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Jab do pyaar milte hain

Posted on: October 2, 2016

This article is written by Avinash Scrapwala, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

As mentioned in a few of my earlier posts I have been visiting Khandwa regularly from August 2015 onwards. In the past when I was staying at Kota (Rajasthan) I would pass through this place while going to Purna and Akola Junction from Kota, but I never got a chance of staying there and feel the ‘town’.

I remember that I would specifically keep watch on the sign board of ‘Kishore Kumar Marg’ from the train while travelling on the meter gauge route of Ratlam-Purna-Kacheguda.

It was in August’2015 that I got to stay at Khandwa for the first time. I have been to this place more than a dozen times ever since.

My last visit to Khandwa was exactly one month ago when I was there from the evening of 27th Aug 2016 till the morning of 31st August 2016.

I my post on Kishore Kumar’s death anniversary last year I had written about ‘how I got to know about the ancestral house of our beloved Kishore Da at Khandwa and also about his memorial on the Khandwa-Indore road where his last rites were performed. I will not go into details in this post now, and defer their discussion for future.

During my visit to Khandwa, there was a holiday in between so I got some much needed time for myself to do what I had planned to do.
I visited ‘Gouri Kunj’ on saturday evening and met the ‘lone caretaker’ there, a man in his seventies now and took an appointment for the next morning to discuss a few points that I had in my mind.

Next morning I spent a couple of hours there to know more about Kishore Kumar and his regular visits to Khandwa. Kishore Kumar loved this place and wished that his last rites should be performed here. He has also given specific instructions that if his end came at some other place then his body should be brought to Khandwa and kept in the same room where he was born. And his last wishes were fulfilled too. One can see the videos on this topic that are available on internet.

During my visits at Khandwa I always stay at the same Hotel which is nearer to this place ‘Bombay Bazar’ where ‘Gauri Kunj’ is situated. Walking in and around this place, I would try to visualise how this place may have been like when Kishore Kumar spent his childhood here. The Khandwa railway station which is at a walking distance from ‘Gauri Kunj’ adds to this nostalgia. I am sure Kishore Kumar must have carried the fond memories of his child hood days with him when he shifted to Bombay in those years.

While walking through the bye-lanes around his house, there is a famous is the famous ‘Jalebiwala’ located in the rear. Kishore Kumar was very fond of this shop and he would have jalebis here whenever he visited Khandwa.

In my imagination, I was getting the feel of Kishore Kumar all around me.

“Ye zameen aha aha aha,
Aasmaan aaha aaha aaha
Tham jaate hai do pal ke liye”

Day before yesterday (on 30th Sep 2016) when I left Nagpur for the ‘Bengaluru Gang-out’ and for meeting our beloved Raja ji and other friends the song under discussion was continuously going through my mind.

The feelings of coming face to face for the first time with people whom we haven’t seen in the past, but whom we know through their write ups and messages on emails and other media groups, cannot be put into words, it can only to be experienced and cherished.

Hence this post and this lovely song.

This will be the first time when a post will be there before ‘kicking-off’ the ‘gang-out’ or you may call it a ‘pre-gang out post’,

Here I am going to meet not just one ‘love (pyaar)’ but many ‘pyaars’ and today I when I meet Raja ji I have to just play and enjoy this I hope you too will enjoy a lot …

The song:
I heard this song on radio only couple of months back and I must say here that I was not aware of this one, but after listening to it once I found myself completely taken in by this song and its tune. I have listened to it many times.

I got to listen to this song for the first time on VVB in the program ‘Triveni’ which is at 07:45 daily morning. They play three songs based on a common theme, subject or like that. I do not remember it correctly but on that day the theme was ‘zameen-aasmaan’ or nature or something like that.

