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Teri umar ki phulwaari mein khila naya ik phool

Posted on: July 19, 2013

The readers of this blog are by now well aware that the blog has completed five years today (19 july 2013). I did not need to announce it though. A few regulars were already aware of this occasion. In fact, Peevesie’s mom, a fellow enthusiast and a fellow sufferer at the hands of her internet supply provider, 🙂 offered her greetings yesterday itself. Another regular, Avinash Scrapwala then pointed it out to her that the birthday (oops, birth anniversary 🙂 ) of the blog fell on 19 july. 🙂

Avinash Scrapwala in fact was keeping tabs on this date for several weeks. He had sent me the lyrics of this song well in advance, to be used on this occasion. So I am going to discuss this wonderful song on this occasion.

There is a common sentiment expressed by both Raja and Sudhir ji in their write ups that it did not look like five years had elapsed. Indeed. the journey has been so joyous and fulfilling that we never realised how five years have gone by. Five years- half a decade- is a lifetime for an internet based entities like forums, blogs etc. In fact, internet itself is only about 18 years old. The internet connections were quite slow during its initial stages, and it was only after the turn of this century that forums, blogs etc came into existence on internet when internet speeds rose up.

Internet came in India in 1996 and I was an early adopter. I first used it in 1997 and by 1999, I had become a regular user of internet. I was a cricket enthusiast (armchair of course) and I joined a cricket forum run by Pakistani cricket fans (called pakcricbuzz, or pcb in short). In addition to discussing the current cricket matches there, I would discuss matches of 1970s played by India. One of the moderators of that forum was an Indian, called Saurabh. Though two decades younger to me, he loved reading my accounts of the matches of 1970s. One day I found another member called Raja joining the forum and taking interest in my discussions. I assumed that he must be a Pakistani fan, with Raja being his surname (sort of like Waseem Raja and Rameez Raja). Later I found out that he was very much an Indian fan. 🙂

I liked the forum but it was mainly a Pakistani cricket forum and a good one at that. There were good cricket forums run by Pakistanis, Sri Lankans and even Bangladeshis, but where was a good Indian forum ? While going through some past threads in pakcricbuzz, I came to know that a few Indian cricket fans had begun a cricket forum. I visited there and found that Saurabh was a moderator there too. So I joined there in june 2005. A few days later I found Raja too finding his way to that forum (called cricforum). The forum, which was quite inactive till then suddenly began to buzz with activity. The core group of members (mostly US based) were extremely creative, fun loving and with great sense of humour. The forum discussed cricket and non cricket items in a manner that was not discussed anywhere else. Going through the discussion made for fun reading.

The code of conduct in the forum was very clear- no abusive language towards fellow members (unlike many such forums) and no spams were allowed. Raja and I found myself enjoying ourselves thoroughly.

The years from 2005 to 2007 was the golden era for that forum, and then the core members gradually began to drop out for different reasons. The buzzing forum slowed down.

We used to discuss non cricket matters too. In fact, fun filled non cricketing discussions were what made this forum stand out from other forums. One item of interest to us was discussing Hindi movie songs. A few of us (I , Raja, Saurabh, Shalini- one of the first visitors to this blog) used to present geetmala where the presenter would present songs of his/ her choice on a particular topic.

I learnt about blogs sometime in late 2007. It took me a while before I opened a blog on blogspot during june 2008. That blog was my main (in fact only) blog for nearly six weeks. I discussed topics like Binaca geetmala, radio, Hindi movie music directors etc. This blog remained active till august 2008 and during this time I posted nearly 50 articles in it. It was taking too much effort on my part and the I hardly got 20 or 30 visitors daily on this blog. After august 2008, I began to concentrate on my song blog and all but abandoned this blogspot blog.

I had discovered wordpress and joined there on 11 july 2008. I opened a few blogs on wordpress. It was on 19 july 2008 that the first article on the song blog was posted.

I was quite creative with a fertile imagination those days and that reflected in a few of the earlier writeups. It was a legacy of my time with cricforum, I suppose. Raja had coined a term “Atulism” for my brand of humour in cricforum itself.

