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Jeewan mein hamsafar milte toh hain zaroor

Posted on: February 22, 2012

When this blog was started more than three years ago, it used to be one song a day blog, and the song used to be of my own choice. With time, I started receiving farmaishes and I would try to comply with them. Soon I was inundated with so many farmaishes that I was left with a pending list running into many hundreds of songs, if not more.

Some of the farmish senders got wiser after some time and they began to send me lyrics of songs. Then there are a few who not only sent the lyrics, they sent me a writeup on the song as well. As a result, the blog gradually became a collaboration of music lovers where we have several contributors who contribute in one way or the other, viz by sending farmaishes, lyrics, write ups, unknown nuggets of information, etc.

At any moment of time, I have so many contributions with me that I am unable to deal with them satisfactorily, and it is a welcome dilemma to have. In fact, recently I received a unique complaint. One subscriber complained that getting notifications six or seven times a day was getting on his nerves and can it be just one notification per day please.

One must say that this blog does not fall in the category of a “normal” blog. In a “normal” blog, writeups are posted sporadically. Here six or seven posts a day is the norm. It is by necessity because there are still tens of thousands of great songs waiting to be discussed. There have been nearly one hundred thousand songs in Hindi movies till now and we have covered only about 5 % of them. That is the kind of work we have lying ahead of us !

It is heartening to see more contributors joining in and regulars becoming contributors after some time. We have had as many as seven guest contributors of writeups and six contributors of lyrics in this blog. A few of them have also contributed translations.

I am extremely thankful to all these contributors for making this blog an enriching experience for music lovers.

Fed with my inability to satisfactorily deal with her farmaishes, another regular turns a contributor of lyrics today 🙂 . Peevesie’s mom, a regular who has pulled me up in the past for my inability to identify a young Madhubala 🙂 joins the rank of our lyrics contributors with this song.

This song is from “Taxi Taxie” (1977). It is sung by Kishore Kumar. It is picturised on Amol Palekar playing a taxi driver, with Rama Vij playing the passenger.

The song is composed by Hemant Bhonsle. Hemant Bhonsle is the son of our very own Asha Bhonsle, Peevesie’s mom helpfully informs me. If I have to tell my daughter about old artists, I adopt a similar tack. I introduce Amitabh Bachchan as the father of Abhisekh Bachchan to her. 🙂

Majrooh Sultanpuri is the lyricist.

Picturisation of the song shows the passenger shifting her position as the song progresses. The passenger is seen ending up in the front seat by the last stanza. I bet with myself that the passenger would rest her head against the shoulder of Amol Palekar in the last stanza. And I lost the bet with myself.

This song is the seventh song of the day and all seven songs have been contributed by seven different contributors ! And that is not all. We will have discussion on another song today. And guess what ! That song would be a writeup by another contributor. Eight contributors in a day in this blog. This is a record that can not be beaten for a long time to come, I am sure.

Audio – Part I (Happy)

Video – Part I (Happy)

Audio – Part II (Sad)

Video – Part II (Sad)

Song-Jeewan mein hamsafar (Taxi Taxie)(1977) Singer-Kishore Kumar, Lyrics-Majrooh Sultanpuri, MD-Hemant Bhonsle

Lyrics(Provided by Peevesie’s Mom)

He he
he he he
la la la la la laaa
jeevan mein humsafar
milte toh hain zaroor
par kho jaate chalke
thodi door
jeevan mein humsafar
milte toh hain zaroor
par kho jaate chalke
thhodi door
jeevan mein humsafar

ajab raah mein zindagaani hai khoyi
ke dhoondho kisi ko toh milta hai koi
ajab raah mein zindagaani hai khoyi
ke dhoondho kisi ko toh milta hainkoi
kab umr bhar saath chalta hai koi
jeevan mein humsafar
milte toh hain zaroor
par kho jaate chalke
thhodi door
jeevan mein humsafar

humdum saathi mere dil jigar ke
kahaan chhup gaye mujh ko awaaz karke
humdum saathi mere dil jigar ke
kahaan chup gaye mujh ko awaaz karke
main thhak gaya justuju karte karte
jeevan mein humsafar
milte toh hain zaroor
par kho jaate chalke
thhodi door
jeevan mein humsafar
milte toh hain zaroor
par kho jaate chalke
thhodi door
thhodi door
thhodi door
thhodi door

