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Haath chakra Trishool Sadashiv

Posted on: April 20, 2013

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

The role of Music,Dance and Songs in the cultural life of India is as old as Civilisation. In olden times Kings and Badshahas used to have Court Singers, court Dancers and musicians and they supported many fine arts too. Thus Music not only had Public support but also the Royal Patronage.

No wonder then that Music,songs and Dance with their variations specific to its local culture trived in different regions of India. Karnatak Music, Hindustani classical Music, Film Music and Non-Film Music had its own supporters.

Much before Films started Talking and singing, the Non Film Songs were famous in many forms. They could be classified in 3 categories, broadly-

1. Gazals and related types

2.Bhajans and

3. Geets.

Out of the above, gazals and the related songs had a base of Pure Urdu, hence it was limited to a certain class of people who knew, liked or understood that language.

Bhajans and Geets had simpler languages and were available in many local languages, so these types became people-friendly and their acceptability was widespread.

Bhajans and religious songs in any case were part of social life and Indian culture all over the country, so many Bhajan singers became famous. A large chunk of NFS consisted of Bhajans. Added to it was songs written by our various saints like Tulsidas, Meerabai, Soordas, Kabir, Tukaram, Namdeo, Ramdas, Tyagraja etc.

75 % of Indian public enjoyed Hindi Bhajans and so the Recording companies were always on the lookout for Bhajan singers. In the early 40s,50s and 60s many Gujarati, Rajasthani and Marathi bhajan singers became well known.

Today we will learn about one such Gujrati Bhajan singer, who was famous not only in India, but also in USA, UK, Canada, African and European countries from 40s to 70s.

His name is ABHRAM BHAGAT.

Many senior readers ,especially the Gujrati readers will certainly remember his name. Though Abhram Bhagat was internationally famous as a Bhajan singer, very few know that he was actually a Muslim ! And he was a handicapped person, having lost one leg completely !!

I first heard his name in the early 50s. My father was a great Shiv Bhakta. We had a Big Shiv Mandir built in the open area surrounding our House. All of us were fond of Shiv bhajans. One day my father brought a new 78 RPM record, which was a Bhajan by Abhram Bhagat. We were all memsmerised with his clear pronunciation and his style of singing. From time to time the Record shop used to send us any Abhram bhagat record they received. We did not know much about him, except that he was from Gujrat. Though in later years I left Hyderabad and was busy in my career building, family raising etc, I used to recollect one particular Bhajan by Abhram Bhagat-” Haath chakra Trishool Sadashiv” always. I had all its Lyrics jotted down that time.

When I started writing on old Films, songs etc three years ago, I again remembered this song. I started searching for it but could not find it anywhere. Similarly there was no information available on Abhram bhagat in any book or on any Internet site. I became very restless. Then suddenly, one day I came across this song on You tube. Unfortunately, before I could note down its link etc, my laptop had a premature death and I had to go for a new laptop.

After settling down, I started looking for that elusive song again, but,believe me, for the next one year I could not get it. Then like earlier time, suddenly I found it again on You Tube. This time first I downloaded it and then found out that this rare gem from the 30s was uploaded by one Mr. Suresh Shandil, of Australia-as per YT details.

I wrote a mail to him requesting for his permission to use his Video for my article. he replied promptly giving me the permission. He again wrote to me giving details of how he got this song from FIJI islands Radio station,in these words-

“Dear Arunkumar ji

As per your request, I have no hesitation if you used the contents of this bhajan by Sri Abhiram, as long as it is not for commercial purpose.

I have gone a great length to secure this bhajan on youtube a few years ago…mainly for the present and future generations.

I also used to hear this bhajan when I was a little boy in primary school. The then Fiji Broadcasting Commission (Hidustani programme) aired it almost every morning and I used to wake up with this bhajan to prepare to go to school.

I obtained this bhajan in a cassette form, from the Radio Fiji archives, through a technician friend of mine.

I now live in Haridwar, Uttarkhand and have done so for a few years. Ganga ji entices me for some reason.

I will look forward to following you online to see your work in preserving the works of older vocal artists.

Thanking you “

Thanks Mr. Suresh Shandil for your kind gesture.

Now, I had the song and the Lyrics (which I had carried with me carefully for almost 60 years) and the permission. Now the only thing remained was to get Abhram Bhagat’s information.

