”. Somehow the audience liked them too. I think if a song is well-fitted in with the mood, it goes down well with the audience”.

Oh yes, this was a hit.
Then when the DD showed the movie- it was one of those that they liked to repeat- the songs became a hit all over again, you could hear them being sung, and the uff yu ma was esp catchy!


I am not sure how Shammi Kapoor would have been in songs like “Sau saal pehle” or “Jiya O jiya” or “Teri zulfon se”. 🙂

IMHO, Devanand looked believable to public (may be not to you) 😉 and to producer Nassir Hussain. Not many people know that Nasir Hussain saheb wanted to cast Devanand again in “Tesari manzil” also. Due to issues with dates movie went to Shammi Kapoor.

JPKSHH movie was super hit and songs were craze. I think pair looked fantastic together.

This was one of my favourites, just released when I was going to college, had a decent amount of discretionary money, and could easily cut classes for a matinee show here and there!

I think the movie is quite decent; and the songs simply wonderful, running the gamut from frivolous title song “jab pyAr kiseesE hOta hai (both Rafi and Lata)”, and “uff yummA”, and the opening one “mohabbat iskO kehtE hai” , through the iconic “sau saal pehlE”, through the two dance numbers of Asha Parekh, “tum jaisE bigaDE baboosE” and the one with a classical tune “nazar mEre dil kE”, and the jilted “teree julfOnsE judAyee”; I think they are all good!

I didn’t see the “aloofness” that you saw between Dev Anand and Asha Parekh. Remember this was one of her early films. The only other “big” movie she was in before this was in “dil dEkE dEkhO”, with – Shammi Kapoor. The rest, about half-a-dozen were sort of regional (gujarati-?) low-budget (how many have heard of Dhobi Doctor, Baap Beti, Ayodhyapati, …) movies.

Don’t ask me how many times I saw the movie.

i love this songgggggg…

in old song’s lyrics you find like two person are taking together express their thought,some time u will find that one bkaiming to other etc
and it is a good example of it.
but in now no such thing are is a badluck for film industry and all fans of cinema.

The same thing is true in current Telugu movie songs. They are too raucous, too fast, too much drowned in the cacophony of the “music”, and frequently accompanied by “dance numbers” inspired by Michael Jackson, which appear like vigorous military drills.

uff yumma is actully arabic word yumma means mother … its a slang when you heard or saw some terrible or suden you saw uff yumma (oh my mother)

great song , goes very well with just guitar (D chord) , and not an over-exposed song. I sing to small gatherings with great sucess.
Atul Mishra

Evergreen song, why lyrics in Devnagari script are not given.

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