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Parwaane ko bujhe diye par kabhi na jaate dekhaa

Posted on: May 7, 2011

People may be aware of a movie called “Zameen Aasmaan”(1984) and even “Zameen Aasmaan” (1972), but there was another movie of this name as far back as 1946. This movie “Zameen Aasmaan” (1946) has been forgotten and its music is just as obscure. Just now I accidently came across a song from this movie. and what a wonderful discovery it is ! This song, which I would have dismissed as “boring” in my younger days in 1970s is something that I would now go miles to listen to. What a divine composition it is !

Here is this fantastic song from an obscure movie which is a creation of obscure artists. This song is sung by Jagmohan Sursagar Mitra (not to be confused with Jagmohan Bakshi) and Kalyani Das (not to be confused with Kalyani Mitra). Lyricist is Faiyyaz Hashmi. There have been hundreds of songs on Shama and Parwana, but I have never listened to lyrics on this topic that is as original as this one. The lyrics talks about the fact that old are forgotten and everyone worshings the new rising sun. “Parwaane ko bujhe diye par kabhi na jaate dekha” (One never saw flame visiting an extinguished lamp)- sings Jagmohan. The negative feelings of disappointment expressed by Jagmohan are then ameliorated by Kalyani Das striking a positive note- “Aaj preet ki dulhan ko ghoonghat sarkaate dekhaa” (today I saw the bride of love uncoverin her veil). I have rarely come across such original lyrics like this in Hindi movie songs.

Music is composed by Kamal Dasgupta, who is another talent that did not get work commensurate to his talent.

Here is this rare song that is a gem of the rare quality.

Song-Parwaane ko bujhe diye par kabhi na jaate dekhaa(Zameen Aasmaan)(1946) Singers-Jagmohan Sursagar Mitra,Kalyani Das,Lyrics-Faiyyaz Hashmi, MD-Kamal Dasgupta


parwaane ko bujhe diye par
kabhi na jaate dekhaa
parwaane ko bujhe diye par
kabhi na jaate dekhaa
jale diye par laakhon ko hai
jaan lutaate dekhaa

naye saaz ki lahar mein sabko
mauj manaate dekhaa
toote taar pe hamne
hamne kisi ko
kabhi na gaate dekhaa

soye taar pe kisi ko aaj
kisi ko aaj
preet jagaate dekhaa
soye taar mein kisi ko aaj
kisi ko aaj
preet jagaate dekhaa
chaar aankhon ko chupke chupke
hamne gaate dekhaa

ujde ban mein basant rut ko
aaj hai aate dekhaa
kaliyon ko hai
sookhi daal par
muskaate dekhaa
aaj preet ki dulhan ko
ghoonghat sarkaate dekhaa
aaj preet ki dulhan ko
ghoonghat sarkaate dekhaa
aaj chakori ke man mein
chandaa ko samaate dekhaa
chandaa ko samaate dekhaa

7 Responses to "Parwaane ko bujhe diye par kabhi na jaate dekhaa"

missing words could be :

kaliyon ko hai “sukhi daali par” muskaate dekhaa

Regarding “shama-parwaana” if a tag was created, it would be a great help in finding them. Also i am not able to find songs which r posted via “search engine”. Is it not working properly ? I have tried it again n again after having found the song using the exact words spellings.


WordPress’s default search has its limitations and it does not yield accurate results. I have no idea how to overcome this problem.

“Shama Parwana” category is a good idea and now I have opened this category. But it will take me time to provide this category with the relevant songs that were posted earlier.

And thanks for pointing out the missing words.


Atul ji,
What a beuatiful discovery this song is. The words are just superb, and the composition and singing is lovely. I have a collection of Jagmohan’s songs, but this is a new addition to it today – thanks to you.

I agree with Nahm Bhai, the line with ‘???’ is
‘sookhi daal par’

Also, another minor correction, the line
‘preet jalaate dekhaa’
should read
‘preet jagaate dekhaa’
It flows more meaningful with the previous line
‘soye taar pe kisi ko aaj’



Yes, now I have made the corrections as suggested. Now, with the lyrics known, one can appreciate this song even more.


Atul ji,

The correction for ‘jalaate’ –> ‘jagaate’ is to be done in one more line, just two lines above. It is a repeated line.



cool i like it




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