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Ab to aisa lagta hai

Posted on: July 5, 2012

“Roopsundari” (1964) as the name suggests was a mythological movie produced on a B grade budget.

Like most B grade movies of those days, the music was A grade.

Here is a rare song from “RoopSundari”(1964). It is sung by Subir Sen. Sardar Malik is the music director. Bharat Vyas, whose death anniversary falls today (5 july) wrote the lyrics.

Only the audio of this song is available so it is difficult to guess how and on whom this song is picturised. I request our knowledgeable readers to throw more light on this movie and on the picturisation of this song.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by Prakashchandra.

Song-Ab to aisa lagta hai (Roopsundari)(1964) Singer-Subir Sen, Lyrics-Bharat Vyas, MD-Sardar Malik

Lyrics(Provided by Prakashchandra)

ab to aisa lagta hai tum
iss jeevan mein
nahin milogi
tumhein dhoondhne
phir se dubaaraa
naya janam loonga aa aa
nayaa janam loongaa
ab to aisa lagta hai tum
iss jeevan mein
nahin milogi
tumhein dhoondhne
phir se dubaaraa
naya janam loonga aa aa
nayaa janam loongaa

aaaa aaaaaa aaaaa
aaaa aaa aaa


chaaron taraf andhiyaaraa…
soojhe na koi kinaaraa.
jab se tootaa sahaaraa
phirtaa hoon maaraa maaraa
o o o o
phirtaa hoon maaraa maaraa
maaraaa maaraaa (aaaaa..aaaaaa…aaaa)

ab to aisa lagta hai tum
iss jeevan mein
nahin milogi
tumhein dhoondhne
phir se dubaraa aa aa
nayaa janam loongaa



kitni baar pukaaraa
dikhe na mera sitaaraa…….
bhatake mann bechaaraa
dhoondh thakaa jag saaraa
o o o o
dhoondh thakaa jag saaraa
saaraa saaraa (aaaaaaaa…aaaaaa….aaaaaaa)

ab to aisaa lagtaa hai tum
iss jeevan mein
nahin milogi
tumhein dhoondhne
phir se dubaraa
naya janam loongaa aa aa
naya janam loongaaa

10 Responses to "Ab to aisa lagta hai"

Thank you so much for that photograph of Subir Sen! I used to love his voice! He had such a wonderful Hemant Kumar-ish voice! And he had sung such fantastic songs like ‘Manzil wohi hai pyar ki…’ from ‘Kathputli’, ‘Dil mera ek aas ka panchi…’ from ‘Aas ka Panchi’ and many many others. That begs the question—-what happened to him? He just vanished without a trace! Can anyone solve this sad mystery


I agree with you that his having Hemantda voice but as a woman point of view I can say his voice is a bit sexy than Hemanta.:)
During those days there was a duet…I used to like it…
Dil leke jate ho kaha – Subir Sen , Kamal Barot from movie : O Tera Kya Kehna (1959 ),


Nitin ji,
SUBIR SEN was born on 18-2-1943 in Dhaka.After partition he came to Calcutta and learned classical music under Atul Prasad ji.impressed with his voice and style,S-J gave him a song in Kathputali-57,when he was just 14 yr. old ! The song is ‘Manzil vo hi hai pyar ki….’
he sang in chhoti behan,Aas ka panchhi,massom,Ardhangini,Hum bhi insan hai,O tera kya kehna, and many others.he sang in about 25 Hindi films.
Incidentally,the above song is his last song in Hindi films,as he left for Calcutta in 1964 end and continued singing in Bangla films.After retiring from films,he sang on Radio.
He was one of the TRIDEV, in Bangla music circle,the other two being Dwijen Mukherji and Hemant kumar,who were each other’s clones in voice and style.


Sorry,this post should have been addressed to Menon ji and not Nitin ji.


menon ji,
Some more info about Subir Sen.
1.It was Guru Dutt who called him to Bombay and Salil da helped him.
2.He has made a guest appearance in film ANUBHAV
3.he has done more than 400 songs in Hindi and Bengali.
4.In 2009,there was a big celebration in Eden Gardens Calcutta to celebrate 75 years of Subir Sen.Presently he is leading a peaceful retired lif in Calctta(Kolkata).
5.He had given music to a film ” MIDNIGHT”,produced and released in England in 1970.In this film there are songs by Rafi,Lata,Geeta and Subir Sen himself.


Dus hazar shukriyas for all this info on Subir Sen. I can’t believe he was just fourteen when he sang ‘Manzil wohi hai pyar ki…’ !! I’m sincerely happy that he is leading a peaceful retired life in Kolkata.
Once again, Arun~j, thank you so much.


There seems to be some mistake in information about Subir Sen.If he was born in 1943 ,how the celebrations for completing 75 years were held in 2009 / ….The logical explanation that comes to mind is that he must be born in 1933 .This also explains quality of his voice when he sang ‘Manzil vohi hai pyar ki ‘ He must have been 24 years old at that time .


Hmmm…makes sense.




2nd video:


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