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Laut gayaa gham ka zamaanaa

Posted on: November 10, 2010

Most songs discussed in this blog are songs that are well known. Then there are songs that are lessser known. On the other end of the spectrum, there are songs which are so rare that not too many people are aware of their existence.

How many people of aware of this movie called “Naya Aadmi” (1957) ? Not too many, I am sure. And not too many people may have heard this song from “Nayaa Aadmi” (1957) either. When I heard this song a few months ago, I was highly impressed. The song is sung by Lata and Hemant Kumar and this must be among the best romantic duets sung by the two.

The song is written by Rajinder Krishan.

This movie was apparently a remake or perhaps dubbing of a Telugu movie. And guess who are the actors on whom this song is picturised ? This song is pucturised on Anjali Devi and N T Ramrao. Yes, it is the same N T Ramarao who was the biggest superstar of Telugu movie and who in fact rode on his matinee idol pupularity to become the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh in 1980s.

Here is this song from “Nayaa Aadmi” (1957). The song is composed by Vishwanathan Ramamurthy.

This song is the first song in this blog featuring N T Ramarao as well as music director Vishwanathan Ramamurthy.

The song is written by Rajinder Krishan and it is his 300th song for this blog.

Here is this song, which is special on many counts.

song-Laut gayaa gham ka zamaanaa (Nayaa Aadmi) (1956) Singers-Lata, Hemant Kumar, Lyrics-Rajinder Krishan, MD-Vishwanathan Ramamurthy

aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa

laut gayaa gham kaa zamaanaa
aayi khushi lahraati
laut gayaa gham kaa zamaanaa
laut gayaa gham kaa zamaanaa
aayi khushi lahraati
laut gayaa gham kaa zamaanaa

door gagan mein dekho chamke
aashaaon ke taare
aashaaon ke taare
jhilmil pyaare pyaare
badli mein chhupkar taaron ke sang
badli mein chhupkar taaron ke sang
chandaa kare ishaare
chandaa kare ishaare
kiski lagan me aaj pawan hai
baagon mein ithlaati
laut gayaa gham kaa zamaanaa
aayi khushi lahraati
laut gayaa gham kaa zamaanaa

raat nayi har baat nayi hai
nayaa nayaa hai zamaanaa
raat nayi har baat nayi hai
nayaa nayaa hai zamaanaa
kaisaa samaa suhaanaa
kaisaa samaa suhaanaa
gaaye chandaniyaa dheere dheere
gaaye chandaniyaa dheere dheere
preet bharaa afsaanaa
preet bharaa afsaanaa
aaj mere chhote se man mein
aashaa hai muskaati
laut gayaa gham kaa zamaanaa
aayi khushi lahraati
laut gayaa gham kaa zamaanaa


11 Responses to "Laut gayaa gham ka zamaanaa"

Looks to be a dubbed movie from I am guessing Telugu because of NTR.

There were a lot of family dramas remade in Hindi in those days, but I had not seen many that were dubbed. The thinking was that the heroes from the south were not acceptable to the Hindi movie audiences. I think Kamal Hasan and Rajni were exceptions to that rule.

This movie looks like a dubbed movie.

The non-acceptability that you refer to reflects the time (pre-80’s) instead of the actors and actresses. In general, the actresses from the south were a little on the plump side. But things changed during the 80’s (don’t know how and why – I migrated to the US in 70) and suddenly south indian actors, actresses, singers became acceptable, and even popular (Sridevi, Hemamalini, …). Padmini and Vyjayanthi Mala were exceptions before this time.

Around thi stime, much of the North India became acquainted with people from the various southern states, instead of lumping all of them into the term “madraasee”.

But this is digression.

Just one more thing. Most of the current heroines in the Telugu films are North Indians, who need dubbing for their voices. Strangely, the heroes are still Telugu.

Indeed, women find it easier to move across to various movie industries and get acceptance. The main reason could be

(1) heroines are mostly decoration pieces in Indian movies in any case. So it does not matter from where they come from, as long as they make pretty showpieces.
(2) Fair complexioned heroines are in demand in movie industries of all Industries and one can find such actresses in North India in abundance and that is what explains why there are so many North Indian actresses doing well down south.

It is not a dubbed movie. Both the Telugu & Hindi version were shot at the same time. This is NTR’s only movie in Hindi ( 1st & last). Santhosham was its Telugu version released in the same year. His filmography states the year of release for both as 1955. The other movies of his in Hindi were dubbed..Jayasimha (1955) – Jaisingh (Hindi title), Ravana – Bhakti Mahima ( Hindi title: dubbed version), I do not now the third movie.

Yamini ji,
The 3rd film was CHANDIRANI-1953,starring NTR and Bhanumati.
For further info on NTR’s sojourn in Hindi films,please read my 2 detailed comments made on the other song of Naya Aadmi in this blog,dated 3rd Dec 2011.

BTW, I was aware of the song and always liked it.

The person in this song with Anjali Devi is not NTR but Rama Sharma

There is another song ‘ajab hai ye duniya’ from this movie which is too very nice. Same tune is used in a Marathi song ‘ Sanga ya yedila’ from the movie ‘Sangate aika.’

Can someone please upload this song from this movie?
“gariibo.n kaa pasiinaa bah rahaa hai,
ye paanii bahate-bahate kah rahaa hai”
It is in the voice of Rafi and has very powerful words (lyrics)
by Rajender Krishna.


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