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Kyaa huaa teraa waadaa wo qasam wo iraadaa

Posted on: September 3, 2010

This post is written by Santosh Ojha, a relatively new visitor of this blog and a fellow enthusiast of Bollywood movie music

I had stumbled onto Atul’s admirable effort a few months ago when I was looking for the lyrics of “Aaj pahli tarikh hai” for a non-film piece for my own blog. After I posted the piece, I sent the link to Atul who not only read that piece, but also several others on my blog. He has been prompt -and generous- with his comments. Over time we had sporadic email exchanges. We discovered that not only we had a common interest (Hindi film songs) but also our backgrounds; similar age, similar geography (he from Ranchi and I from Jamshedpur; both in Jharkhand) and both from middle-class families.

I had seen on Atul’s blog that several of the entries also carried English translations and I decided to contribute my humble mite to his labor of love and offered to translate some songs for him into English. Atul, as prompt as ever, sent me the lyrics of a forthcoming song and even asked me whether I would be interested in doing a guest post for his blog.

I was ecstatic. Writing and Hindi film songs are two of my biggest passions though I rarely mix the two. Atul’s invitation to me to write for his hugely popular blog was too tempting.

Over the following days I wrote the piece and sent it to Atul for his review. He wrote back that he liked the piece and if I did not mind waiting for a few days for it to get published, he wanted to use it as his 2900th post. But that would mean waiting for a couple of weeks. This was the day he published on his blog Memsaab’s (Greta’s) special guest post on the 2800th film song. Atul, being Atul, also politely offered to publish my piece immediately in case I was not keen on waiting!

Atul, I am honoured, truly honoured. And humbled too!

Here is wishing you on the occasion of this 2900th post, thousands more posts on your blog, thousands more songs to delight fans of Hindi film songs in the years to come.


I have this blue rexine-clad diary of mine, now thirty-odd years old, which I still preserve. I was into my mid-teens when someone gave me this diary. Not that I wrote in it about the humdrum of small town India of the time, life was too humdrum in the city to write about. There was no TV station, not even a TV relay center in Jamshedpur. The day’s newspaper came in the evening from Calcutta (still Calcutta those days, not Kolkata!) as there was none from our city. No theatre of note, no hobby clubs, nothing whatsoever to engage a teenager those days.

However, there was one source of excitement, the Hindi cinema. Our town had five single screen cinemas (“talkies”, as they were called), three more if one counted the three cinemas on the town’s outskirts. Life revolved around Fridays, the day a new movie would get released. Not that new movies were released in our town the day they were in Bombay or Delhi. (As they would mention in the venerable trade broadsheet weekly, “Screen”, Bombay circuit, Delhi/ Punjab circuit or Nizam circuit (Hyderabad etc.). Never mind if the movie was being screened three months after the Bombay release, Fridays were most looked forward to!

I kept a record in my blue diary all the movies I had seen. Even the name of the cinema and the date.
Another section of the diary also recorded the countdown of songs in Binaca Geet Mala.


1977 was a most interesting year for film buffs like me, that last few months of the year saw the release of two of the best movies I had ever seen, “Amar, Akbar, Anthony”, and “Hum Kisise Kam Nahin”. But the catch was that these movies got released in Jamshedpur close to my 10th standard (ICSE) exams. Using techniques I have discussed in my blog, I managed to see both just before the exams. That I got reasonably good marks is perhaps a testimony to the good feelings these movies suffused me with!


Now coming to the song under discussion. As per my blue diary, I saw “Hum Kisise Kam Nahin” on 14th October 1977.

And what a movie it was! If there ever was a musical, this was one. Some nine songs, and each one of them a gem! From Rafi, to Kishore, to Asha, to RD. And all set to music by the great RD Burman.
Right from the word go when the logo of “Nasir Hussain Films” appeared with the shayari in the background:
“Kya ishq ne samjha hai, kya husn ne jaana hai,
Ham khaq-nasheenon ke, thokar mein zamana hai.”
Huge round of applause from the enraptured crowd in the cinema followed, but naturally.


A summary of the story:
Sanjay (young Tariq played by Master Bunty) is (kind of) betrothed to Kaajal (Young Kaajal Kiran played by Baby Rani Bannerji); you should see the movie to know the circumstances. They are very much in love, and as all the 9 year olds in the Hindi cinema of yore, even sang heavy-duty numbers like “Kya Hua tera Vaada” with appropriate actions for lines like “dil ki tarah se haath miley hain, kaise bhala chhootengey kabhi.”
When Master Sanjay become Mr Sanjay, he realizes that Miss Kaajal has vanished from his life. Throw in Mr Rajesh (Rishi Kapoor) who is in love with Miss Sunita in London (Zeenat Aman in a guest appearance) but she is planned to be married off to Mr Ranjeet by her tyrant father (the great Ajit in a guest role).
Mr Sanjay’s and Miss Kaajal’s paths cross several times but the socio-economic divide between them is too acute for them to even get to know each other‘s pasts. And Mr Rajesh is trying to woo Miss Kaajal for an agenda of his (and a couple of villainous characters, Amjad Khan being one) own. He still pines for Miss Sunita.

