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Ek hi sang hotey

Posted on: February 8, 2015

This article is written by Sadanand Kamath, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

DRISHTI (1990) was produced and directed by Govind Nihalani who was also the cinematographer of the film. The star cast included those actors who at that time, were usually associated with parallel cinema. Shekhar Kapoor and Dimple Kapadia were in the lead roles of husband and wife while Mita Vashisht and Vijay Kashyap were in the roles of another couple. Irfan Khan, Neena Gupta, Navneet Nishan and Tabassum Mansoori had small but important roles in the film. It is said that the film was a remake of a TV Series ‘Scenes from a Marriage’ (1973) directed by Ingmar Bergman. The film failed at the box office but was critically acclaimed. The film won the National Film Award for the best feature film in Hindi.

Recently, I watched the movie on DVD. In a nutshell, the film explores the different phases in the lives of an upper class couple who are professionally well settled in Mumbai. The gist of the story of the film is as under:

Nikhil (Shekhar Kapoor) and Sandhya (Dimple Kapadia) have been happily married for 8 years with a daughter Rashmi (Tabassum Mansoori). They have successful professional careers and live in a wealthy life style. In contrast, Ramesh (Vijay Kashyap) and Prabha (Mita Vashisht), the other professionally successful couple who are the close friends of Nikhil and Sandhya are incompatible. On their 8th marriage anniversary, Nikhil and Sandhya host a party inviting their close friends and relatives. In the party, there is an unexpected guest, Rahul (Irfan Khan), the nephew of one of his friends and a classical singer. Ramesh and Prabha as a couple are always at loggerheads and that is evident during the party.

Prabha confides to Sandhya about her marriage with Ramesh being on the rocks and that it was heading for a separation. In the subsequent days, she was ready to pack and leave him with her two daughters. However, she had a change of mind for the sake of her two daughters and keeps her troubled marriage intact.
A few days after the party, Sandhya develops attraction towards Rahul, the common factor being that both are students of Hindustani classical music of the same gharana. Over a period, this culminates into a short-lived affair. She confides in Prabha about the affair but keeps it a secret from Nikhil.

A year later, Sandhya is shocked to hear from Nikhil that he is in love with a young girl in his office and wants separation from her. Sandhya pleads with him not the break the marriage but to no anvil. Nikhil leaves his house and starts living with his new love interest. However, Nikhil keeps in touch with his estranged wife. The reason is that he just cannot forget Sandhya and their daughter. A year later, Nikhil contacts Sandhya for a divorce. Again she pleads with him to return which Nikhil turns down as he is in no position to leave his love interest. Realising it to be a fait accompli, Sandhya agrees to give divorce. A day before the court hearing on divorce by mutual consent, Nikhil visits Sandhya’s office and tells her that he is not agreeable for a divorce as he cannot think of severing relationship with her. He pleads with her to consider restarting a new lease of life. But now Sandhya is not comfortable as she cannot face yet anothe of shock of this nature in her life. However, divorce is kept in limbo and they remain friends.

Subsequently, when both Nikhil and Sandhya were taking a walk on a sea front, he once again proposes to reunite with her. He reveals that his love interest is now staying in USA and is married, It is now the turn of Nikhil to get a shock of his life from Sandhya’s confession that she had a short affair with Rahul when they were not separated. After recovering from the shocking news, Nikhil says that at least he was honest in admitting his affairs with an office girl while she kept her affairs secret from him. Sandhya states that he revealed his affairs to break the marriage while she wanted to keep her marriage intact because she really loved him more than Rahul.

The film ends with both Nikhil and Sandhya sitting on a beach front with Nikhil asking a question as to what was the problem in their marriage. They enjoy the monsoon rain on the beach with a four verse song playing in the background. The lyrics of the song givea an indication that they have decided to reunite forgetting the past.

One of the highlights of this film was that Govind Nihalani could persuade Kishori Amonkar, one of the top classical vocalists of Jaipur-Atruali Gharana, to compose songs for the film. This is more of a surprise in the background of her mother Mogubai Kurdikar, a legendry classical vocalist of Jaipur Gharana, admonishing her for singing geet gaaya pathharon ne for the film of the same name.

