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Jinhen karna thha dil aabaad apnaa

Posted on: August 8, 2015

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Nightingale Noorjehan -14
Naukar (1943), was a Sunrise Pictures,Bombay, presentation. it was directed by Syed Shaukat Hussain Rizvi (who later married Noorjehan).

The film was based on the story by a famous Urdu Novelist in those days janaab ‘Manto’. The music was by Rafiq Gaznavi and Shanti kumar. There were three Lyricist, Akhtar Shirani, Munshi Shams, and Nazim Panipati.

The cast was of Shobhana Samarth, Noorjehan, Balwant Singh, Chandramohan, Mirza Musharraf, Yaqub, Khwaja Saabir, Shamsuddin, Miss Moti, etc.

There were 9 songs in the films, but as per HFGK, there is no information as to who composed which song and who was the Lyricist. Further it seems there was only one 78 RPM record published from this film, featuring Noorjahan songs on both sides. One duet with Rajkumari is already covered on this blog. The other solo song of Noorjahan is presented here today..

NoorJehan did give playback in India! And the surprise is, all of those songs were in her own films. In Khandan (1942), she sang the trio ‘Hamein Maar Gayi Re’ with Shamshad Begum and Umraozia Begum (wife of Ghulam Haider), which was picturised on a group of girls in a rotation. Even though NoorJehan’s part was mainly sung for her, a couple of lines were given like playback for others too (eg. ‘chhoot sake na hoye’). After that, she sang ‘Ab Kaun Hai Mera’ as playback for Maya Banerjee in Dost (1944), which is her first purposefully playback song. Then she sang the blockbuster Qawwali ‘Aahein Na Bhareen’ with Zohrabai and Kalyani, for a group of girls. She was playing the heroine, as I am sure you would know, and was not in the song. Hence it was genuinely playback, for some actresses like Shashikala, Shyama, Rehana, etc.

The style of the present song under discussion is a typical ‘Heer’, which is a very popular Punjabi folklore, from the famous tragic love story of ‘Heer Ranjha’. Almost all popular as well as not so popular singers have sung some songs in this style, including our Lata-ji who sang ‘Doli chadhhte hi Heer ne bain kiye’ for Madan Mohan’s ‘Heer Ranjha’ (1970). I can give a list of ‘Heer’s, sung by various singers, if some Atulite is interested.

Listening to the sad song it is clear that she is describing the fate of two sisters, where one is getting married and the other is being cremated almost simultaneously. So, this song is a sort of ‘marsiyaa’, sung in the tune of ‘Heer’.

(Am I right Ms. Nahm, if I describe ‘marsiyaa’ as mourning funeral song?)

Song–Jinhen karna Tha Dil Aabaad Apnaa (Naukar)(1943) Singer-Noorjehaan, Lyrics-Munshi Shams, Akhtar Shirani or Nazim Panipati MD- Rafiq Ghaznavi or Shanti Kumar


jinhen karnaa thhaa aa aa
dil aabaad apnaa
wohi chale hain aaj
barbaad hokar
jinhen thhi talaaaash
masarraton ki ee
laut chale hain aaj laachaar hokar

aaj husn ke rangeen aashiyaaaan ko o o o
zaalim ishq ne loota saiyyaaad ho kar
ek seene se lagaa aa
barbaadiyon se ae ae
ek khush hai aaj aabaad ho kar ar ar

ek dolee mein aen
baithhi suhaag lekar
ek jaati hai zer-e-zameen dekho
kamkhaab ke pahne ae ae ae
libaas ikne ae ae
aur ek hai khaak-nasheen dekho

jis ki laash pe koi na roye aa aa
aansoo ooo
wohi hai wo mah-e-jabeen dekho o o
ek tehni ke donon hai phool lekin in in
ek murjhaaya hai
ek haseen dekho oooo


1 Response to "Jinhen karna thha dil aabaad apnaa"

Yes, Sir.
As you have rightly described, ‘Marsiya’ is sung as a dedication to a person mourning his or her death (very often but not necessarily a funeral song).
Thanks again for yet another excellent Noorjahan (or Noor Jehaan) song.
Avadh Lal

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