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Hain sabse madhur wo geet

Posted on: April 14, 2010

When I post songs in this blog, I am spoilt for choices. There are so many songs to post. When I think of one songs and I am planning to post it, I simultaneeously work on other songs too, and in the process, I often forget all about the song (s) that I originally had in mind. As a result, many sngs that I intended to post in the past remain unposted. This in fact has been the case with many farmaishes that I have received in the past.

If a passenger waiting in an Indian Railway platform, viz New Delhi, is wondering about the status of his train and asks “when will this train arrive?”, the station master replies “aayegi ji aayegi”(“it will come,sooner or later”). Raja, a regular farmaish sender of this blog, recently had such an experience there. I find that the farmaishes that I have with me are also getting the same treatment. And I suppose I also have the same excuse that a station master has. In every year, new trains are announced, and the infrastructure required to cope up with such a large number of trains is not thought about. Most Railway ministers are from Bihar and all they seem to do is announce new trains originating from Bihar and going to various corners of the country. There are so many trains passing through Patna (Bihar’s capital) that there is often no platform available to handle the trains at Patna Railway station.

My problem is similar. There are so many great Bollywood songs that discussing them all is not possible, especially if I want to give a good service (viz full lyrics plus details of the song plus some tid bits). But the good thing is, unlike trains, where the passengers have to travel, come what may, here my farmaish senders are patient, and they have kindly permitted me to take my own sweet time in posting their resuests.

To cut a long story short, I have a backlog of pending farmaishes with me, and I intend to do my best to try and clear them, like they have “courtesy to passenger” day in railways sometimes, where they half heartedly try to be polite to passengers. 😉

So here is one such song. This song is from “Patita” (1953). This song is sung by Talat Mehmood. Shailendra is the lyricist and Shankar Jaikishan composed the music.

Video of this song is not available so I am unable to say anything about the actor on whom this song is picturised. That does not detract anything from the song. The song is a superb song. What lyrics, what music, and what fine rendition by Talat Mehmood. This song is easily a timeless classic.

PS-Now Raja has pointed me out to the video of the song too. So I have included the video link too. It shows that the song is picturised on Dev Anand and Usha Kiran. And here, for a change, Dev saab is paired against a female of his own age group, and more importantly, Dev saab is actually young in this picturisation.

This song was a farmaish of Raja. In fact he sent me a reminder too, like they do in government circles in India. And like in government circles,I too acted after I was “chased”. Incidentally “chased” in Indian government circles is a word meaning pursuing one’s case.



Song-Hain sabse madhur wo geet (Patita) (1953) Singer-Talat Mehmood, Lyrics-Shailendra, MD-Shankar Jaikishan


hain sabse madhur wo geet jinhen,
hain sabse madhur wo geet jinhen,
ham dard ke sur mein gaate hain,
ham dard ke sur mein gaate hain,
jab had se guzar jaati hai khushi,
aansoo bhii chhalakte aate hain,
aansoo bhi chhalakte aate hain,
hain sabse madhur wo geet

kaanton mein khile hain phool hamaare,
rang bhare armaanon ke,
rang bhare armaanon ke
kaanton mein khile hain phool hamaare,
rang bhare armaanon ke,
rang bhare armaanon ke
naadaan hain jo in kaanton se,
daaman ko bachaaye jaate hain,
daaman ko bachaaye jaate hain,
hain sab se madhur wo geet

jab gham ka andheraa ghir aaye,
samjho ke sawveraa door nahin,
samjho ke saweraa door nahin,
jab gham ka andheraa ghir aaye,
samjho ke saweraa door nahiin,
door nahiin,
her raat kaa hai paigaam yahi,
taare bhi yahi dohraate hain,
taare bhi yahi dohraate hain
hain sab se madhur wo geet

pahloo mein paraaye dard basaake,
hansnaa hansaanaa seekh zaraa,
tu hansna hansaanaa seekh zara
pahaloomein paraaye dard basaake,
hansnaa hansaanaa, seekh zaraa,
tu hansna hansaanaa seekh zara
toofaan se kahde ghir ke uthe,
ham pyaar ke deep jalaate hain,
ham pyaar ke deep jalaate hain,
hain sabse madhur wo geet jinhen,
ham dard ke sur mein gaate hain,
ham dard ke sur mein gaate hain,
hain sab se madhur wo geet

8 Responses to "Hain sabse madhur wo geet"

Atul, first of all many thanks for so quickly posting this. I am thrilled. You need to careful about setting expectations right. 😉
This is a lovely song. I heard it the first time when I went to a Shankar Jaikishen concert in Orissa (yes, they visited my town) in 1977. Talat Mahmood and Manna Dey were present. Talat sang this song – I loved it the first time I heard it.
“Jab ghum ka andhera ghir aaye samjho ke savera door nahin” and “Pehlu mein paraaye dard basa ke hansna hansana seekh zara…” just lovely lyrics. I was a teenager then and totally fell for this.

Btw, the film video is available.


Do not worry. I will make sure your expectations are moderate enough. 😉


This song is one my top favorites. I like the picturisation too, with Dev singing soothingly to Usha Kiron who is very upset. Most of all, its the singing and the awesome lyrics that make this song a total winner


We look before and after,
And pine for what is not:
Our sincerest laughter
With some pain is fraught;
Our sweetest songs are those that tell of saddest thought.

This lyrics of this song seem to echo these lines spoken by Shelly.


‘Makhmali aawaaz ka jaadugar’ …
this one definitely comes in top 10 of my favorite songs of Talat Saab.






Hai sabse madhur wo get jinhen hum dard ke sur mein gaatein hain….

Please tell us the thaat and raag of this song also. Will be grateful.


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