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Wo aaye hain dil ko qaraar aa gaya hai

Posted on: June 23, 2012

This article is written by sadanand Kamath, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

The name Sulochana Kadam may not ring bells for many except for old Hindi film songs buffs. I was not aware of this name as a playback singer in Hindi film industry until I got a 78 RPM gramophone record of her song ‘mausam aaya hai rangeen’ from film ‘Dholak’ (1951) sometime in early 70s. But I was aware of the name Sulochana Chavan as the famous lavani singer of Maharashtra.

It was much later that I became aware of the fact that after marriage she was known as Sulochana Chavan. With the advent of Youtube and other websites, I came to know that she had sung many Hindi film songs during 1947-53. Her trademark songs were “chori chori aag si dil mein lagaa kar chal diye” – Dholak (1951) and “ankhiyaan milaake ankhiyon ki neend churaake aajaa” – Mukhadaa (1951) among many songs she sang during early 50s.

As usually happens with low profile artists, I found it difficult to get the background information on Sulochana Kadam on the internet. All I knew was that she was known as ‘Lavani Queen’ in Maharashtra. Fortunately, I could get a synopsis of her autobiography ‘Maaze Gaane Maaze Jagane’ ( ‘My Singing My Life’). In addition, I could access some of her TV interviews in Marathi conducted sometime in 2011 after being conferred the prestigious Lata Mangeshkar Award-2010. I had also seen a couple of her interviews on Marathi Doordarshan sometime in the 70s when she was at the peak of her career as a lavani singer. Based on these materials, I have attempted her profile below :

Sulochana Mahadev Kadam ( Sulochana Kadam) was born on March 13, 1933 in Girgaon, Mumbai. In her childhood, she showed more interest in singing than schooling. At the age of 5, she started singing and used to sing in her school functions and during get togethers in her native village. It was during one such performance that a family well wisher took her to Gujarati stage for a singing and dancing performance which was well appreciated by the organisers. Recognising her flair for singing, her mother requested the wel lwisher to introduce her daughter to record companies which in those days used to encourage amateur singers. At the age of 11, she did her first song recording. Gradually she started getting singing assignments.

It is stated that music director Shyambabu Pathak gave Sulochana Kadam the first break as a playback singer in ‘Krishna Sudama’ (1947).Thereafter she got opportunities in films like Khidki (1948), Lal Dupatta (1948), Sunhere Din (1949), Rooplekha (1949),Babuji (1950), Bade Bhaiyya (1951). However she became famous as a playback singer only after her songs from the film ‘Dholak’ (1951) became super hits. As a result, she was very active as a playback singer during 1951-53. She said in an interview that one day she had to record as many as 10 songs. While I could not get her Hindi filmography, when I counted her films from the various sources in the internet, my guess is that she must have done playback singing in around 35 Hindi films during 1948-53. Besides she also sang songs in Gujarati, Rajasthani, Punjabi and in some south Indian languages. She said in an interview that she had no formal training in music. She learnt singing from all the music directors. She said that it was under the music direction of Shyam Sundar that she got confidence in playback singing. In addition to Shyam Sundar, she worked with Gyan Dutt, Vinod, Husnlal Bhagatram among others.

In 1952, she got married to Shamrao Chavan, the director-actor in a Marathi film ‘Kalgitura’ despite opposition from both the families. That was, perhaps, the time when she got alienated from the Hindi film industry as she started giving stage shows along with her husband. At the same time,she got an offer to sing her first lavanai song in abMarathi film. The song became super hit and that led to getting her more lavani songs from Marathi films. Slowly, she got typedcast as a lavani singer. She said in her interview that in her entire career, she has sung very few devotional songs and ghazals. Having established herself in Marathi film industry and also doing lots of stage shows across Maharashtra, she had already become so busy that she had to bid farewell to playback singing in Hindi films. In any case, she would have lost out to Lata Mageshkar, Geeta Dutt and Asha Bhosle who had already emerged as the main female playback singers. Those interested in knowing about lavani songs and dance, click on this link.

Sulochana Kadam got many awards including the Lata Mangeshkar Award in 2011. She is now 89 and continues to stay in Girgaon, Mumbai though as a renowned artist, she could have easily got an apartment under the Maharashtra Government’s scheme. She said in the interview that after living in Girgaon for more than 7 decades, she is in no mood to leave the place. Her son Vijay Chavan is an accomplished percussionist who had played the instrument with renowned musicians like Zakir Hussain and Ilayaraja.

Here is one of Sulochana Kadam’s little known song ‘wo aayen hai dil ko kararaa gaya hai’ from the film MALIKA SALOMI (1953). I was neither aware of the film nor the song until recently. The film was produced under the banner of Comedy Pictures and directed by Mohammed Hussain. The star cast included Kamran, Rupa Verman, Krishna Kumari, Helen. Nothing is known about the story line of the film but from the name of the film and the lead actor Kamran, I can guess that the film was a costume drama. The song was written by Farooq Qaiser. The film had two music directors – Iqbal and Krishna Dayal. I guess that this Iqbal is different from Iqbal Qureshi. Music for this song was given by Krishna Dayal. This may be the only ghazal she sang in her Hindi film playback singing career. Only the audio clip is available of this song.