In an interview on a Marathi TV Channel, Kishori Amonkar had clarified that her mother was not against her singing in films. Only she would not be allowed to touch her tanpuras. In other words, she had to decide between singing for films and becoming a renowned classical vocalist. After more than 25 years of this incidence, Kishori Amonkar agreed not only to sing but also to compose music for the film ‘Drishti’ (1990).

In the same TV interview, Kishori Amonkar had revealed that she accepted the offer to sing in ‘Geet Gaaya Pathhraron Ne’ to experiment the blending of what she calls as ‘Shabda Bhaasha’ (poetic or lyrical language) which is prominent in filmy songs and ‘Swar Bhaasha’ (language of musical notes) which overrides lyrics in pure classical renditions. In my view, Kishori Amonkar has tried the same blending in her song compositions for ‘Drishti’ (1990) and she has succeeded in it. She has also sung three aalaaps in the film as substitutions for the possible song situations in melancholic mood.

The song which I have selected for presenting here has only 4 verses but has been rendered by Kishori Amonkar for over 5 minutes. I guess the song can be labelled as ‘Chhota Khayal’ (Khayal without vilambit i.e. excluding slow tempo part of a full-fledged Khayal) in raag Bhupali. The song is ‘ek hi sang hote kaahe bichhuraa re’.

The short lyrics have been written by Vasant Dev and the music is composed by Kishori Amonkar. The film ends with this song. This short song is also recited by Kishori Amonkar without the use of musical instruments as a background song for a scene following the separation of Nikhil and Sandhya.

Only the audio clip of the song is available. There was probably no incentive for anyone to upload the song as it did not have much visuals to speak of. A major part of the song plays in the background when credit titles run at the end of the film.

This rendition is the best example of Kishori Amonkar’s experimentation of blending ‘shabda bhaasha’ with ‘swar bhaasha’ in this film. The 4 line lyrics are, in a way, sum up the story of the film. These lines have broader appeal to include the human relationship in general. The ‘karun ras’ (pathos) in lyrics is beautifully supplemented by the ‘swarbhaasha’ of Kishori Amonkar.

Listening to this soulful rendition with closed eyes was a divine experience for me.

Song-Ek hi sang hotey (Drishti)(1990) Singer-Kishori Amonkar, Lyrics-Vasant Dev, MD-Kishori Amonkar


aaa aaa aaa aaaaaa
aaa aaa aaaaaa
aaaa aaaa aaa
aaa aaa aaa
aaa aaaaa aaa
aaa aaa aaaaa

ek hi sang hote ae
jo o ham tum
kaahe ae ae bichhuraa re
ek hi sang hote ae
ek hi sang hote ae ae
ek hi sang hote
jo o ham tum
kaahe ae bichhuraa re
ek hi sang hote ae
jo o ham tum
kaahe ae ae bichhuraa re
ab jee uthhe tanag te
sab bithuraa
bithuraa..aa re
sab bithuraa
sab bithuraa
bithuraa ..aa re
ab jee uthe tarang te
sab bithuraa
bithuraa…aa re
sab bithuraa
sab bithuraa
bithuraa..aa re ae

aaa aaa aaaaaaaaaaaa aaa
aaa aaa aaaaaaaaaaaa aaa
aaa aaa aaaaaaaaaaaaa
aaa aaa aaa aaa
ek hi sang hote ae
jo o ham tum
kaahe ae bithhuraa re
ek hi sang hote ae
jo o ham tum
kaahe bithhuraa
bithhuraa aa
bithhuraa aa
kaahe ae bithhuraa re

aaa aaa aaa aaaaa
aaa aaa aaaaa aaaaa
aaa aaa aaaa aaaaa
aaa aaa aaa aa
ab jee uthhe tarang te
sab bithuraa
bithuraa..aa re ae
sab bithuraa
sab bithuraa
bithuraa re ae
sab bithuraa
bithuraa….aa re ae

4 Responses to "Ek hi sang hotey"

Simply great post and superb song,
Thanks Sadanandji for that



What an enthralling wailing song ! Closed your eyes and listen to this ethereal song, you will be lost into something divine… she laments the separation from her beloved one. She is burning in the fire of the separation, that she no longer bears it.


What is the meaning of Bithuraa?


The movie is now on YouTube. The song versions as they appear in the movie:

Someone has dubbed it on another film here – not a great fan of such efforts unless really well done:


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