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Dil ka tattoo ad jaata hai

Posted on: September 20, 2016

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

Today’s song is from film Lalten-56. It is sung by Hemant kumar and Geeta Dutt.

The decade of the 50s will be always remembered for 3 things –

1. Its lilting songs and everlasting immortal music

2. Surge of mytholoical films-124 in 10 years and

3. Abundance of Crime and Mystery films. On a rough guess there must have been atleast 20 to 30 % of films every year. In 10 years about 1340 films were made.

Lovers of films had a great time in the 50s to enjoy Hindi films. Almost every film was entertaining and ” Paisa Vasool “. The decade in fact, provided films of almost every Genre- be it Family Drama or Fantasy, Murder Mystery or Mythological, Dance based or Music dominated, Historical or Biographical, Political or Comedy, Stunt or Saint, Adventure or Tragedy, Rural or City based, Hero oriented or Heroine dominated, Costume or Social. Just name it and yo got them !

Ashok Kumar, Pradeep Kumar and Abhi Bhattacharya specialised in working in Crime, Mystery or Murder story films. Some such films that come to my mind off hand are 12 O’ Clock, Awara, Agra Road, Apradhi kaun,Baazi, Begunah, C.I.D., Detective, Faraar, Inspector, Howra Bridge, Kala Pani, Khazanchi, Lambe Haath, Mr. X, Nau do gyarah, Police,Qaidi No. 911, Road No. 303, Singapore, Taxi Driver, Ustad etc etc.

Directors who specialised in such films were Guru Dutt, Vijay Anand, N A Ansari, Shakti Samanta and some more. Film lalten-56 was also one such Crime and Mystery film. It was directed by Tara Harish. This name is quite misleading. At first glance, it looks lie a woman’s name. On second thoughts, one feels it must be a pair of persons like Krishnan Panju or Aruna Vikas. But this is name of a single person, who was an Actor, producer, Director and a singer too !

Born on 23-10-1916 at Delhi, his real name was Tarachand Mathur. He was distantly related to Motilal and Mukesh. His father died when he was just 3 year old. He was brought up by his brothers and uncle. He graduated in 1937. After trying and failing in a second hand car business, he decided to enter film world and joined Sagar Movietone, where Motilal was getting established. His first foray into films was in film ‘ 300 days and after ‘. In this film however he was uncredited. However he got roles in other films like Postman, ladies only,Service ltd, Hum,Tum aur Voh, Ek hi Rasta, Civil marriage, Aurat, Nai Roshni, Vijay, Haqdar etc etc. He used to sing also in the films. As a Hero his last film was Amanat-43.

Harish took up Direction with film Beda Paar-44, a stunt C grade film, but soon he directed many social films also. In his career he directed 21 films. Some of his films are Toote tare-48, Ustad Pedro-51, Malhar-51 ( originally Harish was to be the hero, but he gave chance to Arjun), Daku ki ladki-54, Lalten-56, kali Topi laal rumaal-59, Do Ustad-59, Burmah Road-62, his last film was Awara Abdulla-63. Harish acted in 21 films He sang 39 songs in 16 films ( stats by MuVyz). He estalished his own production company- Omar Khayyam Films. When he was directing film Ustad Pedro-51, he changed the name of actress Nargis Rabadi to Shammi, since another more famous actress of same name was existing already in films.

Tara Harish died sometime in 1970.

Film Lalten-56 had music by Hemant kumar. Though he had started his independent career as a Music Director with film Vachan-55, Ravi was still Hemant kumar’s assistant in this film. In fact, they remained close to each others even after they operated as separate composers. Ravi and Hemant Kumar used opportunities to sing songs in each others films. The film Laalten had 8 songs and today’s song will be the third song to be posted here. The cast of the film was Geeta Bali, Motilal, Kanhaiyalal, Shammi, Harish, Uma Dutt, Nazir Kshmiri, Nawab Kashmiri, Ravikant, etc . Bhudo Advani was the Guest Artiste.

