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Dil jale hawa jab chale

Posted on: December 29, 2013

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The 9th song in the series ” VINTAGE KISHORE ” is from the film Ilzam-54. It is a duet of Kishore Kumar and Shamshad Begum under the music direction of Madan Mohan. The film had 8 songs and Kishore had 3 duets in it -2 with Asha and 1 with Shamshad.

Madan Mohan had started from Aankhen-1950 and Ilzam was his 11th film, but he had used Kishore in only 5 songs till this film. From the very beginning, Madan Mohan had banked on Rafi and Talat for his songs. Later he had a special sentimental brotherly relationship with Lata ji and they gave wonderful songs together. He however did not use Kishore much.

This was Kishore’s first film opposite Meena Kumari. In all they worked,as lead pairs in only 5 films-Ilzam, Rukhsana, Memsahib, Naya Andaz and Shararat. Meena Kumari had become famous for her ‘ Rona Dhona’ by then. Ilzam was also no exception to this. it was a social film, but the role was of a sacrificing lover who is misunderstood till the last portion of the last reel of the film, when all misunderstanding would get cleared and she would have a small fraction of time to smile once at the end of the film.

Ilzam was produced and directed by R.C.Talwar, with music by Madan Mohan. The cast of the film was Kishore Kumar, Meena Kumari, Shammi,Randhir, Omprakash, Meera devi,Jagdish Sethi etc.

Here is the story of Ilzam as given by me on 2-2-2012…

ILZAM-1954 was not a comedy film as such but was a sort of combination of comedy, tragedy, Drama etc. The end result was that it was neither this nor that fully and failed to impress the audience. However, there were some comedy situations in the movie which were quite enjoyable.

This was a story of Kamli(Meena Kumari), a poor beautiful boat girl, who inspires Rajan(Kishore Kumar),the pampered son of a rich family. Rajan’s mother is a hysterical whimsical lady.

Lakhoo, the village vagabond is after Kamli. Once Rajan saves Kamli from his advances. They fall in love much to the chagrin of Lakhoo who instigates Rajan’s mother. All her anger falls on Rekha, Rajan’s sister, who is pregnant. There is an argument and Rekha leaves house to go to her husband. She meets with an accident and before dying, gives her newborn baby to her best friend Kamli with a condition not to tell anybody till her husband comes for the baby. After her death, Kamli is unable to answer to any query about the baby and is branded as a girl of loose character. Even Rajaqn misunderstands her.

Finally, when the baby’s father arrives and explains everything, things are cleared and the ILZAM on Kamli is finally cleared up. All is well in the end and Rajan accepts Kamli happily.

From film ‘Baazi’, Dev’s voice had been Kishore Kumar, in films where Dada Burman was the composer. Navketan’s Nau Do Gyarah-57 saw Kishore in top form with the song ‘ Hum hai raahi pyar ke’ . Dev Anand looked very convincing in the voice of Kishore. Similarly Paying Guest-57 song ‘ Maana janaab ne pukara nahin’ was a rage in its time with the youngsters. ‘Chhod do aanchal’ the duet with Asha Bhosale was what every newly married couple of 57 was singing. It was almost certain that Kishore had become a permanent fixture for Dev Anand.

And then the shock came ! S D Burman switched over to Rafi, from ” Kaala Paani” for the next 8 years. In the very next year, i.e. 1958,Dada composed music for ” Chalti ka naam gaadi”, in which Kishore excelled singing his own songs. The reason Dada strayed away from Kishore for Dev Anand was NOT that he did not like Kishore anymore, but simply because during that period, Kishore had become extremely busy in acting in films !

From his first appearance in 1946 in Shikari,till end of 1953, Kishore had acted in only 12 films. From 1954 to 1960 end, he acted and sang in 37 films !. This is a great average of 5.3 films every year which worked out to almost 1 film every 2 months ! Add to it Kishore’s stage shows and few foreign trips and we find that Kishore was extremely busy in these 7 years and he had no time to go for rehearsals to Dada’s house every now and then for Dev Anand’s songs. On the other hand Rafi was available for singing full time, any time and as such Dada,in my opinion,secretly rated Rafi much higher than Kishore in variety and adaptability.