Having failed on all fronts to get this information, I quietly surrendered to my friend from Surat (Gujrat), Mr.Harish Raghuvanshi ji, whom we all know as a famous author on songs, singers and composers and a reservoir of information about Hindi and Gujrati Films of yore.

He was kind enough to contact his 5 friends spread all over Gujrat. To my good Luck, one Mr. Rajnikumar Pandya responded instantly that he knew Abhram Bhagat personally and intimately and that he would send all the relevant material soon.

Within a time of just 2 days, I was flooded with scans of several photos, Invitation cards, program cards, letters, postcards, certificates, newspaper scans of articles and news items, letters form Abhram Bhagat and such related material from Mr.Pandya,through Harish ji.

I was totally overwhelmed by the generosity and helpful nature of both Harish ji and Pandya ji. I got more material than I needed actually.

Mr. Rajnikumar Pandya ji,75, a resident of Ahmedabad, is a famous author of more than 50 books, many of which are made into films and TV serials, both in Gujrati and Hindi. He is also the winner of Sahitya Academy awards from Gujrat Government for a record 5 times ! He has also written a book,” Aap ki parchhaian” in Gujrati, Hindi and English, on Hindi film music directors.

I sincerely thank both Mr. Harish Raghuvanshi ji and Rajnikumar Pandya ji for their kind help.

All the material I had received was in Gujrati. Though I can read Gujrati, with my speed of reading it, probably 2-3 weeks would have gone by. This was not a problem. I requested my good friend Mr. Jaywant bhai Chavda, a connoisseur of old Hindi songs and a collector of songs. He graciously agreed to help me by translating all the required material into English.

Thanks, Mr Jayawant bhai Chavda ji.

I am very happy that information about Abhram Bhagat is being made available to music lovers in English for the first time on internet through this Blog.

IBRAHIM KARIM SUMARA was born on 24-10-1920 ,at a small village Navagadh near Jaitpur,in Saurashtra region of Gujrat. His father was a police sepoy. Due to poverty of the family, Ibrahim could attend school only upto First standard. He left school and after a few years started working as a labourer in the Ghulam Hussain Mill. One day unfortunately he met with an accident in the Mill and one of his legs was caught in a machine. he was taken to Jaitpur’s Sir Adamji Haji Dawood Hospital next day, but by that time there was infection in his leg and finally the entire leg had to be amputed.

Ibrahim was a handicapped person now and additionally he had no job also. His Uncle was a Police patel in a nearby village Khirsara, near jaitpur. Ibrahim went there. In that village,on every full moon night a Bhajan programme was arranged in the house of Rambhai Khod bhai. Young Ibrahim used to go there and play Manjira(an instrument) while Bhajans were sung. Slowly he started singing Bhajans himself and soon his Golden voice became popular in the village.

Once he started singing Krishna Bhajans, his fame spread and he was invited to the Junagadh Bharnath Fair. Thousands of people enjoyed his bhajans and then started his Bhajan yatra in several towns of Saurashtra. His Bhajan singing changed his name from Ibrahim to Abhram and due to Krishna Bhajans Bhagat was added, thus ABHRAM BHAGAT was born as an expert Bhajan singer. The darbar of Wadia gave him accommodation in the Suragpara area. He built a house and married Halim Bano, daughter of sepoy Kalubhai of Jaitpur.

Although handicapped, he reached the top through sheer grit and determination. By singing Krishna Bhajans, he became a favourite of Vaishnav Community. In those day, about 50-60 years ago, there were many Bhajan singers in Gujrat like, Yeshwant Bhatt, Mohanlal Rayani, Kanubhai Barot, Dula Bhagat etc, but Abhram Bhagat was the most popular.

Abhram Bhagat was very good in ” AKHYAN”-which has a story and songs are built around the story. His famous akhyan was ‘ Kunwarbai nu Mameru”. he also sang various other types like, Ardha, Katari, Prabhatiya, Ramgarhi etc.

Within a short period his fame spread far and wide and his shows became housefull even in Bombay and other places. His popularity grew further after he sang bhajans by Dula Bhay Kag.