The story of the film was….

Seth Dhanrajmal lost his son Kumar and his late friend’s daughter kiran in the Kumbha Mela stampede, after they were engaged. They both had identical Lockets in their necks. Johnny was a sweet Toy seller of the town, who meets, fights and becomes friends with local mawali Kumar.

One day the Sethji discovers Kiron suddenly with the Locket. he is very happy. Now he is hopeful to get Kumar also some day. Eventually Kiron falls in love with the mawali vagabond Kumar. After singing few songs together, Kumar is jailed for Gambling.

Meanwhile Deepak, a crook, finds the Locket and with that, impersonates as Kumar- the lost son of Seth ji. Seth ji is very happy to get his son, but Kiron hates him. The vagabond Kumar comes back from Jail and learns about Deepak’s impersonation. Kumar meeta a person named pershad in his jail visit. This Pershad knows everything about Sethji and the lost children.

Ko Ko, Deepak’s moll is betrayed by Deepak and wants revenge. She gives her statement to the Police, but she is murdered during the statement itself. Now Vagabond kumar and the Police, with help from pershad expose Deepak. Deepak is arrested. Now Pershad reveals that vagabond Kumar is the real son Kumar of Seth ji and as a proof he shows some birthmarks on Kumar and his old photographs.
All is well that ends well.

Song-Dil ka tattoo ad jaata hai (Laalten)(1956) Singers-Hemant Kumar, Geeta Dutt, Lyrics-Indeewar, MD-Hemant Kumar
Female chorus
Male chorus


dil ka tattoo ad jaata hai
gali dekh ke yaar ki
chalti nahin sawaar ki
kaabu paana hai to lagaam lagaao baabu pyaar ki

aisi gali mein kyun jaana
jahaan pe gaadi ad hi jaaye

aisi gali mein kyun jaana
jahaan pe gaadi ad hi jaaye

haal tumhaara kya hoga jo chori pakdi jaaye
haal tumhaara kya hoga jo chori pakdi jaaye
samajh liya kya tumne tabela
sadak hai ye sarkaar ki

chalti nahin sawaar ki
kaabu paana hai to lagaam lagaao baabu pyaar ki

mere haath lagaam hai
par mujse nahin sambhalta hai
mere haath lagaam hai
par mujse nahin sambhalta hai

kisi ki matwaali nazar ke ishaaron per ye chalta hai
kisi ki matwaali nazar ke ishaaron per ye chalta hai
na maange ye daana paani
talab ise deedaar ki
chalti nahin sawaar ki
kaabu paana hai to lagaam lagaao baabu pyaar ki
dil ka tattoo ad jaata hai
gali dekh ke yaar ki
chalti nahin sawaar ki
kaabu paana hai to lagaam lagaao baabu pyaar ki

dil ka tattoo bada nikhaattu
safar ka ye saamaan na dekhe
jungle regishtan naa dekhe
na dekhe mehmaan
ye ghar ka dar ka ye darbaan na dekhe

koson door chala jaata hai
hasrat mein deedaar ki
chalti nahin sawaar ki
kaabu paana hai to lagaam lagaao baabu pyaar ki
dil ka tattoo ad jaata hai
gali dekh ke yaar ki
chalti nahin sawaar ki
kaabu paana hai to lagaam lagaao baabu pyaar ki

4 Responses to "Dil ka tattoo ad jaata hai"

Have the good fortune to have seen Tara Harish on a set of a movie he was directing…this was at Minerva Movietone or Kardar Studios (not sure which!) located at Parel, Mumbai when I visited accompanyuing my father. Believe Tara Harsh liked Kum Kum a lot and often offered her a role in his movies.


Minerva Movietone was in Sewri. It must be Kardar Studio but in Lower Parel.


Thanks, Nitin! Memory fails, and locales change their character……so many years ago…..more than 60!!




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