20 Responses to "Jeewan mein hamsafar milte toh hain zaroor"

In my opinion, the best ‘taxi’ song will always be the racy ‘Ye lo main haari piya…’ sung so beautifully by Geeta Dutt in ‘Aar Paar’. Shyama looked so impish in sharp contrast to a serious looking Guru Dutt.


Hey Congrats
Peevesie`s Mom ji

That`s GREAT



Atul ji,
After reading your above write up,I immediately remembered the World Blog Survey done by one IDL Man,who very kindly wrote on this blog on 12-6-2011(as comments on the Saigal song ‘Main kya jaanu..’) in which he had declared this blog as the NUMBER ONE BLOG amongst few hundred similar blogs that he had surveyed.
One of the reasons he had given was that ‘ your readers have faith in you and they love this blog,as you reciprocate unhasitatingly’.
No wonder,more and more readers are eager to be an active part of your efforts.
It is highly creditable to you that you have been able to attract and bind so many lovers of Old hindi film Music.
I pray to the Almighty that this ever increasing Karvan of Sangeet Mehfil continues with same success in years to come.
When you complete a landmark,I know your regulars feel a sense of achievement too.They identify themselves with this Blog so much.
This love and adulation of Music lovers is unprecedented !
I am sure all the regular contributors will agree with me on my above statements.
Thank you,Atul ji.


Welcome Peevesie’s Momji to the “Contributor’s Team”. It’s a great joy to contribute and be part of this “Atul’s Music Family”. It’s been only three months since I joined this blog, lekin lagata hai ke saalon se dhoondhati thi woh khajhana mil gaya.
Arunji, aap ne jo kaha woh solah aani sachh hai. This is the only site where you find immense amount of info about hindi cinema. You will find so many sites/blogs for the song, lyrics, MD, artists, etc. This is the only site/blog where you find every info not only about the song, but also about the hindi cinema. Thanks to Atulji and his “Wagon”.
Arunji, as you are aware of a song from Yatrik, “tu dhoondhata hai jisko….”, here is my version for this Atulji’s blog.

Tu dhoondhata hai jis geet ko, magazine mein ya ke web mein
woh hindi filmi gana milta hai, milta hai Atul ke Blog mein” 🙂

(By web I mean internet, not the spider web 😆 )


The uniqueness of this blog rests with the fact that it actively encourages and acknowledges readers’ participation. Everyone is welcomed with open arms.

Occasional visitors or chance visitors become regulars. Regular readers turn into lyric contributors. And these in turn graduate on to submitters of write-ups.

Credit to Atul who lets everyone be a part of this musical journey.


Totally agree with you, Arunji. And very well-said.

Welcome to the family, Peevisie’s Mom. Ok, you were already part of it (for a long time now) but now you’ve joined the lyrics/write-up contribution team. 🙂

I last heard this song ages back – maybe when the movie was released. Not heard it for a very long time – made me a bit nostalgic of those fun days in the late 70s, with Amol Palekar movies.


yes the 1st tym i heard this song was on “Aarohi” on Doordarshan Mumbai in its black & white days. that programme was hosted by R D Burman with Amol Palekar & Danny making guest appearances and Asha Bhonsle singing around 4-5 of her gems. she had sung this song to introduce Hemant Bhonsle to the viewers.:)
i wud love to know the back ground of this movie. i just know that Rama Vij plays a street walker and Zaheera a struggling singer.