Song-Wo aaye hain dil ko qaraar aa gaya hai (Malika Salomi)(1953) Singer-Sulochana Kadam, Lyrics-Farooque kaiser, MD-Krishan Dayal


wo aayen hain
dil ko karaar aa gaya hai
wo aayen hain
dil ko karaar aa gaya hai
mohabbat pe phir se
nikhaar aa gaya hai
wo aayen hain
dil ko karaar aa gaya hai

huye poorey armaan
khili dil ki kaliyaan
huye poorey armaan
khili dil ki kaliyaan
mera aaj rashk-e-bahaar aa gaya hai
mohabbat pe phir se
nikhaar aa gaya hai
wo aayen hain
dil ko karaar aa gaya hai

tapakne lagi hain adaaon se masti
tapakne lagi hain adaaon se masti
nigaaon mein phir se khumaar aa gaya hai
mohabbat pe phir se
nikhaar aa gaya hai
wo aayen hain
dil ko karaar aa gaya hai

main apni wafaaon ke qurbaan jaaun
main apni wafaaon ke qurbaan jaaun
mera chain mera karaar aa gaya hai
mohabbat pe phir se
nikhaar aa gaya hai
wo aayen hain
dil ko karaar aa gaya hai

9 Responses to "Wo aaye hain dil ko qaraar aa gaya hai"

More than 60 movies and roughly 125 songs. Last hindi one most likely is from Matlabi Duniya (1961).


Kamath ji,
Excellent article on a wonderful singer who had the guts,luck and scope to stand up and be counted inspite of stalwarts like,Lata,Asha,Shamshad and geeta during early 50s.
She started with 2 solos in krishna Sudama and ended Hindi film career with a duet with Meena Kapoor for Akash Pari-1958.
From 1947 to 1958,a span of about 12 years she sang 220 songs in 63 Hindi films.
Even after 1958,she continued singing in Marathi and other languages,but totally stopped Hindi films.


Thanks for updating about her songs and films which I underestimated by a wide margin.

I missed the point in my article that she could withstand the stiff competition from the stalwarts singers of that time especially during 1950-53.


For 220 songs in 63 movies, she has to average more than 3.5 songs per movie, and that seems rather high.


The info which I give here has some base.
This statistical info is from the Film Historian Anil bhargava’s book
“Swaron ki Yatra”,in which his wordings are-
‘sulochana kadam ne apne 12 varshon ke filmi career me 63 films mein 220 se jyada geet gaayen hai’.
just to check randomly,I checked films of 1951—
Actor-4 songs,bade bhaiyya-2,Damaad-4,Dashavtar-4,Dholak-4,Jai Mahakali-2,Jeewan Tara-3,Kale Badal-4,Mukhda-2,Sri ganesh janma-3,Simba-3 and Titlee-1
12 films in an year- songs-36 (1 yr-36 so 12 years 432)
One can not go by figurative statistics in singing in films.
And 1951 was not her best year.
The point is 220 songs is not just possible,but it is a fact.


Arunji, Thanks for the info and apologies for a delayed reply. It just took me a while to gather info. This is what I was able to put together on Sulochana Kadam Film/Song-o-graphy:
1947- Jungle Mein Mangal(1), Kismatwali(1), Krishna Sudama(2), Paaro(1)
1948- Chanda Ki Chandni(2), Dukhiyari(1), Lal Dupatta(2), Nao(1), Refugee(2)
1949- Bachke Rahna(2), Basera(3), Bombay(8), Roop Lekha(1), Sunehre Din(1)
1950- Alakh Niranjan(3), Babooji(8), Bhishma Pratigya(1), Dushmani(2), Hanste Rehna(1), Har Har Mahadev(1),
1951- Actor(4), Bade Bhaiyya(2), Damaad(5), Dasavtaar(4), Dholak(4), For Ladies Only/Titlee(1),
Ishwar Bhakti(2), Jai Mahakali(2), Jai Shankar(1), Jeewan Tara(3), Kale Badal(4), Lachak(1),
Laxmi-Narayan(1), Mukhda(2), Saagar(1), Shri Ganesh Janma(4), Simba(3),
1952- Azmaish(1), Bhakta Puran(1), Devyani(1), Jhansi Ki Rani(1), Kyonji(4), Mamta(2),
Raja Harishchandra(1), Rajrani Damayanti(2), Sandesh(1), Zamane Ki Hawa(2)
1953- Aag Ka Dariya(2), Bhagyawan(2), Chhoti Si Duniya(2), Dharm Patni(1), Farmaish(1), Jungle Ka Jawahar(3),
Khoj(1), Mallika Salomi(2), Surang(1)
1955- Rajkumari(1)
1956- Naqab Posh(1)
1957- Fashion(1), Ram Lakshman(1), Sant Raghu(1), Shesh Naag(4)
1958- Akash Pari(1), Gopichand(1), Ram Bhakti(1)
total: 65 movies, 131 songs
Bhakta Raaj (60) has one song by Sulochana, and Matlabi Duniya (61) has one song by Sulochana Chauhan, which I didnt include, since I’m not sure if thats same as Sulochana Kadam.

May be there are more unreleased/shelved movies, etc, that I’m missing, but I wasnt able to get to 220 songs as printed in the source u mentioned. I did come close as far as number of movies are concerned.

Please take a look whenever ur health/time permits.



i wanted to listen song from film dharampatnni 1953 mera dil kaya apse mil gaya by slochana kadam if any one can upload harnoor


i like sulochana kadam voice witch is (khankati hui hai) and no match with others very sweet




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