Many Recording companies like Columbia and HMV etc entered into contract with him .His Gujrati and Hindi Bhajan records( called “Tawdi”, locally) were fast sellers. In those days HMV did not have the Gold Disc system, otherwise 50% of his records would have qualified for it,surely. His Hindi recods of SaiBaba bhajans were extremely popular. In those days, his popularity was such that people would go to only those Hotels which played his records !

The 1965 war was started by Pakistan on Kutch Border. Abhram Bhagat sent his entire earnings to prime Minister’s Relief fund.

This Muslim singer was appreciated by Mahatma Gandhi,who wrote a personal letter to him lauding his songs. He sang Krishna Bhajans in the presence of Lal Bahadur Shastri (then our Prime Minister),at new Delhi and he was praised by him. In his letter he said that he was spellbound by his Bhajans.

He became so popular that he started getting invitations from various countries. In 1973, he undertook a visit to USA on the invitation of ” American society for Eastern Arts”, Centre for International progress and service” and ” New York state University(Dept. of Education)”. This tour lasted for almost an year. His every show was housefull in New York, Washington, Chicago and other cities, where the Indian population was sizable.

He also visited Canada,UK and many countries in Eastern Africa and Europe.

Money started flowing in and Abhram Bhagat purchased Agricultural land in Wadia. He put his son Mihir in Rajkot’s famous Rajkumar College( for rich class only). He also married off his daughters and saw that they are settled properly.

Despite being handicapped and illiterate( Gujrat Governmennt had sent their Information officer Mr. P.L. Sadhu along with Bhagat as his interpreter to all foreign countries.) Abhram Bhagat became a successful Bhajan Singer. Haji Issabhai, a regular Dholak player in his troup describes Bhagat as a very simple person with his feet on the ground. Bhagat himself enjoyed singing Bhajans.

Though he was not ill or in advanced age, Abhram bhagat died on 27-2-1988 peacefully. All newspapers reported his death by saying “Tanpure ka ek Taar toot gaya”.

The Bhajan we are about to enjoy is from a period 1930-1940. The Lyricist is unknown. The tune and the music must be by Bhagat himself as he gave music to his Bhajans himself.

This bhajan is based on a story in Shiv Puran, in which Lord Shiva, on hearing that Lord Vishnu has taken Avtar of Krishna in Gokul, wants to meet him and goes to Gokul. The entire Bhajan describes the happening very interestingly and you feel as if you are seeing all that yourself.

So, here is the Rare Gem from the 30s for you to enjoy in the Golden voice of ABHRAM BHAGAT……

Song-Haath chakra Trishool Sadashiv (Abhram Bhagat)(1940) Singer-Abhram Bhagat


Haath chakra Trishool Sadashiv
Alekh jagaate hain Nagari mein
Shri krishna ke darshan kaaran
aaye Sadashiv Gokul mein

Jataa sheesh par Ganga beh rahi
Chandrama sthit mastak mein
Galey roond ki maala biraaje
roop bana hit kaaran mein

Shesh Naag jabhi gale mein lapte
Aalam bhar ka dookh harey
Kaun desh se aaya jogi
Dekha Gokul Nagari ne

Aap hai Bramha, aap hai Vishnu
aap hai ubhayanandkari
gali gali mein alekh jagaate
aane khade Nand Mahalan mein

Maata Yashoda mahal mein baithi
awaz utra kaanan mein
baahar nikal jabhi aayi Yashoda
aane khadi hai darwaajan mein

Jab Jogi ka swaroop dekha
vichaar karti hai man mein
thaali bhar kar kanchan deve
Lo Babaji Jholi mein

Mahadev Kahte hum nahin lete
le jaa maiyya apne ghar mein
chaar foont ka sona roopa
padaa rahat meri jholi mein

Door desh ka hum hai jogi
dhyaan na daaun tere bolan mein
tere baalak ke darshan kaaran
aaye hain hum Gokul mein

Lena hoye to le baba ji
yeh baat nahin hone ki
mera baalak kal ka janma
khabar nahin us ko tan ki

kaala peela roop tumhaara
soorat jaise baadhan ki
mera baalak darr kar mar jaaye
nazar lagey kisi daakan ki

Hanskar man mein kahat Sadashiv
Ye balak nahin darne ka
Teen lok ko yehi daraave
trata hai chaar teerthan ka

Rishi munishwar devi devta
dhyan dhare tere baalak ka
tumne baalak aisa janma
kaam sidhaare chahub lokan kaa

