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Ye cycle ka chakkar kabhi aage kabhi peechhe

Posted on: December 6, 2011

“Akeli Mat Jaiyyo” (1963) was no great shakes as a movie. even people as patient as Raja (a regular of this blog) found this movie insufferable when he watched this movie and felt obliged to inform me of this fact when we met last year.

I of course only watch songs of movies and so I do not have to suffer through the movie. And fortunately, the songs of this movie are decent songs. That is only to be expected seeing that Madan Mohan is the music director of the movie.

Here is a duet song from “Akeli Mat Jaiyyo” (1963). It is sung by Rafi and Asha Bhonsle. The song is picturised on Agha and Minu Mumtaz. Majrooh Sultanpuri is the lyricist.

Though the song talks of cycle, it is not a cycle song.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by nahm.



Song-Ye cycle ka chakkar kabhi aage kabhi peechhe(Akeli Mat Jaiyyo)(1963) Singers-Rafi, Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Majrooh Sultanpuri, MD-Madan Mohan
Rafi + Asha Bhonsle =Fuchsia

Lyrics(Provided by nahm)

Yeh cycle ka chakkar
kabhi aage kabhi peechhe
yeh cycle ka chakkar
kabhi aage kabhi peechhe
kabhi peechhe kabhi aage
kabhi aage kabhi peechhe
yeh cycle ka chakkar
kabhi aage kabhi peechhe
o kabhi peechhe kabhi aage
kabhi aage kabhi peechhe
yeh cycle ka chakkar
kabhi aage kabhi peechhe

chakkar na chalaao
bolo ji kahaan thhey kal se

oh be-kal thhey
phir kyun nahin aaye
royi main kaleja mal ke

haay O zara halke
bholi na samajhna
jee mujh ko
sab dekhoon main ankhiyaan meenche

o kabhi peechhe kabhi aage
kabhi aage kabhi peechhe
yeh cycle ka chakkar
kabhi aage kabhi peechhe

kuchh samjhe sanam
kyun milte hain ham chhip chhipkar
kyun dilbar
aashiq hain tere phir bhi hain
kisi ke naukar
Aaye haay joker
ek baar idhar roke hai jee
ek baar udhar ko kheenche
kabhi peechhe kabhi aage
kabhi aage kabhi peechhe

Yeh cycle ka chakkar
kabhi aage kabhi peechhe

yahaan pyaar kahaan sab milte hain
apne dhab se

o kis kab se
chhotton se bade miltey hain
gale matlab se

haan aji kab se
ham ne to yehi chakkar dekhaa
is neel gagan ke neeche

o Kabhi peechhe kabhi aage
kabhi aage kabhi peechhe
yeh cycle ka chakkar
kabhi aage kabhi peechhe
yeh cycle ka chakkar
kabhi aage kabhi peechhe
o kabhi peechhe kabhi aage
kabhi aage kabhi peechhe
yeh cycle ka chakkar
kabhi aage kabhi peechhe

9 Responses to "Ye cycle ka chakkar kabhi aage kabhi peechhe"

Madan Mohan composed this song in 1963! It’s not his style. Of course the song is melodious with two singers like Rafi & Asha. If you just listen to the song, it feels like Johny Walker is singing. May be it’s my imagination. Thanks Nahmji.

-Khyati Bhatt


Khyati ji,

Thanks for your comments. I am familiar with you since last month or so and seen your various comments and songs contributions. I am a bit late but still, Welcome to the blog and this team.

I dont know why it sounded like Johnny Walker song, but it sounds to me more like a neutral voice that Mohd. Rafi used for background songs or theme songs picturized on fakirs etc. Certainly softer than the voice he had for Johnny Walker. I can think of two more songs on ‘Agha’ by Rafi already discussed in this blog, the links are :

‘Deewana aadmi ko banaati hai rotiyaan’ is a well known song,



I did not mean that Rafi’s voice does not fit for Agha, just this particular song sounds different. Tum Arbon ka Pher Karnewale Ramji is one of my favorite song. I always read your comments/details that you post and I salute your knowledge and passion of sharing it with all music lovers. Thanks again,



Atul ji,
AKELI MAT JAIYO-1963 was a film by Ranjit studios,while it was on the downhill road.This film had an interesting story,obviously inspired by some some English movie or a Mills and Boon novel.Surprisingly the story and Screenplay was by none other than Chandulal Shah himself.If you remember how he hid his name from the credits in “JOGAN”,as the story writer,it was surprising that in this movie he flouted his name !
The movie was produced by Gauhar Mamajiwala,Chandulal Shah’s devoted companion of 30 years,till she died.
The film was Directed by Nandlal Jaswantlal,a veteran of 30 years-his first film was in 1933 and this film was his last film.he had blockbusters like Anarkali-53 and Nagin-54 to his credit as director.
The story is of Seema (MK) who stays in working women’s hostel and sells dolls made by her father.She has no friends,does not go out etc.All other girls make her fun.So,her friend Shobha (Minu Mumtaz) announces that Seema is dating an Army colonel and they are going for dinner.She forces Seema to go to Hotel Astoria.But when their all friends also reach the hotel,in desperation,Seema requests an young Army man in the hotel-Rajinder (Rajendra Kumar) to act as her boyfriend and help her.He does so but calls her for next 3 days also.
They actually fall in love.That night a photographer takes their photo and next day it is in papers “the Prince and his friend”.Actually Rajinder is impersonating the prince Amardeep-who and whose parents(king and queen) also the photo and come to investigate.
Rajinder cannot quit,as the villain threatens to kill his mother if he does not get the Diamond Necklace of the queen.
The rest of the story tells us how Shobha(minu) and her friend (Agha) help Seema and Rajinder,how the mother is rescued and how the two look-alikes meet and how the end is what the public wants etc in the usual style.
Somehow,the film did not click and the MD was Madan Mohan must be a coincidence,I would like to believe.


Thanks for this detailed explanation of this movie.

Madan Mohan unfortunately had more than his fair share of flop movies.


Thank You Arunji or refreshing the story for me. I had seen this movie around 30 years back on Doordarshan. People say that so many of Madan Mohans’ movies flopped, but my belief – that just because of Madan Mohan’s music, people still remember atleast the name of that movie if not actors.

-(Big fan of Madan Mohan)


Khyati ji,
I am also a great fan of Madan Mohan’s music.
Someone aptly called him ‘ A SHAAPIT GANDHARVA ‘.
He truely was from Heaven,but with a curse !






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