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Lo phir raat chaandni aayi

Posted on: August 26, 2014

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Yesterday (25 august 2014), Zohrabai Ambalewaali reached her 100th song in the blog. It was the 70th instance of an artist completing one hundred of his/her songs in the blog. The list now included 27 music directors, 25 lyricists and 18 singers. Here is a summary of these artists and their number of songs in the blog:

Music Directors
SN Music Director Number of songs in the blog
1 Shankar Jaikishan 770
2 Laxmikant Pyarelal 563
3 S D Burman 489
4 R D Burman 447
5 Naushad 421
6 Madan Mohan 405
7 Ravi 388
8 Kalyanji Anandji 387
9 O P Nayyar 368
10 C Ramchandra 330
11 Chitragupta 276
12 Roshan 247
13 Anil Biswas 231
14 Husnlal Bhagatram 212
15 Hemant Kumar 207
16 Salil Chaudhary 180
17 Hansraj Bahl 159
18 Ghulam Mohammad 157
19 N Datta 153
20 Usha Khanna 152
21 Bulo C Rani 138
22 Vasant Desai 130
23 Khaiyyam 127
24 S N Tripathi 126
25 Khemchand Prakash 121
26 Vinod 102
27 Jaidev 101
SN Lyricist Number of songs in the blog
1 Majrooh Sultanpuri 812
2 Rajinder Krishan 791
3 Anand Bakshi 682
4 Shailendra 564
5 Hasrat Jaipuri 532
6 Sahir Ludhianvi 514
7 Shakeel Badayuni 514
8 Qamar Jalalabadi 285
9 Prem Dhawan 282
10 Bharat Vyas 238
11 D N Madhok 215
12 Raja Mehdi Ali Khan 201
13 Indeewar 169
15 Asad Bhopali 156
15 Gulzar 149
16 Kaifi Azmi 149
17 S H Bihari 135
18 Pradeep 125
19 Jaan Nisaar Akhtar 121
20 Kidar Sharma 121
21 Pt Indra Chandra 120
22 P L Santoshi 119
23 Aziz Kashmiri 108
24 Anjaan 108
25 Gulshan Baawra 102
SN Singer Number of songs in the blog
1 Lata 2690
2 Rafi 2264
3 Asha Bhonsle 1688
4 Kishore Kumar 809
5 Mukesh 679
6 Geeta Dutt 542
7 Shamshad Begam 378
8 Manna Dey 345
9 Talat Mehmood 313
10 Suraiyya 294
11 Suman Kalyanpur 226
12 Mahendra Kapoor 225
13 Hemant Kumar 163
14 K L Saigal 141
15 Usha Mangeshkar 109
16 Amirbai Karnataki 109
17 Rajkumari 106
18 Zohrabai Ambalewaali 101

The above tables make very satisfactory readings. Collection of so many songs of so many artists at one place, and that too with accurate and full lyrics and often hard to find details, and quite a few of these songs being rare to find songs-all these are achievements that we can be quite proud of.

I am not sure about the total number of songs created by all these artists, otherwise I could as well include another column showing the total number of songs created by these artists. That would tell us how far we are from posting the remaining songs opf the artists.

Off hand, I can tell that all available songs of K L Saigal are discussed in the blog. In case of Suraiyya, just a few more (rare) songs remain to be discussed. About one hundred plus songs each remain to be discussed in case of Mukesh and Hemant Kumar. Same is the case for S D Burman, Naushad, O P Nayyar and Roshan among music directors and Shailendra among lyricists.