The movie:
‘Saveray Wali Gaadi-1986’ was a Suyog Films presentation brought by A.P.Lulla. It was produced by R.K.Soral and directed by Bharathi Rajaa. It had Sunny Deol, Poonam Dhillon, Prem Chopra, Bindu, Dr.Shreeram Lagoo, Om Shivpuri, Satyen Kapoo, C.S.Dubey, Kiran Virale (Vairale), Jankidas, Rakesh Bedi, Natasha Sinha, Roopalee, Ramlal, H.L.Pardesi, Dulari, Mahavir Rana, Parveen Sood, Mohit Kumar, S.B.Sharma, Chandan, and Dharmendra in Special Appearance. S.B.Sharma was its dialogue director while Chitra Laxman was the chief assistant director. David Dhawan was the editor for this film. Its lyrics were penned by Majrooh Saab while the dialogues were written by Rahi Masoom Raza. Its music was composed by R.D.Burman.

Here is a brief about this movie taken from the internet:

Ravidas (Sunny Deol) lives in a village in rural India. He is the son of Chediram (Dr. Shreeram Lagoo) who is of highly respected in the village. Ravidas falls in love with Jyoti (Poonam Dhillon). Their love becomes known in the village. Because of differences of caste, the villagers are opposed to Ravidas marrying Jyoti. Chediram commits suicide due to the shame his son has brought upon him. Ravidas is a gifted poet, but he cannot fulfill his dream of being recognized as a great poet, his poems being published and shown to the world, because he lives in a village. So he decides to go to the city to fulfill his dreams and to eventually marry Jyoti. In the city he recovers the purse of a young lady from a thief. The young lady turns out to be the daughter of a big newspaper publisher. The newspaper publisher hears of Ravidas’s talent for poetry through his daughter. He publishes some of Ravidas’s poems in a column in his newspaper. Ravidas starts becoming famous and his dream is fulfilled. He communicates to Jyoti by writing on the side of the morning express train, hence the title of the film ‘Saveray Wali Gaadi’. Jyoti reads these messages each morning hoping for the time when Ravidas will return and take her away with him.

In the movie the song appears in two parts where the first stanza is played when Sunny Deol is doing nothing (jobless) and only writing poems and aspires to be a poet /writer. And the second part is before the climax of the movie.

As we start on the journey for Bangalore from Nagpur the train’s departure was at 10:10 in morning and when it reaches Bangalore it will be 06:40 in the morning (next morning) so on both the sides it is still a ‘Sawere Waali Gaadi’….

Audio (Full)

Video (Both parts)

Song-Jab do pyaar milte hain (Sawere Waali Gaadi)(1986) Singer-Kishore Kumar, Lyrics-Majrooh Sultanpuri, MD-R D Burman


Haan jab do pyaar milte hain
Jab do pyaar milte hain
Tan mein phool khilte hain
Man ke mandir mein Jal jaate hain diye ae
Ye zameen aha aha aha
Aasmaan aahaa aahaa aahaa
Thham jaate hain do pal ke liye
Jab do pyaar milte hain
Tan mein phool khilte hain
Man ke mandir mein Jal jaate hain diye ae
Ye zameen ahaa ahaa ahaa
Aasmaan aahaa aahaa aahaa
Thham jaate hain do pal ke liye ae

Roke ham ko zamaanaa
Chaahe jis mod pe ae ae
Arrey roke hum ko Zamaanaa
chaahe jis mod pe ae ae ae
Har yug mein hum chale hain
Zanjeerein tod ke
Jab ho rain andhiyaari
Yaa toofaan ho bhaari
phir Ham deewaanon ka milna dekhiye
Ye zameen ahaa ahaa ahaa
Aasmaan aahaa aahaa aahaa
Thham jaate hain do pal ke liye ae

Haaye dil ki chaahat ke aage
Kaisaa chhota badaa aa
Dil ki chaahat ke aage
Kaisaa chhota badaa aa aa aa
Oonchaa hokar milaa jo
Us ko jhuknaa padaa aa
Jiski preet hoti hai
Uski jeet hoti hai
Ham kya kar sakte hain
Ye na poochhiye ae
Ye zameen ahaa ahaa ahaa
Aasmaan aahaa aahaa aahaa
Thham jaate hain do pal ke liye ae