Jaldi laao jaldi laao
darshan karke jaun ban mein
door desh ka hum hai jogi
rahne waale parbat mein

Apne man mein samajhi Yashoda
le aayi Shri Krishna koon
Shankh chakra bhuj paaon padam mein
sheesh mugut sir shobhan mein

Nazro nazar jabhi mil gaye dono
sheesh namaaya Shankar soon
antardhyan dono hil mil gaye
maaloom nahin koi virle ko

de Ashish jogi chale jungle mein
sukhi rahe tera jaaya
soor shyam prabhu kunj biraaje
sakhiyaan ne mangal gaaya

haath chakra trishool Sadashiv
alakh jagaate nagari mein
Shri krishn ke darshan kaaran
aaye Sadashiv Gokul mein

Hindi script lyrics (Provided by Sudhir)

हाथ चक्र त्रीशूल सदाशिव
अलख जगाते नगरी में
श्री कृष्ण के दर्शन कारण
आए सदाशिव गोकुल में

जटा शीश पर गंगा बह रही
चंद्रमा स्थित मस्तक में
गले रूण्ड की माला बिराजे
रूप बना हित कारण में

शेष नाग जभी गले में लपटे
आलम भर का दूख हरे
कौन देस से आया जोगी
देखा गोकुल नगरी ने

आप ही ब्रह्मा आपे विष्णु
आप ही उभयानंदकारी
गली गली में अलख जगाते
आन खड़े नन्द महल्न में

माता यशोदा महल में बैठी
अवाज उतरा कानन में
बाहर निकल जभी आई यसोदा
आन खड़ी है दरवाजन में

जब जोगी का स्वरूप देखा
वीचार करती है मन में
थाली भर कर कंचन देवे
लो बाबा जी झोली में

महादेव कहते हम नहीं लेते
ले जा मैया अपने घर में
चार फूंक का सोना रूपा
पड़ा रहत मेरी झोली में

दूर देश का हम है जोगी
ध्यान न देऊन तेरे बोलन में
तेरे बालक के दर्शन कारण
आए हैं हम गोकुल में

लेना होइ तो ले बाबा जी
ये बात नहीं होने की
मेरा बालक कल का जनमा
खबर नहीं उस को तन की

काला पीला रूप तुम्हारा
सूरत जैसे बाघन की
मेरा बालक डर कर मर जाये
नज़र लगे कीसी दाखन की

हंस कर मन में क़हत सदाशिव
ये बालक नहीं डरने का
तीन लोक को येही डरावे
दाता है चार तृटन का

ऋषि मुनीशवर देवी देवता
ध्यान धरें तेरे बालक का
तुमने बालक ऐसा जनमा
काम सुधारे चहुं लोकन का

जल्दी लाओ जल्दी लाओ
दर्शन कर के जाऊँ बन में
दूर देश का हम है जोगी
रहने वाले पर्बत में

अपने मन में समझी यशोदा
ले आई श्री कृष्ण कूँ
शंख चक्र भुज पाँव पदम में
शीशमुकुट सिर सोहन कूँ

नजर ओ नजर जभी मिल गए दोनों
शीश नमाया शंकर सूं
अंतर्ध्यान दोनों हिल मिल गए
मालूम नहीं कोई विरले को

दे आशीष जोगी चले जंगल में
सुखी रहे तेरा जाया
सूर श्याम प्रभु कुंज बिराजे
सखियाँ ने मंगल गाया

हाथ चक्र त्रीशूल सदाशिव
अलख जगाते नगरी में
श्री कृष्ण के दर्शन कारण
आए सदाशिव गोकुल में

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Deshmukh Ji,

Your remarkable and persistent research efforts are truly impressive and we are fortunate to enjoy your interesting and entertaining presentations.

Thanks and regards.


Gupta ji,
Thank you for your kind words. They encourage me to go ahead.


Dear Arun,

Hats off to your perseverance in getting information about an unknown singer.Abhram Bhagat. If it was me digging the information about him, , I would have left my efforts half way as I had done in some cases for which you were kind enough to supplement them.

The profile of Abhram Bhagat is an inspiration for all those who face some unfortunate incidence during their lives.

It was very very good on your part to bring the profile of an unknown bhajan singer to the notice of the reader of this blog.

