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Taaraa toote duniyaa dekhe

Posted on: December 15, 2010

Here is a song from “Malhaar” (1951) that is regarded as a timeless classic.

This song “taaraa toote duniyaa dekhe” is sung by Mukesh. I am not familiar with the actor on whom this song is picturised. I request my knowledgeable readers to help identify him.

Indeewar is the lyricist and Roshan is the music director.

Song-Taaaraa toote duniyaa dekhe (Malhaar) (1951) Singer-Mukesh,Lyrics-Indeewar, MD-Roshan


basaa li dil mein teri yaad
aansoo ponchh liye
rahe tu shaad
hamaara hai kyaa
jiyen na jiyen

taaraa toote duniyaa dekhe
dekhaa naa kisine dil toot gayaa
dekhaa naa kisine dil toot gayaa
taaraa toote duniyaa dekhe
dekhaa naa kisine dil toot gayaa
dekhaa naa kisine dil toot gayaa

jitne hi taare tooten
hogaa na kabhi andhiyaaraa
aasmaan par bahut hain taare
dil thaa ek hamaaraa,
dil thaa ek hamaaraa
toot na jaaye kyun dil uskaa
saathi jiskaa chhoot gayaa
dekhaa naa kisine dil toot gayaa
taaraa toote duniyaa dekhe
dekhaa naa kisine dil toot gayaa
dekhaa naa kisine dil toot gayaa

chaand ko apna daag hai pyaaraa
chhupi hai koi kahaani
main bhi chhupaaye hoon seene mein
kisi ki ek nishaani,
kisi ki ek nishaani
kaise manaa llon aansoo apne
bhaag hi mujhse rooth gayaa
dekhaa naa kisine dil toot gayaa
taaraa toote duniyaa dekhe
dekhaa naa kisine dil toot gayaa
dekhaa naa kisine dil toot gayaa


10 Responses to "Taaraa toote duniyaa dekhe"

The actor was a 1-film guy called Arjun.
And the actress was Shammi – the very same roly poly Shammi who has played a supporting actress or character roles in so many movies.

This movie has lovely songs – another one being Bade armaano se rakha hai balam teri kasam, ho balam teri kasam
Pyar ki duniya me ye pehla kadam

Thanks for this information.

Arjun,an aspiring youth from Ludhiyana,was not ONE FILM GUY.
Starting from Malhar(1951),he has acted in 25 films till 2006,when he finally stopped due to a paralytic attack.Some of the films in which he had roles are,QSQT,Tiranga,Gangster,Raja ki ayegi baraat,Sajan chale sasural,Vishva Vidhata etc.After Malhar also he acted as lead in few B/C grade films of no consequence.

hullo Mr. Arunkumar
thanks for ur info but i think u ve confused urself between actors of 2 eras. the Arjun u r talking off started out in Nasir Hussain’s “Manzil Manzil” alongside Sunny Deol and Dimple. his original name was Feroz Irani. then he acted in the serial Mahabharat as “Arjun” and from there took it on as his screen name.

Dear P.M.Madam ji,
Iam sorry to say that confusion is not on my side.

Sorry,there was some mistake in operating.
The ARJUN in discussion was around 25-26 years at the time of Malhar in 1951.The serial Mahabharat came in the 90s.By that time Arjun must have already reached his old age of minimum 65++.Obviously HE could not habve been Arjun of Mahabharat.
The Malhar Arjun also acted as a second Hero along with Sheikh Mukhtar in Daku ki ladki in 1954.He acted as premnath’s friend in Naujawan in 1951(out of his many shots,only one remained in editing).
In short,This Arjun is the same about whom I have given the information.

hullo Arjun sir
i am sorry if i offended you. actually my comment was based on the names of movies u ve mentioned. Bcoz the other Arjun that i spoke of was always thankful to Nasir Hussain for giving him the “Manzil Manzil” break. and so settled for a one minute role in QSQT.

visited this page after years.
all this nok-jhok between guruji and me happened before we met each other and before i discovered a treasure house called “arunkumar Deshmukh”
I matured now sirji

P.M.Madam ji,
Not at all.
If wordings in my posting had anything suggesting otherwise,I apologise.
My only intention was to reaffirm that this Arjun was indeed a senior person,who continued acting for his ‘paapi pet’,even in old age.
I purposely didnot give list of his other movies e.g.Naya Jehar,Zulmo sitam etc to avoid a lenthy post.
We all have a common purpose,to share what we know,so that our fellow-enthusiasts gather new (and additional) information.

Atul ji,
With new proof coming out in cinegems and cineplot,it transpires that the ARJUN who acted as a Hero in Malhar,as a second hero in Daku ki Ladki and few more films,was none other than ARJUN BAKSHI,father of small time actress Jyoti Bakshi( who debuted with dev Anand’s film BULLET-1976),who later became a script writer and finally was seen in Canada operating a Music Store.

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