And let us not forget the artists who have not yet reached their centuries. Some well known names who are waiting for their centuries in the blog are Rajesh Roshan (78), R C Boral (73), Pankaj Mullick (72), S Mohinder (70), Shyam Sundar (65), Snehal Bhatkar ( 57), Bappi Lahiri (61), Gyan Dutt (58), Iqbal Qureshy (56), Dattaram (53), Sonik Omi (50) among music directors, Verma Malik (69), Yogesh (68), Shewan Rizvi (65), Aarzoo Lucknowi (60), Pt Narendra Sharma (58), Gopal Singh Nepali (58), Tanveer Naqvi (56), Farooque Kaiser (56), Naqsh Llayalpuri (55), Neeraj (52), Nakshab (51) among lyricists and G M Durrani (75), C Ramchandra (72), Sudha Malhotra (64), Mubarak Begam (53) and Meena Kapoor (50) among singers. So a day will come when we will have one hundred artists with their own centuries of songs in the blog. 🙂

Contributions by our regulars have gone a long way in making all these centuries possible. and seeing that I have a large number of contributions still lying with me, I am sure that we will keep adding to this already impressive collection of songs.

Here is a lovely song from a forgotten movie called “Gaaon” (1947). This song was directed by Dwarka Khosla for Jamuna Productions, Bombay. The movie had Karan Dewan, Indu Mishra, Tiwari, Amir Bano, Khaleel, Ram Singh, Leela, Shanti, Anand, Shekhar, Mahendra Watal, Lalit etc in it.

This delightful song is sung by Zohrabai Ambalewaali. D N Madhok is the lyricist. Music is composed by Khemchand Prakash.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by Avinash Scrapwala.


Song-Lo phir raat chaandni aayi (Gaaon)(1947) Singer-Zohrabai Ambalewaali, Lyrics-D N Madhok, MD-Khemchand Prakash,

Lyrics(Provided by Avinash Scrapwala)

Lo phir raat chaandni aayi
Lo phir raat chaandni aayi
dil mera dewe
dil mera dewe teri duhaayi
O harjaayee
ye rangeeli duniya do din ki
ye rangeeli duniya do din ki
Lo phir raat chaandni aayi
dil mera dewe teri duhaayi
O harjaayee
ye rangeeli duniya do din ki
ye rangeeli duniya do din ki

mast hawaa se keh do
balmaa gaye pardes re
mast hawaa se keh do
balmaa gaye pardes re ae
thhumak thhumak nahin aawe
mere ji pe laage thhes re
mere ji pe laage thhes re
nainon mein more laali chhaayi
Lo phir yaad tumhaari aayi
O harjaayee
ye rangeeli duniya do din ki
ye rangeeli duniya do din ki
Lo phir raat chaandni aayi
dil mera dewe teri duhaayi
O harjaayee
ye rangeeli duniya do din ki
ye rangeeli duniya do din ki

Ik mera dil hai
dard basaa ke ae
Ik mera dil hai
dard basaa ke
koyi balam ji ko laaye bulaa ke
koyi balam ji ko laaye bulaa ke ae
Laaye bulaa ke
unse kehdo
wo rut aayi
jis rut mein thhi aankh milaayi
O harjaayee
ye rangeeli duniya do din ki
ye rangeeli duniya do din ki
Lo phir raat chaandni aayi
dil mera dewe teri duhaayi
O harjaayee
ye rangeeli duniya do din ki
ye rangeeli duniya do din ki

4 Responses to "Lo phir raat chaandni aayi"

Atul, it’s great to see the stats. Keep up the good work, mate. We are all with you.


Satyajit Rajurkar


It was an impressive list and shows the hard work that you are capable of. I have seen lot of teams in various fields working for money or for fame or even for love, but your team of lyric-providers, information-providers, searchers and researchers is really unique. Hats off to each and every one of them starting, of course, with our in-house BELOVED encyclopedia whom I was fortunate to have met in one of my sojourn to Mumbai and the electrifying memories of that trip comes back to liven me up again and again. We are very fortunate indeed to have him with us. A great and very humble personality! Long live Arun ji!


Lovely post Atul ji ! I also like posts giving statistical details on regular intervals.
Thanks !!
Also thanks for the correct words wherever I could not get them correctly.




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