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Chanda ne poochha taaron se

Posted on: October 26, 2014

This article is written by Archana Sapkota, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a new contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

Before I start, I would like to thank Ava and Harvey for letting me know that this song was not posted here yet and for coming up with the brilliant idea of posting it today and a big thank you to Atul for being so kind and patient and for letting me do this post.

This is in continuation to Harvey’s post on Raja’s birthday. I call him Papa. He is my dil-logical father. Someone who I totally admire, adore and look up to. So, here’s wishing you a very happy birthday, Papa! 🙂

The bond that a father and a daughter share is so special that I can never do justice trying to explain it in words. And it’s kind of sad that most of the father-daughter songs in our films are all bidaai songs.

This, however, is an exception in more than just one way. It might even be Himesh Reshammiya’s official entry here 🙂

I’ve only seen the movie in parts. It’s is about a specially-abled man (Ajay Devgan) who doesn’t understand the ways of the world but he definitely knows and understands unconditional love. His daughter (Rucha Vaidya) means the world to him. And one fine day his ex-wife/wife(Esha Deol) suddenly walks back into their lives claiming her rights on the daughter. And the story revolves around the daughter’s custody. Sushmita Sen plays the role of Ajay’s lawyer.

It’s simple and a sweet song that shows what almost every girl thinks of her father – that he’s the best! And this happens to be one of my favourite “Papa” songs.

Many more happy returns of the day !

Song-Chanda ne poochha taaron se…papa mere papa(Main Aisa Hi Hoon) (2005) Singers-Aparna, Shreya Ghoshal, Sonu Nigam, Lyrics-Sameer, MD-Himesh Reshammiya,


Chanda ne poocha taaron se
taaron ne poocha hazaaron se
sabse pyaara kaun hai
mere papa
mere papa

mere Papa
mere papa
Chanda ne poocha taaron se
Taaron ne poocha hazaaron se
Chanda ne poocha taaron se
Taaron ne poocha hazaaron se
Sabse pyaara kaun hai
mere papa

Ho o
Papa, tere papa

meethi meethi baaton se woh, sab ko hansaata hai
Ho o,
pyaari adaaon se woh
dil behlata hai

Ooooo duniya mein aate jaate woh pyaar lutaata hai
Saagar ne poochha naiyya se
naiyya ne poochha khewaiyya se

Sabse pyaara kaun hai
mere papa
tere papa

Chanda ne poocha taaron se
Taaron ne poocha hazaaron se
Sabse pyaara kaun hai

tere papa

tere papa


24 Responses to "Chanda ne poochha taaron se"

Welcome Archana ji !!
Nice post , and I can understand your feelings and it is really nice that you express it in a write up.
We all love Raja ji , for me – he is a ardent Sahir fan and a Rajesh Khanna fan and a ‘social revolutionary of new India’ – so I admire him a lot .. here is wishing him once again a very very happy birthday …!!!

Thank you, Avinash ji!
The way he is, we just can’t help admiring him, can we? 🙂

Archana ji,

Welcome, to the musical bandwagon. Good to have you on board.



Thank you, Sudhir ji! 🙂

Beautiful post and a beautiful song to match. You are right, there are hardly any Hindi film songs, which suit the daughter-dad theme. this seems to be one of the rare ones. Son-mom songs are plenty, but daughter dad songs are indeed rare and when, they are mostly bidaai ones. “papa jaldi aa jana” is one of the former variety.
You are also right about writing about one’s feelings, it is always hard to find the right words for it, but nevertheless, one feels it quite strongly in this post. Thank you for this one and also for introducing me to this song.

I should be the one thanking you, Harvey! It was through you that I got to know Papa. A BIG thank you to you for that! 🙂

That was good for me too!

The relations that are set by the heart are the strongest. What a lovely post, Archu.

Welcome to Atulsongaday! Despite being such a busy person, you found time to do something for Raja, that is a lot. We can throw things and money at people, the hardest thing to give another is time.

God Bless You.

And Happy Birthday once more to Raja.

Now that reminds me of Dil ka rishta bada hi pyaara hai . But let’s leave our relations aside for a while 😉
Thank you so much! Thank you for coming up with this idea and for all the encouragements 🙂

Welcome to the contributors club, Archana Ji.

Thank you, Satyajit ji! 🙂

What a rendition by the young one. Reminded me of Ranu Mukherjee. Actually she is Baby Aparna

She does sound very sweet! This is the only song I have heard of hers. Has she sung any other song?

No she hasn’t

Welcome aboard Archanaji. Thank you for this lovely song (one of the very many good songs in recent years.) if you could introduce atuldom to a few more we will have one more of us doing good new songs.
and Happy Birthday Rajababu

Thank you so much, Peevesie’s Mom! I’ll try 🙂

Thanks for a beautiful post and the song.
Looking forward to more such gems from your end.
Best wishes,
Avadh Lal

Thank you, Avadh ji! 🙂

Thank you so much for such a warm welcome!

Welcome Archana ji.
Anyone who loves Raja ji is loved by all of us.

Thank you, Arunji! That’s very sweet 🙂

Archana ji,

Welcome to the guest writers club. I have’nt heard the song yet but hope to see more posts of newer songs in the blog.


Thank you, Nahmji!

Bitiya!!! I am lost for words!!!
What a wonderful, wonderful surprise this is!
Thank you SO much for writing this really sweet post for me.
The song is equally sweet too.
May God always bless you, bitiya.
Aur hamari duayen to hain hi tumhaare saath!

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