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Hamaare Dard Ka Kissa Zamaane Se Niraala Hai

Posted on: April 30, 2015

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Mention of the name Mohammed Shafi brings to mind some timeless and peerless classics.  The immortal lorie song “Koi Pukare Dhire Se Tujhe” from ‘Mangu’ (1954), is a composition that is difficult to forget.

Remembering music director Mohammed Shafi on the anniversary of his passing away today (30 April).

The pedigree and lineage to which Mohammed Shafi belongs, reads like a veritable Who’s Who of the Hindustani classical music.  He is the great grandson of the renowned classical singer Bande Ali, and the great great grand nephew of Ustad Abdul Karim Khan Sahab, both being legendary exponents of Swar Pradhan Gaayaki in the nineteenth century.  Born in the 1920s, Mohammed Shafi learnt the sitar and became a well known expert player of this instrument.  His father, Majid Khan Sb, passed away when he was still in his teens, and the circumstances compelled him to start working at a very young age.  In the 1930s, he was employed with the New Theatres in Calcutta, as an instrumentalist and arranger, and was one of the instrumentalists for the films like ‘Kapaal Kundalaa’ and ‘Aandhi’.

Coming to Bombay, he assisted Basheer Dehlavi for the 1942 film ‘Ujaala’, in which Prithviraj Kapoor played the role of a sitar player.  The instrumental pieces in this film are informally credited to this young expert sitar player.  He worked with Naushad Sb as an assistant for 14 years, besides working independently also.  He got his first independent assignment in 1946, the film being ‘Haqdaar’.  He composed for around thirty films over a period of about three decades from 1946 to 1975.  The last film in which we see his name appear as one of the co music directors is ‘Kaadambari’ from 1975.

In his advancing years, he was without work and faced hard times.  He got a stroke and suffered from amnesia.  As is the trend in the industry, none came to his aid.  Except for Rafi Sb, who once visited him and quietly left ten thousand rupees under his pillow.  Later when the money was discovered, Mohammad Shafi returned the money to Rafi Sb.

The song that I present today is a poignant song of sadness from the film ‘Gharaana’ from 1949, one of the more successful and better known films done by Mohammad Shafi Sb.  The film is directed by S Bhatia for the banner Shaan e Hind Pictures.  The ten songs of this film are written by two poets – Behzaad Lakhnavi and Alam Shahposh.  However, the song writers for individual songs are not identified.  The singing voice in this song is quite unmistakably that of Uma Devi (aka Tuntun).

The star cast listing for this film is given as Kamal Zamindar, Iftikhar, Ameena Khatoon, Ansari, Khatoon, Ghulam Muhammad, Mirza Musharraf, Paro, Leela Kumari, Sikander, Bacchalal Patel.  The Geet Kosh listing gives the name of the singer of this song, as Paro Devi.  The name also appears in the list of actors of this film.  It may be a safe thing to state that the onscreen performance of this song may have been on Paro Devi.

Listen to this sound of sadness in love, from more than seventy five years ago.

Song – Hamaare Dard Ka Kissa Zamaare Se Niraala Hai (Gharaana) (1949) Singer – Uma Devi, Lyrics – [Unattributed], MD – Mohammed Shafi


hamaare dard ka kissa
zamaane se niraala hai
zamaane se niraala hai
hamen par kaat ke saiyyaad ne
ghar se nikaala hai
hamen ghar se nikaala hai

ye dukh ke bhi nahin sat’te
ye dukhde bhi nahin kat’te
koi majbooriyan dekhe
ke kuchh keh bhi nahin sakte
bahut naazuk se dil par ye
bahut naasoz ka taala hai
bahut naasoz ka taala hai

tadapnaa chaahta hai dil
magar tadpaa nahin chaahta
tadapnaa chaahta hai dil
magar tadpaa nahin chaahta
kahaani munh pe hai un ki
magar bola nahin jaata
zubaan see kar hamen bedard ne
kaaton pe daala hai
hamen kaaton pe daala hai

zamaane ki shikaayat hai
dukhe dil ki kahaani hai
ke jis aansoo mein ik
khaamosh e jawaani hai
wohi aansoo tere charnon mein
hum ne daala hai
hamen ghar se nikaala hai

Hindi script lyrics (Provided by Sudhir)

हमारे दर्द का किस्सा
जमान से निराला है
जमान से निराला है
हमें पर काट कर सैय्याद ने
घर से निकाला है
हमें घर से निकाला है

ये दुख के भी नहीं सटते
ये दुखड़े भी नहीं कटते
कोई मजबूरीयां देखे
के कुछ कह भी नहीं सकते
बहुत नाज़ुक से दिल पर ये
बहुत नासोज़ का ताला है
बहुत नासोज़ का ताला है

तड़पना चाहता है दिल
मगर तड़पा नहीं जाता
तड़पना चाहता है दिल
मगर तड़पा नहीं जाता
कहानी मुंह पे है उनकी
मगर बोला नहीं जाता
ज़ुबाँ सी कर हमें बेदर्द ने
काँटों में डाला है
हमें काँटों में डाला है

जमाने दिल की शिकायत है
दुखे दिल की कहानी है
के जिस आँसू में इक
खामोश फरियाद ए जवानी है
वही आँसू तेरे चरणों में
लाकर हमने डाला है
हमें घर से निकाला है

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