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Raat din dariyaa mein gotey lagaanaa

Posted on: February 28, 2012

If one makes an analysis of the songs based on their chronological age, one may find that majority of songs discussed in this blog are from the decades of 1950s and 1960s, with the number of songs tapering off drastically as one goes to the earlier as well as later decades. This follows the normal distribution curve (also known as bell shaped curve) as they say in statistics 🙂 .

The reason why songs from the later decades are less (even though 1970 was the decade I grew up with) is that I am saving them for the last (or so I think). The reason why there is less representation for songs from theearlier decades of 1940s and 1930s has to do with the fact that very few songs from these decades are actually available.

Whenever I discuss songs from the 1940s, Mr Arunkumar Deshmukh expresses his joy by saying that a song of 1940s was discussed after quite some time. In fact, I too enjoy discussing rare songs from 1940s which are not readily available.

And when it is a song of 1930s, the joy is more than redoubled.

When one talks of songs from 1930s, we are talking of an era which has all but faded from memory. Most people only know the names of K L Saigal, Pankaj Mullick, and a few other singers from 1930s. But in reality there were many more singers in that era. In fact, every actor who played lead or main roles in those days was required to sing. And some of them were extremely accomplished singers.

When one listens to this song, one is amazed at the voice quality of the singer. There is no doubt that the singer must have been an expert classical singer.

Here is this song from “Brahmchaari” (1938). the song is sung by Vishnupant Jog. Pt Indra Chandra is the lyricist. Dada Chandekar composed the music.

This song is extremely rare to find and it is not available on YT. I uploaded this song on dailymotion so that I may be able to share this awesome gem with the music lovers.

Here is this wonderful song from “Brahmchaari” (1938).

I request our knowledgeable readers to throw more light on this movie.

Song-Raat din dariyaa mein gotey lagaana (Brahamchaari) (1938) Singer-Vishnupant Jog, Lyrics-Pt Indra, MD-Dada Chandekar


aaaa aaaa aaaa
aaa aaaa aaaa
aaa aaaa aaaa
aaaa aaaa aaa

raat din dariya mein gotey lagaana
raat din dariya mein gotey lagaana
raat din dariya mein gotey lagaana
dubki khaana
dubki khaana
raat din dariya mein gotey lagaana
raat din dariya mein gotey lagaana

chaahe moti mile
chaahe machchi mile
chaahe chhoti miley
chaahe moti miley
chaahe jaisi miley
par hamesha miley

sachha khel khilaadi wo
sachha khel khilaadi wo
jiska ek thhikaana
jiska ek thhikaana

chaahe jaisi miley
par hameshaa miley
hameshaaa miley
hameshaaaa miley
hameshaaaaa miley
hameshaaa miley

sachha khel khilaadi wo
sachha khel khilaadi wo
jiska ek thhikaana
jiska ek thhikaana
raat din dariya mein gotey lagaana
raat din dariya mein gotey lagaana
gotey lagaana
haan haan
gotey lagaana


5 Responses to "Raat din dariyaa mein gotey lagaanaa"

Atul ji,
Thank you for posting this song from an iconic film of the 30s.
Yes,I am happy when older songs are posted because,besides giving the nostalgic pleasure they also are seen and heard by the younger generation,thus they are exposed to wider spectrum.I too try to give additional info about them, so that it becomes a treasure for future.
BRAMHACHARY-1938 was iconic because in this film,first time,a Heroine was shown in a swimming costume and bathing in a pond.In those days it was not only very daring but considered very obscene.There were articles in papers and a Morcha was taken out on the producer’s office in protest.
The heroine was Meenakshi Shirodkar-mother of Hindi actress Nanda.
The film was from Huns Pictures,who were known to tackle social issues with a comedy touch,e.g. Brandy ki botal,Sarkari Mehman,Bramhachari etc.Huns produced 9 Hindi films from 1936(Chhaya) to 1940(Ghar ki Rani).
The producer and director was MASTER VINAYAK who acted in 22 Hindi films and directed 20 of them.
The music was by DADA CHANDEKAR,who gave music to 10 Hindi films and many Marathi films.
the film was based on the story,s/play and dialogues by Dr.P.K.Atre,a noted Marathi litrary figure who indulged also in films.His SHYAMCHI AAYI-1954 won the first Gold medal from president followed by a silver Medal for his MAHATMA PHULE-1955.

BRAMHACHARI-1938 is a story of Audumber(Master Vinayak-father of actress Nanda) who is influenced by the speech of Deshbhakt Jatashankar(Javdekar) to observe celebacy.He decides not marry in life at all.He throws away all film journals,posters and romantic novels and joins the Ashram of Acharya Chandiram(Damuanna Malavankar) for celbacy,exercise and self help like sweeping,washing etc.This Acharya is a funny character in the film.he is a cheat and collects donation,without himself following celebacy privately.
One day Kishori(Meenakshi) d/o a forest officer visits the Ashram and falls in love with Audumber who ignores her to maintain celibacy.She tries many tricks.Finally she takes hi to a pond,where she dons a swimming costume and swims in the pond,singing a fine song ‘Yamuna bich khelu khel kanhaiya….aao naa’.When he does not come,she petends drowning.When he jumpsin to save her,she embraces him tightly.This finally dissolves the balance of celebacy resolve of Audumber.Same day he learns that Acharya is a cheat.
he decides that celebacy in not for a young man like hima and he proposes to Kishori.
The film was very entertaining and became a hit also.

Detailed info about the production comp, MD, movie, casts, story line- ye to aap hi kar sak te ho. What a daring attempt to show a heroine in a swimming costume in 30s. Was Meenakshi Shirodkar married to Master Vinayak back then?

Khyati ji,
Meenakshi was already married to somebody else at the time the film was in the making,but she divorced and they married soon after.

Khyati Bhatt ji,

While browsing thru the songs,I came across this page.
There are some major mistakes in my comments as reply to your query. I am sorry,they are not correct,so I am giving the correct information now.

Baby Nanda was NOT the daughter of Master Vinayak and Minaxi Shirodkar. They were never married also.
Minaxi was already married to Pandurang Shirodkar,before entering films and they never divorced.
Master Vinayak and his wife Susheelabai were the parents of Baby Nanda.
My comments were based wrongly on information available on Internet,but over a time,I learnt to get the reliable information thru proper sources and hence this correction.
Nowadays,ofcourse I may not commit such blunders,hopefully,having learnt bitter lessons and understanding the value of Credibility.

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