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Tum kahaan ho tum kahaan ho

Posted on: October 16, 2011

There have been three movies called “Madhur Milan” over the decades, which were produced in 1938, 1955 and 1990.

Here is what Mr Arunkumar Deshmukh, our inhouse old movies expert, has to say about “Madhur Milan” (1955)-

MADHUR MILAN (1955),was a social movie,produced by Film show production,directed by Ram Punjawani.
The cast was Mahipal (real name Mahipal chand Bhandari),Nigar Sultana (in her waning days),Madan Puri,Kesar,Bhudo Advani,Roopmala etc.
Music was by Bulo C.Rani (Bulo Chandiram Ramchandrani) and lyrics were by 7 lyricists,namely,S.H.Bihari (Shamsul Huda Bihari),Jan Nissar Akhtar,Shyam Hindi,Nigar,Rajah Mehdi Ali Khan,Faruk Kaisar and D.N.Madhok.
The story was a routine one.An honest man Shankar(Mahipal) loves Shanti(N.Sultana),but her croocked Mamaji(Madan Puri) traps him in a bank fraud,when shankar refuses his demands.The film depicts how shankar’s friend(Advani) and his girlfriend(Roopmala),help shankar to come out of it and marry Shanti.

I have discussed two songs from this movie in the past. Here is another song from the movie. This song is sung by Lata and its music is composed by Bulo C Rani.

The other Lata songs in this movie were picturised on Nigar Sultana, so it is my guess that this song too is picturised on her.

I am not aware about the lyricist of this song. I request our knowledgeable readers to tell us which one out of the seven lyricists of this song wrote this song.

PS-The lyrics of this song is penned by a lyricist called Nigar. I thank Sudhir jee for this information.

Song-Tum kahaan ho tum kahaan ho (Madhur Milan) (1955) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Nigar Sultana, MD-Bulo C Rani


Tum kahaan ho
tum kahaan ho
tum kahaan ho
tum kahaan ho
tum kahaan ho
tum kahaan ho
kho gaye hain aarzoo ke kaarwaan
kho gayi hai manzil hamaari benisaan(??)
tum kahaan ho
tum kahaan ho

chhod kar tum chal diye majdhaar mein
lut gaye ham pyaar mein
reh gayi dil hi mein dil ki daastaan
tum kahaan ho
tum kahaan ho
tum kahaan ho
tum kahaan ho
tum kahaan ho

zapt karne par bhi aansoo aa gaye
pyaar ko behka gaye
zapt karne par bhi aansoo aa gaye
pyaar ko behka gaye
dard ko samjhe thhye ham to bezubaan
tum kahaan ho
tum kahaan ho
tum kahaan ho
tum kahaan ho
tum kahaan ho

dil kisi soorat bahalta hi nahin
dam nikalta bhi nahin
ban gaye dushman zameen aur aasmaan
tum kahaan ho
tum kahaan ho
tum kahaan ho
tum kahaan ho
tum kahaan ho

8 Responses to "Tum kahaan ho tum kahaan ho"

Atul ji,

The film Madhur Milan (1955) had lyrics contributed by no less than seven poets. There is a total of 12 songs in this film, and the break up is as follows:
SH Behari — 3 Songs
Jaan Nissar Akhtar — 3 Songs
Raja Mehdi Ali Khan — 2 Songs
DN Madhok — 1 Song
Shyam Hindi — 1 Song
Farooque Qaisar — 1 Song
Nigar — 1 Song

The last name is the one I too am coming across for the first time today. I would request Arun ji to add more info about this poet, if possible.

This song is penned by Nigar.



Thanks for this information.


Sudhir ji,
The story and other info including 7 lyricists was given by me on 7-8-2011 as comments on the song ‘thukra ke hamen …’,in which also I had mentioned about Nigar.This lyricist is none other than the heroine of the film Nigar Sultana,who was very fond of writing poetry,even on the sets during free time.She was a very moody person and just one song’,tum kahan ho,tum kahan kho gaye ho’ had to be included in the film due to her insistance.
This was the only instance when her song featured in any film.


So this has to be one of the rare occasions of a song written by a lyricist and picturised on her as well.


Arun ji,

Apologies, I must have missed that particular comment.
Very interesting that there is a song by Nigar Sultana, brings her into the exclusive group of lyricists peforming their own songs. She could be the first actress in such a group. Others I can think of are lyricists – Shailendra, Anand Bakshi.



Another instance of a song picturized on the lyricist that readily comes to mind is the Boot Polish (1958) number “Chali kaun se desh guzariya tuu saz-dhaz ke”, the male portion of which duet is vocalised by Talat Mehmood on the lyricist Shailendra.


And also the “Zanjeer” song picturised on lyricist Gulshan Baawra
Deewaane hain deewaanon ko na ghar chaahiye (Zanjeer)


Perhaps the rarest of them all is: “aa chal ke tujhe mai.n le ke chaluu.n” from Door Gagan Ki Chhaon Me.n (1964). Lyricist, music director, singer and actor – Kishore Kumar!


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