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Arre haay haay ye mazboori ye mausam aur ye doori

Posted on: February 26, 2011

This post is written by Lalitha, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular visitor of this blog

This is my first attempt at writing anything more than a couple of sentences on the Internet, and the thought fills me with trepidation. In a rash moment, I practically offered to do one for this blog, and so here I am, penning a few thoughts down, and hoping that I don’t sound like a rambling old idiot!

I spent most of my childhood years growing up in Hindi-speaking areas like Nagpur, Lucknow, and later Delhi. Those childhood years were the reason for my obsession with Hindi film songs, to the extent that I would sometimes be scribbling down the lyrics to songs on scraps of paper, which would be hidden inside the pages of my school books, so that my parents would be under the impression that I was dutifully doing my homework! During my college years, I had a couple of friends with whom I used to play Antakshari in Hindi class, where we would be writing down the lyrics of the first couple of lines of songs, instead of taking down notes on Jhansi ki Rani, or Surdas! Hmmm, remind me never to let my children or grandchildren know about this blog!

However, my college years were spent in Madras, or Chennai as it is known now, while my parents were stationed in Calcutta, and later Delhi, and I rejoined them briefly in Bangalore, before I started working. Once I embarked on my career, I used to find myself flush with funds, and living in the Y, in places where the only source of recreation on the weekends used to be –movies, sometimes two movies in a single weekend! It soon reached a point where my colleagues noticed that I could be seen at the theaters every weekend, and they would be laying bets on which movie I would be watching the next weekend, and so on. I did make it a point to visit the local temples on Saturday mornings, though, so I could report dutifully to my parents in my weekly letters about the visits to the temples, and about some of the movies, not all!

The only problem lay in the fact that I was stationed in non-Hindi speaking places like Trivandrum and Cochin, where most of the cinema houses were showing movies in the local language, Malayalam, rather than Hindi or English movies. In fact, Trivandrum had only one theater where English movies were screened, and probably one or two theaters for Hindi movies. Cochin was a lot better, in that there were three or four theaters with Hindi and English movies, but it was not the same as being in Bangalore or Delhi or even Calcutta, and most movies ran for two or three weeks before being changed.

This was the time that Roti, Kapda aur Makaan was released all over India, and I was dying to see Zeenat Aman dancing in a rain-drenched sari and singing, Haaye haaye yeh majboori, even if she was paired with Manoj Kumar, whom I had always avoided like the plague! It must be mentioned here that it was only recently that I watched Upkaar, and that and Neel Kamal are the only Manoj Kumar movies that I have ever watched!

I perused the Movies page in the newspaper daily, waited for this movie to be released, rounded up some friends (some bribing was involved here!), and waited for the bus, changed buses, went all the way to the cinema house, and found that there was some Malayalam movie showing instead! I was so disappointed! We came back without seeing any movie that day!

I know I have been rambling, but this has always been one of my favorite songs, viewed several times on various song-and-dance DVDs (I am yet to watch the movie), and it has always been my dream to have a figure like Zeenat’s and dance the way she does in this song, in a rain-drenched sari! I love that attitude of hers – teri do takiyaan di naukri mein mera laakhon ka saawan jaaye …, that look in her eyes, and sheepish Manoj Kumar trying to look away, especially where she teases him for being such a baby, and he hides his face in his jacket, all the while staying dry in the gazebo!

I still remember trying to dance to this song, safe in the confines of my room, along with all of my friends, in the Y in Cochin. The music by Lakshmikant Pyarelal, the lyrics, Lata’s teasing voice, and Zeenat’s sultry looks and dancing, they all combined to make this song a hit with young women everywhere in those days, and I was no exception! My favorite part in the song is the “ding dong ding dong …”, and Lata has really brought all the teasing into her voice here. Oh, how we admired Zeenat for not doing the coy, girlie stuff or the traditional Bharatiya naari stuff – women’s lib was new to India, and she was a trendsetter in Hindi filmdom.

I have no idea who this Verma Malik was, or if he wrote lyrics for any other songs after this movie, but the lyrics here are great – Arey naukri ka kya bharosa, aaj mile kal choote, kal chootey! These lines are so true, especially in these days, here in the US! One might as well make full use of one’s youth!

Song-Haay haay ye majboori ye mausam aur ye doori (Roti Kapda Aur Makaan) (1974) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Verma Malik, MD-Laxmikant Pyarelal


arre haay haay ye mazboori
ye mausam aur ye doori

arre haay haay haay mazboori
ye mausam aur ye doori
mujhe pal pal hai tadpaaye
teri do takiyaan di naukri ve meraa laakhon kaa saawan jaaye
haay haay ye mazboori
ye mausam aur ye doori

aaaa aaaa
ho ho ho ho
ho ho ho ho

kitane saawan beet gaye
kitane saawan beet gaye
baithi hoon aas lagaaye
jis saawan mein mile sajanawaa
wo saawan kab aaye
kab aaye
madhur milan kaa ye saawan haathon se niklaa jaaye
teri do takiyaan di naukarii ve meraa laakhon kaa saawan jaaye
haay haay ye majaboori
ye mausam aur ye doori

prem kaa aisaa bandhan hai
prem kaa aisaa bandhan hai
jo bandh ke phir naa toote
are naukri kaa hai kyaa bharosaa
aaj mile kal chhoote
kal chhoote
ambar pe hai rachaa swayamwar
phir bhi tu ghabraaye
teri do takiyaan di naukri ve meraa laakhon kaa saawan jaaye
dang ding dang ding dang ding dang dang
dang ding dang ding dang ding dang dang
mujhe pal pal hai tadpaaye
teri do takiyaan di naukri ve meraa laakhon kaa saawan jaaye
haay haay ye majboori
ye mausam aur ye doori


8 Responses to "Arre haay haay ye mazboori ye mausam aur ye doori"

You write SO well – and you are writing only NOW?
Bahut na-insaafi hai!!!
Khair, der aaye, durusth aaye!

Fabulous intro to a lovely song, Lalitha. Lovely flow in your writing – like Sachin Tendulkar’s batting. 🙂

Ab jab silsila shuru ho hi gaya hai, toh ek se kaam nahin chalega. No pressure but more of these rash moments please! 🙂


all the best to our Lalitha jinke writings ko hum “DHOONDTE RAHENGE”.
now we will want more of this stuff.


Very enjoyable ‘lalit lekhan’ from Lalitha !
Aagey Badho,hum tumhare saath hai !!


Thank you all for your kind words of encouragement! Raja, this was not na-insaafi, this was purely lack of self-confidence, and I cannot tell you how many times I regretted the offer to do a write-up during the past three weeks. I would compose everything mentally and then trash it all mentally, until I found myself humming this song, and then it just happened! Thanks again, Arun, Atul, Peeveesie’s mom, and Raja!


By the way, Raja, thanks for comparing my writing style to Sachin Tendulkar’s batting! Since he came on the scene many years after I left India, I know nothing about his style, but my hubby will be pleased, since he (hubby) used to be wicket keeper and opening bat a la Farokh Engineer, for Delhi U, in his younger days!


I really enjoyed reading your memory-filled passage in the introduction to this song. Your writing vividly captured a very particular time and place and youthful excitment felt around the music and film of time.
Thank for sharing.


Lalitha ji,

What a pleasing trip down the memory lane; reading about hiding lyrics on scraps of papers in text books, and playing antakshari with friends, enlivens the times that I am sure all of us have enjoyed. And so is the description of the song and Zeenat Aman’s performance on the screen.

I assure you that this song was hit with young men too. 😉

A pleasure to read this post. 🙂



Thanks, Sudhir!


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