In the earlier days, the song blog got 20-30 visitors a day, same as blogspot blog, but soon the song blog began to attract more visitors than the blogspot blog. I remember 16 july 2008 as a special day as it was raksha bandhan day and I had posted the iconic rakhi song Bhaiyya mere raakhi ke bandhan ko nibhaana(Chhoti Bahan)(1959) on that day. This post enabled the blog to reach three figures in one day for the first time. With time, the blog would even reach five figures in one day.

I realised after a weeks that one song a day was too little and so I began to discuss more than one song daily from august 2008 onwards. I began to post on an average of six songs daily from january 2009 onwards.

As the numbers of songs grew, need was felt to keep proper track of them. That is how we had these pages of list of songs yearwise (on 6 april 2009), list of songs moviewise (19 apr 2009), and list of songs MD wise (3 nov 2009). Much later, we had stats page (2 sep 2010). Later movies all songs covered (23 april 12) and anniversary dates (10 sep 12). One badly felt page is singerwise list and hopefully we will have this page too someday.

Readers participation was initially mainly in the form of comments and farmaishes and information, and posting of songs was a one man show but soon readers offered to help by sending lyrics to me. I am extremely thankful to Atif M who took the lead in this regard and became the first lyrics contributor to this blog with this post on 31 january 2011. He was then followed by several other lyrics contributors. Raja was the first article contributor to the blog with this post on 26 june 2010. and soon we had several other article contributors as well. Typically a lyrics contributor would by design or chance find himself/herself contributing articles as well. 🙂

The blog has evolved with time, as can be seen from the blog becoming an online collaboration of music lovers from a one man show. We have added some new features as we progressed. For instance, one fine day we felt the need to colour code lyrics to differentiate among singers. Then this colourcoding was extended to the list of songs (moviewise and MD wise) as well where movies with all their songs covered were shown as orange. Then one fine day, Sudhir ji, after consultation with me, began to provide Devnagri script lyrics with his writeups as well.

Statistically speaking, the blog at present has 8374 songs (or rather posts). The blog at present has songs from over 2600 movies (plus some NFS as well). These songs are sung by 446 singers, penned by 397 lyricists and composed by 278 music directors. About 284 of these movies have all their songs already discussed in the blog.

All said and done, it is still a blog and not a full fledged site so it has its limitations. I am not at all satisfied with the search facilities available with the blog. I would like the blog to have some nice and easy to use search facilities that some sites possess. It is not possible with this blog. at present. Hopefully some day we will have a full fledged site that will take care of this and other requirements that at present cannot be met under the existing setup.

The valuable information contained in the blog in writeups, comments and elsewhere need to be presented in an easily searchable manner. In addition, I also dream of a day when we will have our forum too, where we may be able to exchange our views in a more convenient manner than is possible through comments or e mails at present.

All that is in the future. One need not look too far into the future. Let us take care of the blog one day at a time and that is all it takes to keep it going. When the blog was begun five years back then I never dreamt that this blog would last this long and that too as an active blog.

During these five years, I have been to three different -purs in three different states. I was at Jabalpur (Madhya Pradesh) when the blog began. Then I found myself at Nagpur (Maharashtra) from December 2009 onwards. From December 2011 onwards I find myself at Bilaspur, Chattisgarh. Keeping the blog going seamlessly despite all these movements has been challenging but somehow I have maneged to keep the blog going, albeit at a slower rate during the transition periods. During journeys, I have often found myself at places where internet connectivity was a luxury and that also affected blogging during those days. For all that, the blog has by and large remained a buzz of activity almost round the clock throughout the year.

I take this opportunity to thank all the visitors, contributors and well wishers of this blog who through their love and appreciation and encouragement have kept this blog going.

Running this blog takes lots of computer and internet horse power at the user level and demands a lot from the host computers that host this blog. So I take this opportunity to thank wordpress for the great blogging experience that they have offered to us all in these five years.

While discussing so much on this occasion, let us not forget the song itself. 🙂 This song, quite appropriate to the occasion, is a birthday song. It is sung by Lata and it lipsynced by Leena Chandawarkar in a birthday celebration of her younger sister in the song. Rajinder Krishan is the lyricist. Music is composed by Kalyanji Anandji.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by Avinash Scrapwala, as mentioned earlier.

