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Do nainon ne jaal bichhaaya

Posted on: April 26, 2012

I was looking for a song written by Shailendra for posting in the blog. That is easier said than done because a large number of Shailendra songs have already been discussed and the trick is to locate a song that has not yet been discussed. This search took me into unknown territory in YT. I came across a song on YT where no details whatsoever about the lyricist was available. The fact that it is from “Sanskaar”(1952) and it was composed by Roshan and sung by Lata was the only information available. Though a few comments were there going waah waah over this rare composition, there was no mention of even the lyrics of this song. So if one was to search for this song by its lyrics, one would draw a blank since the title simply says “Lataji Sanskaar 1952 Roshan” which is not very helpful.

When I searched around, I found that a few songs of this movie were described as having lyrics by Shailendra. There was no mention of this song in any of the sources. I assume that lyrics for all songs of this movie were written by Shailendra. That being the case, this obscure and mystery song is also penned by Shailendra, I assume.

And pray what are the lyrics of this song. I tried to hear this song and got a few words here and there, which were far from my satisfaction, mainly because the audio quality was not satisfactory. The next time I donned a headphone and listened to the song. This time I could pick up the sound far more satisfactorily and now I feel satisfied that I have successfully decoded the lyrics of this song.

And what fantastic lyrics they are too.

jal mein doobe nain hamaare
phir bhi pyaase taras gaye

Truly “waah waah” worthy, I would concede.

So here is this extremely obscure song from “Sanskaar” (1952), which is sung by Lata and composed by Roshan. The song is penned by Shailendra. Only the audio of this song is available, and let us rejoice that the audio is atleast available and uploaded by some kind soul for our listening pleasure. and now with the lyrics to read along, we can appreciate this song that much more.

Song-Do nainon ne jaal bichaaya (Sanskaar)(1952) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Shailendra, MD-Roshan


do nainon ne jaal bichaaya
aur do naina ulajh gaye
ulajh gaye
ek wohi bedard na samjha
duniya waale samajh gaye
samajh gaye

dil thha ek bachpan ka saathi
wo bhi mujhko chhod gaya
wo bhi mujhko chhod gaya
nipat anaadi anjaane se
mera naata jod gaya
main birhan pyaasi ki pyaasi
saawan aaye baras gaye
baras gaye

baithhe hain wo tan man ghere
baithhe hain wo tan man ghere
phir bhi kitni door hain wo
main to naari
laaj sharam ki
kis kaaran majboor hain wo
jal mein doobe nain hamaare
phir bhi pyaase taras gaye
taras gaye
do nainon ne jaal bichaaya

6 Responses to "Do nainon ne jaal bichhaaya"

Indeed all songs of this film are penned by Shailendra. The film was produced by Sunrise Pictures and directed by B.M.Vyas. Hridaynath Mangeshkar has sung very rarely in Hindi films. One such song “Badalegi ye Duniya” is from “Sanskar”


Thanks for this information. There was another “Sanskaar” in 1958.


Never heard the name of this movie or the song. Such a melodious song. Thanks Atulji for the search.
Just few corrections-
ek wohi bedard na samjha (instead of ek wohi dil…..)
duniya waale samajh gaye

dil thha ek bachpan ka saathi (instead of dil ka ik bas pal ka….)
wo bhi mujhko chhod gaya

baithhe hain wo tan man ghere (instead of ……tan man phere)
phir bhi kitni door hain wo


Super Excellent.


सीधे साधे रोशन साहब की गजलनुमा रचनात्मक शैली का एक बढ़िया नमूना ….
१९५२ से ही ‘नौबहार’ और ‘राग रंग’ मे रोशन साहब ने अपनी इस रचनात्मकता का लोहा मनवा लिया था और आगे इसी वर्ष ‘संस्कार’ और ‘शीशम’ मे इसे और पुख्ता किया ।।
शैलेंद्र जी के बोल भी इस गजल मे मनोहारी हैं खासकर ये लाईन मुझे बेहद पसंद हैं …

मैं बिरहन प्यासी की प्यासी, सावन आए बरस गये …
जल में डूबे नयन हमारे, फिर भी प्यासे तरस गये …

सितार और सारंगी का क्या कर्णप्रिय राग रोशन ने यहां पर भी बिखेरा है ।
लता जी ने तो रोशन को हमेशा ही और रोशन किया है और और ऐसा ही कुछ यहां भी हुआ है ।


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