Aji sun lo ae sun’ne waalon
Aati hai kya sadaa aa aa aa
Sun lo ae sun’ne waalon
Aati hai kya sadaa aa aa aa
Dekh lo chalne lagi hai
Jag mein ye kaisi hawaa aa
Rut karwat badalti hain
Har deewaar hilti hai
Deewaaron se baahar chalke dekhiye ae
Ye zameen ahaa ahaa ahaa
Aasmaan aahaa aahaa aahaa
Thham jaate hain do pal ke liye ae
Jab do pyaar milte hain
Tan mein phool khilte hain
Man ke mandir mein Jal jaate hain diye ae
Ye zameen ahaa ahaa ahaa
Aasmaan aahaa aahaa aahaa
Thham jaate hain do pal ke liye ae

15 Responses to "Jab do pyaar milte hain"
The actress other than poonam dhilon, is NATASHA SINHA(a Dev Anand find, who has been introduced by Dev anand opposite Dev Anand`s son Suneil anand in movie Anand Aur Anand).Janki Das also features in the song.
The movie is a remake of Tamil hit
“Kizhakke Pogum Rail (English: Eastbound Train) is a 1978 Indian Tamil film, directed by P. Bharathiraja
I have seen the hindi remake, which was not gone very well with Hindi audience(I vaguely remember a bald Sunny Deol in this movie, in one or two scenes(i.e., I think it was his artificial makeup, he was not clearly shaved his head…..for this movie)
But I liked the story of the movie,a shy looking Sunny Deol (it must be his 3rd or 4th movie) and Pancham`s music……


This movie is a remake of Tamil hit
Kizhakke Pogum Rail (English: Eastbound Train) is a 1978 Indian Tamil film, directed by P. Bharathiraja
I have seen Saveray wali gaadi, It was a good movie and I liked a shy Sunny Deol in this movie. This must be his 3rd or 4th movie.He was shown bald in this movie for 1 or 2 scenes. Hindi movie was not gone very well with Hindi audience. But I liked the story of the movie and Pancham`s music.

Other than Poonam Dhillon, Janki Das, Natasha Sinha feature in this song.Natasha Sinha is Dev Anand Find(She was introduced by Dev saab opposite his son Suneil Anand in “ANAND AUR ANAND”)


P.Bharati Raja remade his Tamil hits into Hindi movies like
1)Red Rose(Rajesh Khanna,Poonam Dhillon)(Sigappu Rojakkal)
2)Lovers(Kumar Gaurav,Padmini Kolhapure)(Alaigal Oyvathillai)
3)Solwa Sawan(Sridevi`s first movie,with Amol Palekar,Adil)
(Pathinaru Vayathinile)
4)Savere Wali Gadi (Kizhakke Pokum Rayil)

But Karishmaa(Kamal Hassan,Reena Roy,Tina Munim starrer) is a 1984 Hindi ramake of P.Bharti Raja`s Tik Tik Tik, but Karishmaa was not directed by him, it was directed by Malayalam director I.V.Sasi

Pancham was the music composer for all the above remake movies,Except Solwa Sawan, which has got JAIDEV compositions


Prakash ji , many thanks for sharing all the information above !!
I too watched this movie online when I was at Khandwa, but as is my habit, I do not to disclose more on the story line and end of the movie to keep intact the interests of others who would like to watch it.
I must say I like the movie and enjoyed all its songs.
Thanks ,


Great build up to the Gangout. it was enjoyable to meet the locals when the pardesi was in town.
and we discussed a few cross border issues and we have decided not to resolve the issue. am i right Scrapwalaji


video of part I of the song (sorry, I missed to add this link while sending the post)




Thank you Prakash ji for this audio link !!


video link of one of the partial picturised version containing Last 2 stanzas:


video link of another bit version containing 1st stanza


both above two videos are clubed together:


Many thanks for sharing this ‘clubbed video’ Prakash ji !!!




video 1


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