Song-Teri umar ki phulwaari mein khila naya ik phool (Rakhwaala) (1971) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Rajinder Krishan, MD-Kalyanji Anandji

Lyrics(Provided by Avinash Scrapwala)

Teri umar ki phulwaari mein
khila naya ik phool
mubaarak saalgirah
mubaarak saalgirah o
mubaarak saalgirah
O o o
teri umar ki phulwaari mein
khila naya ik phool
mubaarak saalgirah

saal ye guzarein hanste hanste
naachen jhoomein baawan hafte
baawan hafte
khushiyaan tere paaon ko choome
gali gali aur raste raste
raste raste
phir se isi din aate baras ko
khile naya ik phool
mubaarak saalgirah
mubaarak saalgirah
O o
mubaarak saalgirah
O o o
teri umar ki phulwaari mein
khila naya ik phool
mubaarak saalgirah

O o
O o
O o
O o o

nanhi munni behna pyaari
tujh par jaaun waari waari
waari waari
jab tak chamke chaand sitaare
bani rahe ye preet hamaari
preet hamaari
isi tarah har saal saal ko
khilen pyaar ke phool
mubaarak saalgirah
O o o
teri umar ki phulwaari mein
khila naya ik phool
mubaarak saalgirah
mubaarak saalgirah
O o
mubaarak saalgirah

19 Responses to "Teri umar ki phulwaari mein khila naya ik phool"

“Mubaarak saalgirah

Atul ji

Thanks for everything.

Avinash ji

Very good song.



It is so heartwarming to read about the genesis of this blog.

I am sure you will soon be able to get a proper website made.



Congratulations and a ton of greetings,Atul ji,
and all fellow travelers of this bandwagon.

Many, many, many happy returns of this day.

It has been truly a remarkable journey. What this blog has accomplished, is an enviable storehouse of facts, information and anecdotes – with a great big thanks to all contributors, who will write in on every possible opportunity, to add more. And a special thanks to our dear Arun ji, who is our resident reference encylopedia, and for good reasons too. 🙂

Ava ji,
Ameen to your wishes. Ah yes, a website and a searchable data base of this blog – I can see it, not too far distant in the future. 🙂

And Atul ji,
yet once again, we all doff our caps/hats/pugrees/topis/pallus etc. in your honor. The consistency is remarkable, and the energy – kehna hi kya.
Thanks so very much for making it happen, and more importantly, continuing to make it happen.

With lots of love to all


Congratulations to Atulji and all his fans. Thanks Avinashji for finding the perfect song and Atulji for the informative post. 🙂


still at the mercy of Bangalore telephones… line not yet restored … broad band gone Kaput….. feeling like a primitive… gone back to 2002 when i used to access internet from cyber cafes once in 2 days…. praying for the rains to give respite so that BSNL can get on hands and knees to rectify the situation….
hence i had wished an advance anniversary… :-))


I am nearly at the same primitive stage myself. 🙂 You should think of having wireless internet (datacard) as backup. Any datacard will give broadband speed in Bangalore.


BTW most of the songs from Rakhwala were popular except this one, though film couldnt do well on BO. Those were the days when KA were at their peak of popularity in career especially previous year. Leena looks awesome as usual. Dharam paaji is his own self


Sorry this song too was popular one & quite melodious one. Almost all songs were Hit or moderately popular except the 2 song “Tu itna samajh le sanam” & very,very slightly popular “Yeh kaisi maine madhur madhur”. In fact I remember “Tere nain mere nain” & “Mere dilne jo maanga” being played on loud speakers in those days. “Mere dilne jo maanga mil gaya” is 1 of my all-fav. songs, though I find slight Naushad influence on the song & it would remind me Lata solo from Sunghursh(68)


Thanks for your feedback and comments !!
Yes, i remember this song was frequently played on loud speakers.
One other song which was frequently heard and must have been popular was ‘rehne do, rehne do, rehne do gile shikwe, chhodo takraar ki baatein, jab tak phursat de ye zamaana, kyun na karein ham pyaar ki baatein !!
(all songs from this film have been shared and shall be there soon)

Kindly continue to post your feedback please !


Happy anniversary and happy birthday!! Congratulations to all the GIFTED souls behind this meeting ground of like-minded people!!


Sir, thanks for your best wishes and continued blessings to us !!



@ Prakash ji – thanks for this link !!


# Happy Birthday ASAD #
Best wishes and Greetings to all associated with this lovely Blog ‘AtulSongADay’ …!!!


Avinash ji

It is 1,54
Just a reminder. 🙂 🙂



video link






working video link:


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