and by the way thank you Khyatiji Rajaji Prakashchandraji and to every one in “Atuldom” or the “Atul Bandwagon” (i think that is a very long title for us Atulites) for appreciating my selection to start my new phase in Atuldom. my daughter Peevesie has been urging me to contribute more actively for quite sometym now.
this was also for her

now i am sounding like the acceptance speech of the “Filmfare award” winners 🙂


Peevesie’s mom ji,
I was very happy to welcome yet another existing member in a new avtaar.Well done indeed.
TAXI TAXI-1977 was a special movie in many ways.I believe,this was Hemant Bhosle’s debut film as Music Director.
Hemant Bhosle,now 62,is the eldest son of Asha Bhosle.He was actually a Pilot,but left the profession to enter filmdom.He married an Air Hostess Sajida in 1988 and changed her name to Rama Bhosle.There were problems on the issue of “Woh”,in the marriage and Sajida left him and sought a divorce on grounds of cruelty.She demanded Rs.5 lakhs p.m. as maitenance and temporarily granted 25000 p.m. in 2003.The case is on .Hemant’s name was kept by Asha ji as an honour for Hemant Kumar.
Hemant Bhosle has huge property in Scotland,U.K.
Hemant Bhosle has given music to some 12 films and then he quit the field.
Secondly,Anjali Paingankar,a Marathi successful actress acted in this film as the original love of Amol Palekar.She has acted in several films .
The plot of Taxi Taxi is a simple one.Dev(Amol Palekar) is so shy in the college,that he is unable to express his love for Neelam(Anjali P.) who is anxious to hear from him.After college they separate and Dev comes to Bombay in her search.He has to finally run a Taxi,for living.The entire film shows the different characters that travel in his Taxi,like Zahira-a struggling singer and Rama Vij-a street walker,as Nalini ji has said in her post.
Dev encounters the various faces of life thru his customers.He tries to help everybody and therefore,when he is in trouble,his ex customers help him out.Meanwhile he learns that Neelam has been happily married now.
The film was racy,but little boring dut to peculier storyline.It was made wathable by the natural acting by Amol Palekar.


thank you Arunkumarji for the story.


Hullo Arunji
finally saw this movie on Youtube today.38 years after its release. i found that the titles of the movie lists Anjali Paigankar but i could not see her in the movie. the person who plays his college friend is Reena Roy. youtube gives Reena Roy’s name in its tag under its post too. the movie was very jumpy in its story line. another thing that i saw is Lalitha Pawar’s name in this movie is Mrs. D’Sa as in Raj Kapoor’s Anadi.
the songs were the only saving grace of the movie and Amol Palekar as you have said. thank fully it is a very short movie of 2 hrs.
this song has a sad version too
akayla hai yeh rasta zindagi ka
kahin bhi toh koi nahin hai kisika
akayla hai yeh rasta zindagi ka
kahin bhi toh koi nahin hai kisika
apna jo tha woh mila ajnabi sa
jeewan mein humsafar
milte toh hai zaroor
par kho jate chalke
thodi door thodi door. this is link for the audio of the sad part. looks like it has been recently uploaded


Hey Mom!
FINALLY!!!!!!!! I just hope I don’t have to bug you for another year for you to send the next song now. Congratulations on becoming a contributor 😀

Now to actually listen to this song, considering this seems to be one of those numbers you haven’t recorded in my head. 🙂

and Atulji, I am still a silent follower even if I don’t comment. Congratulations on the 5500 number.


Peevesie’s Mom ji,

Wonderful debut, and welcome again. 🙂

And I would like to add some more, but Atif ji, Prakash ji, Arun ji, Khyati ji have already said it all.
So all I would say – I just love being here on this blog, with all the music loving friends.

Thanks a ton Atul ji,



This movie has a very different duet (I don’t know if it could be called a true duet).The song starts with Asha Bhosle (in person) singing it in the music room before the mike and Zaheera watching it and all of a sudden she takes charge of the mike and completes the song in Lata’s voice. ( They do not sing together)
This is available at youtube under the head “rare of asha-Layi kahan hai zindagi-taxi taxie 1977.”
Worth seeing the expressions of Ashaji and Lalita Pawar too


I am sorry not to get in touch with this song earlier in this blog.But how is that this is not in the list ?


sad short version


happy audio longer


working video link


video good quality


working video link for sad bit version:


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