Thank you very much for your painstaking efforts in making an unknown singing personality to a known one now.


Kamath ji,
Such appreciations work as an impetus to continue my work.


My God the length you have gone through in unearthing the little known singer merits a salute and a round of applause from all of us. You have really pushed the envelope and upped the ante.


Nitin ji,
Thanks for your kind words.


simply great, thanks a lot


Mohan ji,
Thanks for liking it.


Khyati just told me about your recent post, one of the song by a famous Gujarati singer, Shri Abram Bhagat. After reading your post, here is what I would like to say-
I don’t think I will find enough words from the dictionary to say “Thank You” for finding this treasure not only the song, but also about the history of this Akhyan gaayak, Shri Abram Bhagat. I have heard many of his bhajans on radio while growing up in a small town near Porbandar. My mother, a follower of Pushti Sampraday, had few favorite bhajans on Lord Shiv. The one you have posted was one from that list. I remember her singing this bhajan along with few more, while cooking lunch and dinner. You reminded me of my childhood memories. Thank you for that.
Another fact that I wanted to share with you is about one of the singer you have listed in the post. Yashwant Bhatt was my uncle (father’s second youngest brother). He was considered the King of “Prabhatiya” (morning bhajans) by Radio Rajkot. Prabhatiya that he sang were mainly by the poets of Saurashtra, namely Ganga Sati, Paanbhai, Narsi Mehta and few more. Impacted by his passion about singing, his youngest brother Shri Harish Bhatt also became a singer. Harish Bhatt made K. L. Saigal his guru and on Jan 18th of every year would conduct a program in Sanmukhanand Hall as a tribute to his guru and would sing Saigalji’s songs, accompanied by his wife as a female singer for the duets. I remember my uncle (Harish Bhatt) telling us singing few songs in Hindi movies, but not sure though. Gujarati fans on this blog may have heard a famous song on radio, “Phool kahe bhamraa ne bhamro vaat vahe gunjan maa, Madhav kyaay nathi Madhuvan maa….” written by a famous Gujarati kavi, Shri Harindra Dave and sung by Harish Bhatt.
So many memories and stories that I could recall after listening to the song you have posted. Thank you for sending an email to Khyati as a reminder, otherwise we both would have missed this opportunity and sorry for the long comment.

-Jagdish Bhatt


Shri Jagdish ji,
Thanks for your comments. As I was sure that Khyatiji would surely like this Bhajan,and when I did not see her comments,I thought that if I dont remind her,she will miss out on a Gem from the past,hence I sent her a reminder.
Thanks also for sharing with us your memories of another
singer from Gujrat-Yeshwant Bhatt,your own Uncle.
I was keen on writing about this singer-Abhram Bhagat,since no information was available on him in English anywhere and he deserved to be introduced to Non-Gujrati readers.
When I read comments like yours,which come from deep heart,I feel all my efforts are justified.
Thanks,once again,


Arunkumar ji

WOW….simply superb. Thanks for all your efforts. Will certainly look out for your next post.


Suresh ji,

The credit goes to you in the first place for having made the Bhajan available.
Thanks for appreciating my efforts.


Dear Deshmukhji,
A well researched and informative write-up of a lesser known bhajan singer, and as Mr. Sadanand Kamatji has said, I too would like to say hats off to you.


Thanks,Jaywant bhai.
Your translations helped a lot.


You are really an archaeologist!
I had never heard of Abhram Bhagat. His beautiful voice enchants one right at the first listening. Such a clear and smooth voice. Great!
Thank you Arunji for this discovery!


Harvey ji,
Thanks for your comments.
I am glad you liked the song.


Arun ji,

Your words in response to Jagdish Bhai’s message are, “. . .I feel all my efforts are justified.”

And you know, what is our perspective? That our waiting and our expectations are justified. By your write ups and by the amount of information you bring into your write ups.

I must say that I have not heard the name of the singer or the bhajan before reading this post. And I am so happy to be introduced. I have come to love this bhajan, and it has become really close to my heart, just as I have listened to it. The rendering by Abhram Bhagat is so convincing, and so much coming straight from his heart. Now I will be looking out for more from this singer.

Thanks so much for this special introduction.