The goal for him: a leather belt bulging with diamonds worth Rs 25 crores (in 1977, this was of some value!!)
Note: Please do notice the usage Mr Rajesh, Miss Kaajal etc. Hindi movies somehow do not accept the fact that it is perfectly OK to call someone Mr Singh or Miss Gupta or Mr Verma. A character is always identified by his/ her first name, never the surname lest the mention sully the character with caste implications! When child artistes are named in the credit rolls, they are always Master him and a Baby her.


Never mind the story, this film is bursting with some great songs. Including the ones in the “All India Pop Competition” being conveniently held in Nainital where the entire dramatis personae of the movie is working, holidaying, plotting, romancing. The right guys get the right girls in the end, the right set of diamonds show up with the right claimant. All is well in the end as it ought to be.

The key highlight of the movie is Rafi’s song: “Kya hua tera vaada.”

This is the song which reunites Mr Sanjay and Miss Kaajal in a pub. (We, in the audience, had all lost hope that they would ever meet up.) But Master Sanjay and Baby Kaajal show up in a flashback-like sequence as Tariq sings.

The beauty of the song is that even in the then disco-ized environs of Bollywood, Rafi held his own with this somber number. This fetched him the National Playback Singer of the Year as well as the Filmfare award for the best male singer. Those I think were the last of his National and Filmfare awards. This was some 2-3 years before his demise.


My blue diary records that other songs pipped “Kya hua tera vaada” to the post in the finals of “Binaca Geet Mala 1978”. It was placed at the 3rd position. The number one song of the year was Hemlata’s “Ankhiyon ke Jharokhe sey” from the eponymous film and the number two was Rafi’s own “Aadmi musafir hai” from Apnapan.


Song-Kyaa huaa teraa waada wo qasam wo iraadaa (Ham Kisi Se Kam Nahin) (1977) Singer-Rafi, Sushma Shreshtha, Lyrics-Majrooh Sultanpuri,MD-R D Burman


kyaa huaa teraa waadaa,
wo qasam wo iraadaa

kyaa huaa teraa waadaa,
wo qasam wo iraadaa
bhoolegaa dil,
jis din tumhen
wo din zindagi kaa aakhri din hogaa
kyaa huaa teraa waadaa,
wo qasam wo iraadaa

bhoolegaa dil
jis din tumhen
wo din zindagi kaa aakhri din hogaa
kyaa huaa teraa waadaa

yaad hai mujhko toone kahaa thaa
tumse nahin roothenge kabhi
dil ki tarah se aaja mile hain
kaise bhalaa chhootenge kabhi
teri baanhon mein beeti har shaam
bewafaa ye bhi tujhe yaad nahin
kyaa huaa teraa waadaa,
wo qasam wo iraadaa
bhoolegaa dil,
jis din tumhen
wo din zindagi kaa aakhri din hogaa
kyaa huaa teraa waadaa,
wo qasam wo iraadaa

o kahne waale mujhko farebi
kaun farebi hai ye bataa
ho jisne gam liyaa pyaar ki khaatir
yaa jisne pyaar ko bech diyaa
nashaa daulat kaa aisaa bhi kyaa
ke tujhe kuchh bhi yaad nahin
kyaa huaa teraa waadaa,
wo qasam wo iraadaa
bhoolegaa dil,
jis din tumhen
wo din zindagi kaa aakhri din hogaa
kyaa huaa teraa waadaa,
wo qasam

12 Responses to "Kyaa huaa teraa waadaa wo qasam wo iraadaa"

Lovely write-up, Santosh.
Great to read about your small-town experiences. I can totally relate to that.
At least you used to get your newspaper by the evening, coming to you from Calcutta. Where I lived in Orissa, we used to get it only the next morning, that too at about 11.30 a.m!!! It had to come by overnight train. It used to be torture, especially when you wanted to know the cricket scores. That is why I used to listen to news bulletins a lot. Can’t imagine how the world has changed (totally for the better!)!!!

If you used to look forward to Friday, we used to look forward to Thursday. Same reason. 🙂

HKSKN was massive. For a non-Amitabh movie of the time, it was really a HUGE hit! Like you say, it was THE musical of its time. Each song was a hit, it was like one big hit parade. My memories of the movie will always be linked to my experience of how I got to see the movie. I have written about that here.

