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Ja Re Chandr’ Jaa Re Chandr’ Aur Kahin Jaa Re

Posted on: September 28, 2016

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Lata’s Songs NOT YET covered on our Blog – 12

‘Sajni’, a 1956 black and white social film was produced under the banner of Golden Pictures, Bombay by Isabel Cliford and PR Patkar. The film was directed by Vasant Rao Painter. The music, the main highlight off the film, was by the great Sudhir Phadke (popularly known as “Babuji’) with the assistance of Shri Jog.

The star cast according to HFGK includes Sulochana, Anoop Kumar, Lalita Pawar, Sapru, Krushna Kumari, Maruti, Gope, Nimbalkar, Mashelkar, Anand Tiwari, Shardul, Bhiku Deulkar, Thakkar, Mantri, Shailesh, Neela and Master Pakku.

The film had six songs, all by Swar Samragni Lata-ji, whose Birthday we are celebrating today, four solos and two duets with MD Sudhir Phadke ji himself. One duet was written by Nakhshab and the rest five songs were by the great poet Pt Narendra Sharma.

Coming to the superb song, it is such a beautiful haunting melody in Yaman Raag, which will linger in your mind for a long long time after listening to it.  One of the most beautiful songs from the team of Lataji, Sudhir Phadke, and Pt. Narendra Sharma, though “Jyoti Kalash Chhalke” from the same artistes is more famous in comparison (no doubt, that one is a masterpiece too). This sublime song, is also a masterpiece, soulfully sung by Lataji.  Indeed, this song is a musical treat for all of us, the lovers of good music.

Akroor ji, the messenger of King Kamsa, has come to Gokul to fetch Krushn to Mathura.  Knowing that Krushn is to go away the next morning, the pain in the hearts of Gopis is superbly described by the poet in this divine song.

Music director Roshan (another great MD) wrote somewhere about this song:

“Sublime, magical, spellbinding… and divine, these are some of the words that come to mind for this masterpiece. What a wonderful gift to the listeners from Lataji, Sudhir Phadke, and Pt. Narendra Sharma. Lataji has done complete justice to the words so characteristic of songs based on Krishna and virah ras and to SP’s delicate tune. Truly, a soulful rendition from her.”

My personal request to all Atulites is to listen carefully to the pathos-filled words and the soulful suitable music more than once. I am sure, if you follow the meaning of the lyrics, you are sure to moist your eyes.  After that, you have earned my special thanks too.

From my side, I wish Gaan-Saraswati  Lata Didi, to enjoy many years of well-deserved healthy and happy life.

Song – Ja Re Chandr’ Jaa Re Chandr’ Aur Kahin Jaa Re (Sajni) (1956) Singer – Lata Mangeshkar, Lyrics – Pt Narendra Sharma, MD – Sudhir Phadke


ja re chandr
ja re chandr
aur kahin ja re
ja re chandr
ja re chandr
aur kahin ja re
gokul se krushn chandra
jaayenge sakaare
ja re chandr ja re…

brindaban soona hai
soona mann mera
bidhnaa kuchh aisee kar
kal na ho savera
jharte nayan
bharte nayan
doob rahe taare
gokul se krushn chandra
jaayenge sakaare
ja re chandr ja re…

nayan neer
mann mein peer
itni si kahaani
hai ye preet
reet sakhi
pehle kyun na jaani
kal ki sun kal na parey
vikal mann pukaare
gokul se krushn chandra
jaayenge sakaare
ja re chandr ja re…

pran harey
kaan parey
murali dhun aali
mohan mann naam sakhi
mohan vanmaali
kaise rahe praan
rahe jab na praan pyare
gokul se krushn chandra
jaayenge sakaare
ja re chandr ja re..

ja re chandr
ja re chandr
aur kahin ja re

Hindi script lyrics (Provided by Sudhir)
जा रे चंद्र
जा रे चंद्र
और कहीं जा रे
जा रे चंद्र
जा रे चंद्र
और कहीं जा रे
गोकुल से कृष्णचंद्र
जाएँगे सकारे
जा रे चंद्र जा रे

बृंदावन सूना है
सूना मन मेरा
बिधना कुछ ऐसी कर
कल ना हो सवेरा
झरते नयन
भरते नयन
डूब रहे तारे
गोकुल से कृष्णचंद्र
जाएँगे सकारे
जा रे चंद्र जा रे

नयन नीर
मन में पीर
इतनी से कहानी
हाय ये प्रीत रीत सखी
पहले क्यूँ ना जानी
कल की सुन कल ना परे
विकल मन पुकारे
गोकुल से कृष्णचंद्र
जाएँगे सकारे
जा रे चंद्र जा रे

प्राण हरे
कान परे
मुरली धुन आली
मोहन मन नाम सखी
मोहन वनमाली
कैसे रहे प्राण
रहे जब ना प्राण प्यारे
गोकुल से कृष्णचंद्र
जाएँगे सकारे
जा रे चंद्र जा रे

जा रे चंद्र
जा रे चंद्र
और कहीं जा रे

8 Responses to "Ja Re Chandr’ Jaa Re Chandr’ Aur Kahin Jaa Re"

Thanks for this reminder…….janam din mubarak ho, Lataji! Happy birthday, and many many happy returns of the day!!


Sudhir Phadke
Aage Badho (1947)
Seeta Swayamvar(1948)
Sant Janabai(1949)
Maya Bazar (1949)
Gokul (1946)
Jai Bhim (1949)
Rukmini Swayamwar (1946)
Seeta Swayamvar(1948)
Apradhi (1949)
Gaj Gauri (1958)
Pehli Tarikh (1954)
Malti Madhav(1951)
Ratna Ghar (1955)
Shri Krishna Darshan (1950)
Murliwala (1951)
Gokul Ka Chor(1959)
Bhabhi ki Chudiyan(1961)
Pyar Ki Jeet (1962)
Daraar (1972)
Any more?


Thanks Nitinbhai, This list will help me in building Sudhir Phadke’s songs folder.
Any more from some Atulites?


Master piece . Thanks a lot


Lataji, Wish you a very happy birthday. May you live many many years, though you don’t sing these days. What you have sung will keep us listeners happy in the next hundred years


Divine and spell-binding renditioin! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR LATA Jee! We are lucky to have you in our life time….and also this is a great poetry by Pandit Narendra Sharmaji and yes, a tear-jerker from immortal Sudhir Phadke jee….


What a beautiful song this is. Recently I got 78 rpm of this and heard it innumerable times. The experts say that though it is in Yaman, there is a hint of Deskar also, which suggests that the Gopis have been singing since evening ( Yaman ) until early morning ( Deskar).Truly genius creativity of Babuji Phadake.


This was one of the songs in a listening session in which apart from Sudhir Phadke, Anil Biswas and Meena Kapoor among others can also be seen.
The person seen between Anil Biswas and Sudhir Phadke at around 0:44 is Vijay Nafrey, who initiated me into Hindi film music of 1940s-60s. He was also my office colleague.


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