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Gori ke haath mein jaise ye chhallaa

Posted on: April 1, 2011

This article is written by Raja, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie songs and a regular contributor of articles to this blog.

Mela (1971) is a movie I remember from my early days. I believe that , inspite of the Rajesh Khanna wave threatening to drown every non-Rajesh movie in those days, this movie did manage to do well at the box-office. Its songs also became pretty popular too, especially the Rafi-Lata duet, “Rut hai milan ki”.

One of the songs that I remember very well right from those days is “Gori ke haath mein, jaise ye chhalla”. Now this was a pretty popular song at that time and I used to always confuse it with the other “chhalla” song of the time from the Rajendra Kumar movie “Anjaana”. That song goes “meri mohabbat teri jawani….. aa meri rani le ja chhalla nishaani”. Both these songs were popular and I’d keep mixing them up in my head.

My brother and I had a name for such songs. We called them “lok” songs. ? No, not “lok” as in “popular “ or “common” songs. For us “lok” songs meant “local roadside Romeo” songs. ? And there were plenty in those days. I remember “ladki chaley jab sadkon pe” and “Rekha o Rekha” also belonging to this category. ? I am not sure if “roadside Romeos” actually sang such songs (girls would know!) but to us it felt like this was exactly the type of song they would sing. I think Atul has now put them in the category of “eve-teasing” songs. All good-natured, of course.

This particular song “gori ke haath mein” is composed by RD Burman. Now, that was the time that RD was beginning to establish himself as belonging with the very best in the music industry. He’d had a huge hit in Teesri Manzil a few years earlier and had come up with big musical hits like Padosan and Pyar Kiye Ja (and a moderate one in Baharon Ke Sapne) but he was not exactly a prolific composer yet. By the end of the 60s and in the early 70s, he would be truly recognized for his talent and would be flooded with offers.

RD is acknowledged by many, including fellow-composers, to have been a special type of composer. He could play many instruments and assisted his father, SD Burman, in many songs for which he is not even acknowledged. He was ahead of his time, listened to all sorts of music and was experimenting all the time. One has only to listen to “chunri sambhal gori” (Baharon Ke Sapne) to see how RD’s experimentation.

In this song “gori ke haath mein”, I notice a simple but interesting deviation from the norm. Usually when lines are repeated – and lines are repeated in almost every other song – they are repeated a hundred percent. But RD, in this song, repeats – but not in exactly the same way. He has the chorus joining in only in the repeat portion and and that makes it just that little bit different and interesting. Trust RD to come up with something like this!

This is a lively song, picturised on Sanjay Khan and Mumtaz. The latter happens to be one of my favourite actresses of all-time. I cannot say the same about Sanjay Khan. He is OK – just about OK, in my opinion. Although he had a reasonably successful career and I like a few of his movies, I cannot say he has anything to do with my liking those movies. He just happened to be part of the movies, that’s all. I don’t find he adds anything to them.

Mumtaz has always been special to me and I’ll gladly see a Mumtaz movie just for her alone. She had a magnetic presence on-screen, she was beautiful, she danced beautifully – and above all, a fact that tends to escape people because of her other attributes, she could also really act, in my opinion. So she’s right up there for me in the hierarchy of Hindi movie actresses who movies I thoroughly enjoy seeing on screen.

Here is “gori ke haath mein”. The only thing more embarrassing than Sanjay Khan trying to act has got to be him trying to dance. I think even I could have done a better job of this. And boy, wouldn’t I like to have the “kismat” of a “chhalla” on Mumtaz’s hand! 🙂

Enjoy the song!



Song-Gori ke haath mein jaise ye chhallaa (Melaa) (1971) Singer-Rafi, Lata, Lyrics-Majrooh Sultanpuri, MD-R D Burman


Gori ke haath mein
jaise ye chhalla
waisi ho kismat
meri bhi Allah

Gori ke haath mein
Gori ke haath mein
jaise ye chhalla
jaise ye chhalla
waisi ho kismat
meri bhi Allah

Chhoone na doongi
Ungli main baabu
Ban jaao chaahe
Chaandi ka chhalla

Chhoone na doongi
Chhoone na doongi
Ungli main baabu
Ungli main baabu
Ban jaao chaahe re
Chaandi ka chhalla

Ja re ja re
haath ko hamaare
Haath lagaa naa
O dillagi naa samajhnaa
Koi lutey,
koi mar mitey
Jag ho deewaana
Ho main jo banoon tera gehnaa
Tu jo baney gehnaa
Sanwarna chhod doon
Mohey tu sajaaye to
Darpan tod doon
Ho aisa gussa
Bhai re wallah

Gori ke haath mein
jaise ye chhalla
waisi ho kismat
meri bhi Allah

Chhoone na doongi
Chhoone na doongi
Ungli main baabu
Ungli main baabu
ban jaao chaahe
Chaandi ka chhalla

Chaahoon tujhe doli mein bithaa ke
Kaheen le jaaoon
Hey haaye
Soch mein pad gayi kyaa
Jo main teri dulhaniyaa banoon
Ghoonghtaa jalaa doon
O haaye
Ye main keh gayi kyaa
Jo main chaahoon re
Tu bhi wohi chaahe
Phir tu zaalim
Sataaye mujhe kaahe
Ho jaa jaa
Itna tu na chillaa

Chhoone na doongi
Ungli main baabu
Ban jaao chaahe
Chaandi ka chhalla

Gori ke haath mein
Gori ke haath mein
Jaise ye chhalla
Jaise ye chhalla
Waisi ho kismat
Meri bhi Allah

4 Responses to "Gori ke haath mein jaise ye chhallaa"

Raja ji

Yes, in my opinion too, Mumtaz has one of the most dignified screen presence amongst the leading ladies of her time. Whenever I see her on screen, I marvel at the beauty of her skin, and a such comely features despite that impish puck of a nose.

And an accomplished actress too, who spent a ton of years in B and C movies with Dara Singh, Feroze Khan etc., before she finally broke through to A movies in supporting roles and then graduated to lead roles opposite most of the leading stars and superstars of that time. Her role in Tere Mere Sapne, opposite Dev Anand is my favorite.

It is quite a loss to the Hindi screen that she decided in favor of matrimony, and moved to London, at the time when she was at the peak of her career. Or maybe good, for now we remember her always like that.

Wonderful song this, from RDB.





Pyar kiye ja was LP and not RD


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