From 1961, Kishore had some breathing time as his films became less. His desire to sing the kind of songs he truly wanted to sing must have made Kishore become a composer and to accept Shanker Mukherjee’s insistence that he gave music to film Jhumroo-1961. Forget about other songs, just listen to ” Koi humdum na raha”. This song truly brought out the feelings of sensitiveness, sentimentality, lingering regret and deep sadness. This was what Kishore wanted to prove to the world that he could sing serious songs.

At this juncture, one remembers how Kishore pleaded repeatedly to Salil Chaudhari to allow him to sing the serious version of ” Chhota sa ghar hoga” in the film Naukari-54. Salilda persisted with Hemant Kumar for the sad song in the film version, while he gave Kishore the duet song,with Shaila Belhe on screen and on the commercial record. Hemant kumar’s song record was not made.

The success of Jhumroo songs led Kishore Kumar to produce Door Gagan ki chhaon mein 3 years later, with more melodious serious songs.

Though Dada Burman gave Kishore just one song in Guide and one song in Jewel Thief-67, Kishore was still away from S D Burman’s music, who preferred Rafi to Kishore.

In the late 60s, Kishore was in distress. His career as an actor was going down and as a singer he was not getting anywhere. In 1968, Padosan,with R D Burman had become outrageously successful, but the question still remained- what next ?

In our 10th and next episode, we will trace Kishore’s travel to becoming a singer-at last, after waiting for 21 long years in the film industry !

Till then,let us enjoy this fun filled duet of Kishore and Shamshad Begum fro Ilzaam (1954). Rajinder Krishan is the lyricist.

Lyrics of this song were provided by Nitin Shah.

Song-Dil jale hawa jab chale (Ilzaam)(1954) Singers-Shamshad Begam, Kishore Kumar, Lyrics-Rajinder Krishan, MD-Madan Mohan

Lyrics(Provided by Nitin Shah)

ho o
balle balle balle balle balle
din dhale
hawa jab chale
teri yaad mein o pardesi
dil mera jale jale
o dil mera jale jale ae
oi balle balle balle balle balle

sakhi saheli baalam ke sang chali dekhne mela
hoy hoy hoy hoy
sakhi saheli baalam ke sang chali dekhne mela
man hi man mein neer bahaaye
manwa mera akela hoooo
man hi man mein neer bahaaye
manwa mera akela
aate jaate khwaab ko dekhoon
khadi ped ke tale
oy balle balle balle balle balle
din dhale
hawa jab chale
teri yaad mein o pardesi
dil mera jale jale
o dil mera jale jale
oy balle balle balle balle balle

balle balle balle balle balle
dekh zara mudke o gori
pardesi ghar aaya

oy hoy hoy hoy
arre dekh zara mudke o gori
pardesi ghar aaya
dil ki jholi mein bhar bhar ke
preet ki maaya laaya
dil ki jholi mein bhar bhar ke
preet ki maaya laya
beet gaye din intezar ke
ab to lag ja gale
oye balle balle balle balle balle

din dhale hawa jab chale
teri yaad mein o pardesi
dil mera jale jale
o dil mera jale jale
oy balle balle balle balle balle

jaagi meri soyi qismat
laut ke balam aaye
hoy hoy hoy hoy
jagi meri soyi qismat
laut ke balam aaye
rasiya teri ek jhalak ne rote nain hansaaye
hooo rasiya teri ek jhalak ne rote nain hansaaye
mil gaye dekho milne waale
jalta hai jag jale
oy balle balle balle balle balle
din dhale hawa jab chale
teri yaad mein o pardesi
dil mera jale jale
ho dil mera jale jale
oy balle balle balle balle balle

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Dear Atul ji, is it possible for you to give notations of the songs like you are providing lyrics?

With love & regards

Narendra Astik


Well, waiting for the next episode of this blog….


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