I love “kya hua tera waada”. I liked Kishore a lot but it was SO good to hear Rafi saab’s voice. He had already annnounced himself with “parda hai, parda hai” (another song I love!) but this one just confirmed that he was right back!

Thanks for bringing back memories.

And Atul, hearty congrats on 2900! As they say in Urdu “Mubarakaan”. May this blog go on and on and add thousands of songs to bring happiness to lovers of Hindi song and music all over the world.


so as they say in hindi movies; Mr.Atul Bahut bahut badhai. aapke 2900 Gaane post hone ki. ab hindi mein POST ko kya kehte hain?
And gr8 wirting Mr. Santosh. Mazaa aagaya.


Thanks Peevesie’s Mom.
You may consider this alternative for your message to Atul: “Bahut badhaiyan aapke untees-sauwein prakashan ki.”


also if my fellow Hindi Movie Song Addicts remember most of Rishi Kapoor movies had better songs than many of Amitabh movies put together. Remember “Yeh Vaada Raha” “Bade Dilwala” “Duniya Meri Jeb Main” “Jhoota Kahin Ka” “Anjaane Main” “Khel Khel Main”
and who can forget “Bobby” what say? am i right?


This century took 18 days to complete (two days more than my plan) and as many as 21 of these songs were guest posts, viz Raja (18) and Santosh (3). This, in addition to earlier guest posts by Greta (Memsaab) means that much needed variety has been infused in the blog. I cannot thank Raja, Santosh and Greta high enough. Their write ups were absolutely top drawer and written lovingly and they were labour of love (an oft repeated phrase in this blog).

When this blog was started a little over two years ago, I had not expected that one day I would reach this mark, that too this soon. 2900 songs in 25 months is a gruelling and punishing journey as it means posting at a rate of nearly 4 songs daily for such a long period of time. It takes about 45 minutes to go through the contents posted daily, so it obviously takes more time than that to come up with these songs on a daily basis. One cannot stay this long without sheer passion for the topic. I am happy that I have lasted this long and I am game for many more centuries seeing how I am increasingly getting help through guest posts like this. In addition, I also thank readers who give farmaishes for songs. They keep me on track and through these farmaishes I have come to discover several great songs about whose existence I was blissfully unaware. Other readers (the silent majority) also provide encouragements through their votes (rate the song), through “share” buttons and simply by visiting the blog. The month of August 2010 show all time high viewership for the blog in a month, and I am highly thankful to my readers for this vote of confidence in this blog.

Writing about one’s personal memories associated with a song-it adds a new dimension to the write up, and I thank Santosh for this superb write up. Raja too has written about his experiences about watching this movie. I on the other hand watched this movie a while later as I was not into watching movies in 1977 when this movie was released.

Come to think of it, this movie did not have any big stars in it. There was no one of the stature of Amitabh Bachchan, Vinod Khanna, Dharmendra or Rajesh Khanna. Rishi Kapoor was not all that big a star really. So this movie ran mainly because of its stunning music. There is no doubt about that.

This is the first song from this movie. I am sure it will not be the last. Likewise there are many musical blockbusters which are not yet represented on this blog. I am sure their time will come soon too.

I once again thank all my well wishers for their increasing support in helping this labour of love forge ahead in this melodious journey.


The service you are doing for the community is commendable! Am happy to take a wee bit of the work on hand.

And thank you for posting my piece as your 2900th post.


Santosh–I was just reading some of your blog entries–well the Bihari language one. Wow, you’re familiar with all those dialects. I am very impressed. I hope in your next “Amitabh” post you will enlighten us about his Awadhi language.


Thanks, Raja. I read your post on how you got to watch HKSKN. Lovely piece!

You must have felt all grown-up when the janata applauded you for the seemingly impossible to get tickets.


My mother tongue is Bhojpuri, a dialect spoken widely in Bihar and UP. And a lot of other countries around the world, Mauritius, Trinidad, Fiji, etc.

There really is no language called Bihari. There are dialects in Bihar viz. Bhojouri, Maithili, Magahi etc.

I would love to do a piece on AB’s films where he speaks in Avadhi; Don, Ganga Ki Saugandh etc.


That will be great. I’m interested in Indian languages and dialects. I’ve been listening to Oriya on youtube –I had never heard it before. And I watched a whole Bhojpuri movie without needing subtitles. I’ve heard Guyanese and Mauritians speak in Bhojpuri but its not very authentic.


Lovely writeup Santosh ji. It is sheer pleasure listening to Rafi saab. This movie had so many lovely numbers.. one of those movies where all the songs were super hits.. those sure were the days! :).


Live show recording :


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