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Samajh na duniya ko ghar khushi ka

Posted on: October 13, 2016

This article is written by Sadanand Kamath, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

AAG KA DARIYA (1953) was produced and directed by Roop K Shorey. The star cast included Karan Diwan and Meena Shorey in the lead roles with Majnu, Satish Batra, Prithviraj Kapoor, Shammi, Uma Dutt, Johny Walker, Kumud Tripathi etc in supporting roles. As per Wikipedia, the film belonged to the genre of melodramatic love story. The title of the film reminded me of a she’r of Jigar Muradabadi which reads as under:

Ye ishq nahin aasaan itna to samajh leeje
Ek aag ka dariya hai aur doob ke jaana hai

It is interesting to note that the last line of the she’r does find place in one of the songs, viz. kehta thha zamaana magar hamne na maana in the film. My guess is that the story of the film may have revolved around the theme of the she’r. If the film was indeed a melodrama, the audience who had a tasted a light comedy of Shorey’s ‘Ek Thhi Ladki’ (1949) and a couple of his subsequent films of the same genre, must have been in for a shock when they watched ‘Aag Ka Dariya’ (1953). And why not? With Meena Shorey, Majnu and Johny Walker, a general impression was created that the film was a light comedy. But it was not so. I had read somewhere that Majnu had donned the role of a villain in the film and played spoiler in the blossoming love between Karan Diwan and Meena Shorey. Instead of giving a surprise to the audience, it was Roop K Shorey who would have be in for a surprise and he would have been left wondering why the film failed miserably at the box office.

The film had 11 songs written by Aziz Kashmiri (10) and Hasrat Jaipuri (1). All songs were composed by Vinod. As many as 7 songs were rendered by Asha Bhonsle. Her solo songs in this film are treats to listen especially chupke se na jaa o man ke raaja and jaa chali jaa chali jaa o ghata. It will not be an exaggeration to say that these songs which in normal course would have gone to Lata Mangeshkar were rendered beautifully by Asha Bhonsle.

I have always liked Vinod’s music compositions in almost all his films. Unfortunately, luck was not in his favour as most of his films released during the first half of 1950s failed at the box office. Some of the exceptional melodies he created in these films remained on the backburner until the internet made it possible to access them. In this context, a thought often comes to my mind. Between Madan Mohan and Vinod, who was the unluckiest music director in the 1950s?

‘Aag Ka Dariya’ (1953) was on the verge of joining the list of ‘YIPPEED’ films in the Blog but for the one remaining song ‘samajh na duniya ko ghar khushi ka’ which was not available on the video websites for film songs. Even mp3 audio clip of the song was difficult to locate on the internet. The one available on Dr. Surjit Singh’s website was without the starting few words with lot of external disturbances. At last, I located the song in one of the Radio Ceylon programmes on ‘Puraani Filmon Ka Sangeet’.

I present the rare 11th and the last song of the film to appear in the song as mentioned above. The song is credited to Asha Bhonsle, Laxmi Roy and Chorus. I am, however, unable to differentiate between the voices of Asha Bhonsle and Laxmi Roy. The song is written by Aziz Kashmiri and is set to music by Vinod. The song appears to be a prayer with words of caution for dealing with the world at large.

With this song, all the songs of the film ‘Aag Ka Dariya’ (1953) have now been covered in the Blog.

Song-Samajh na duniya ko ghar khushi ka (Aag Ka Dariya)(1953) Singers-Asha Bhonsle, Laxmi Roy, Lyrics-Aziz Kashmiri, MD-Vinod


samajh na duniya ko ghar khushi kaa
yahaan pe thhokar kadam kadam hai
yahaan pe thhokar kadam kadam hai

samajh na duniya ko ghar khushi kaa

laga le maalik se lau zara tu
laga le maalik se lau zara tu
jaga le khud ko ke raat kam hai
jaga le khud ko ke raat kam hai
samajh na duniya ko ghar khushi kaa
yahaan pe thhokar kadam kadam hai
yahaan pe thhokar kadam kadam hai
samajh na duniya ko ghar khushi kaa

yahaan kaa jhoothha hai pyaar baaba
hai pyaar baaba
jo ho sakey man ko maar baaba
hai chaar din ki bahaar baaba
hai chaar din ki bahaar baaba
kahin khushi hai kahin pe gham hai
kahin khushi hai kahin pe gham hai
samajh na duniya ko ghar khushi kaa
yahaan pe thhokar kadam kadam hai
yahaan pe thhokar kadam kadam hai
samajh na duniya ko ghar khushi kaa

na din hai apna na raat apni
ho…o o
sunaayen ab kis ko baat apni
jo maar daalo to gham nahin hai
jo maar daalo to gham nahin hai
jo jeene do to bada karam hai
jo jeene do to bada karam hai
samajh na duniya ko ghar khushi kaa
yahaan pe thhokar kadam kadam hai

8 Responses to "Samajh na duniya ko ghar khushi ka"

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with Geeta Dutt S N Tripathi Ramesh Chandra Pandey Nav Durga(1953)
Dekho Ri Sakhi Rangbhari Holi Aayi
with Asha Bhosle S N Tripathi Ramesh Chandra Pandey Nav Durga (1953)

Baaje Dil Ki Taar Kare Ye Pukar
Mukul Roy Hasrat Jaipuri Sailaab (1956)

Ritu Pyar Karne Ki Aayi
Lakshmi Roy Mukul Roy Madhukar Rajasthani Bhed (1950)


Lovely song. No wonder it is ‘Vinod’s’ (One of my fav MDs) creation. Last year in our family re-union, I sang the duet ‘Kaketa tha zamana magar’ as a solo. If you want proof like Khujliwal, apply in person or call for that recording.


We don’t want proof like Khujliwal, but we want to show ki kaise mauke ki nazaakat ko dekhte huye aapne mehfil ko gulzaar kar diya 🙂


@ Kamath Sir – thanks for this post and this rare gem. Congratulations on covering all songs of “Aag Ka Dariya-1953” and its joining to the ‘list of movies – all songs covered’


Solo Asha Bhosle version is not posted yet. Only Asha-Rafi duet is posted below. So only 10 out of 11 songs posted.


Thanks for pointing out. Since it was already mentioned in the write-up of that song that it had a sad version sung by Asha Bhonsle, I took it to be as posted without verifying the video link.

I will post the Asha Bhonsle version song with lyrics sometime today.


Audio link of Asha Bhonsle solo version song with lyrics now posted in the relevant song post.




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