Sudhir ji,
Thanks for your much awaited comments.
I say ‘ much awaited ‘,because even though there are many appreciative comments by other readers,the pleasure of receiving a word of praise from someone you honour and acknowledge as a real connoisseur,is certainly more enjoyable.
Like you,most of the younger generation readers were unlikely to have ever heard Abhram Bhagat’s name or his Bhajans,as his times elapsed before many readers were even born !
That is the reason,I decided to present him and this particular Bhajan-which was close to my heart- so that some justice is done to his spirit of determination to succeed against all odds.
Thanks for your wonderful translation too.


Abhram Bhagat, as you have mentioned in the post, had sung many Gujarati songs/akhyan. Most famous being “Kunta Abhimanyu ne baandhe amar raakhdi re……” This akhyan is about Kuntamaata tying a raakhdi, symbol of protection, to Abhimanyu and while doing so, giving him the knowledge of chakravyuh, seven tiered defense formation, and commander of each tier. I still enjoy listening to this akhyan, which I had heard many times on radio as a child. Only Abhram Bhagat could give justice to this akhyan. I am very thankful to you for your in depth research about this artist.


Khyati ji,
Thanks for your appreciation.


WOW amazing research and work on Abharam bhgat
IMy late great Uncle Noormohamed Arab Virmani had brouight this gentleman ( as they were great friends) to Uganda ( well before I was born in 1961). My parents and relatives living in Lukaya , Mukoko had teh pleasue of listening to this great maestro.. It would be a great pleasure if you or anyone who has any nice material bhajans of his can send me so can keep these rare gems and listen will be eternally bratefull


my email:


Zarif bhai,
Thank you for appreciating my efforts.
I do not have any of his Bhajans with me,but if you do a Google search,there are some Indian music sites having his Bhajans,like etc. please try them.


Dear Shri Deshmukh Sahab,

I am in awe! As I had seen some glimpse of this aspect of yours, a fascination for music and a undeterred attitude towards the work you take. It reflects here also.

Coming to Abharam Bhagat, splendid rendition of the bhajan. the uccharan (pronunciation) is good and the bhaav (mood) of the bhajan, just superb. I would have never heard about this personality if you had not posted it on your blog.

My personal thanks and thanks on behalf of many such people you have enjoyed this bhajan.

At this juncture I would like to thank You Tube also which has helped us in getting some of the rare songs and videos on its post.

Please keep the good work going-on.

Kuldeep Chauhan


Dear Kuldeep,
Thanks for your comments.
I am happy that you liked the Bhajan.
An important point for you- This is not my Blog. This Blog is of Shri ATUL JI, for whom we contribute here. He encourages us to write and bring out the Gems from the past. We are a group of contributors here,some sending the lyrics,some writing posts and some encouraging and appreciating the efforts so that motivation is maintained.
You too are welcome here to join our Music – Yatra.


Arun ji, as others have alluded to there are no words to describe how thankful I am! The sound quality is excellent, though I thought speed increased little at one point, but that hardly matters as the song itself is a gem with sonorous voice & clear diction! What to say about your efforts, the efforts you have taken to present all the information is truly awe inspiring! I was bowled over by the fact that you had written the lyrics then some sixty years back! All of your write up are always treasure trove to be cherished, but I feel this one would take the cake! Thanks also to Shandil ji, Harish ji & Pandya ji also & of course Atul ji!


Umesh ji,
Thanks for your very kind words and appreciation for my efforts.It is these words that motivate me further to continue doing similar work.
I have always felt that people in my age bracket(65 to 80 yrs) were lucky enough in case of Musical gems as we have the first hand enjoyment of these in our times.
Therefore my attempts are towards making the gems available to younger generations too,so that this cultural heritage is carried on further when we disappear.
I know that this Blog is read universally in 199 countries of the world and there are people in nooks and corners who have no access to these gems.
This is my way of pleasing them.
Thanks once again.


I son of Abharam bhagat,greatly thanks for entire history of my father.I would be very gratefull ,if icould get any video recodings of my father.


Thank you very much. I like this song. It has a great meaning. Also thanks to masterji for posting this.


Was searching for this bhajan which my mother sang last 60..70 years
Thank you so much
Can you throw light on another bhajan she sang
गुलनारो मे, राधा प्यारी बसे
चमपा मे, चतुर्भुज
बेल मे बिहारी लाल
मोरे नैनो मे
गिरिधर आके बसे
राधा पियरी बसे


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